What to do get ready for a track meet

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what to do get ready for a track meet

One way to make sure that you can have the best race possible is to mentally prepare yourself. The proper mentality can make any hard race. To prepare for a race, you must put in the months of physical But what you do the day before the race can also have a big impact on your. Exerting yourself will make you sweat and lose a significant amount of the water in your body. Fill up your water.

Your First Track Meet?

Your First Track and Field Meet? | GEA

Is your young athlete anxious about his or her first track meet? Here are a few things that you can tell them.

what to do get ready for a track meet

Therefore, there is no need to put any pressure on yourself. Reaching goals is one of the best feelings in the world; not reaching goals makes you work harder. So definitely set some goals very soon and keep them in mind all week. Even write them down and tape them to your wall so you can look at them ALL of the time. Actually SEE yourself doing it in your head, which will really help your body to physically carry out the task you imagine for yourself. Finally, one of the best pieces of advice for during the race is not to start out too fast and slow down in the end of the race.

Track Mentally Preparing For A Race

Not being able to finish strong is quite demoralizing; on the other hand, being able to feel better towards the end of the race then when you started is the ultimate feeling.

What you remember most is your finishing kick, not your first lap! So start out comfortably and work your way up so that you can finish stronger in your last lap.

Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Consume water before, during and after your training sessions. Step 3 Eat as you normally would during the training season.

what to do get ready for a track meet

Your body has likely become used to the particular amount of calories that you regularly consume; sticking to that amount can help to keep your energy levels even. Avoid trying new foods the week before a meet; foods that disagree with your stomach may impede your performance.

Step 4 Bring snacks that combine complex carbs and protein to the track meet. You may be hungry before or after your competition; having healthy snacks on hand can help to keep your energy up.

How to Prepare the Week of a Track Meet

Talk to yourself -- Even though visualizing before should be a huge help as far as running the race you want. A little encouragement isn't a bad thing, and it's a bugger help when it's coming from YOU. By doing at least one of these three things you should feel more confident and you should definitely have more positive thoughts about the event you dislike even if it's only while you're doing it.

It's funny because when I mentally prepare myself for 's when it's done; I realize it wasn't as hard as I thought.

Trust me your least favorite races get easier as time goes on, but only if you let them. The reason we don't like most races is because they're painful, you had a bad experiences or you think you can't do it.

If it's the last reason, then let me be one of the many people to tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to.