Unwelcome relationship part 21 the order

unwelcome relationship part 21 the order

(PART to 28) Given below. to 16) cesenahotel.info -ko-kya-naam-doon/new-arshi-ff-unwelcomed-relationshi. (PART to 23). And what is the relationship between deviance and crime? . The underlying goal of social control is to maintain social order, an arrangement of practices and . Object of this Part. Division 1 — General. Employment to be in accordance with Exceptions in relation to employment of a political nature . Power of Employment Relations Court to order compliance .. that subjects the worker to behaviour which is unwelcome or offensive to that worker (whether.

And then when I met you, when I wanted you, you made me leave you and be what I am back again today. Now why the hell you expected me to change? Did you anytime in the last year call me to ask me how I am without you? Did you anytime rethink of our relation which we broke? You were busy in fulfilling your dreams. And you did that.

Now why the hell then you expected me to chnage for Khushi? She accepted me for what I was. Did you anytime see me flirting around with someone else when I am committed to Lavanya? Because I wont wish to do it anymore. I am changing for her.

I was doing the same for you too. But you never noticed it. You never felt it. You know what Khushi.

You were confused then when I was with you. He said that all angrily and she had tears in her eyes. She could see how hurt he was by her. But she too was hurt. And this time after listening all this she was much clear what she wanted. Why would I call you Arnav. I never felt anything for you that time? Till you came back.

I was actually confused. I didnt even know if you loved me. Everytime we met, you tried being more physical to me than understanding me what I wanted. And not just that You even got enagaged to her. Arnav turned back and pinned her again to the Car.

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I am not engaged to her. She is my Cousin NK's Fiancee. I never loved her. I can never love anyone in my life Khushi other than you. I always loved you.

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Why cant you understand that? YOu mean all this while you were just acting? Trying to make me feel jealous? I was such a fool to believe what was happening in front of my eyes. You believe in what you see. Cant you read my eyes Khushi.?? I always wanted to Arnav. But your words were more enough than anything else. Remember that contract you made me sign before engagement? What was that haan? No true lover would ever make his love do that. Did you ever read that papers Khushi?

There was no such contract between us. I was just pulling your legs. It was the property papers I made you sign. I had purchased an island on your name and planned this surprise for our wedding night.

But I knew your morals would never ever let you accept the property till you legally get married to me. So I didnt tell you the truth that time. And they were urgent so I had to make you sign them on engagement day. Why do you think I went to Office on our engagement day?

It was to make those damm property papers Khushi got another shock of the day. She was so much tensed. So many truths were out and she had no idea how she should be responding to them.

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Arnav cupped her face and then looked in her eyes. I dont want you to get more confused. I dont want to force you either. You still need time to think of our relationship then do take it. But do not take a hasty decision now and deny.

Please think over it again. Khushi removed his hands from her cheeks and she opened the car door and sat inside. He knew she was in no mood to talk now.

unwelcome relationship part 21 the order

She sat on his seat and then drove to Gupta House. He dropped her and she went inside without even saying a Bye. He came back home. He was very tired. After all the talks with Khushi today he felt that atleast the misunderstandings between them have started to get cleared. He waited eagerly for the next day to meet her. He told some details about their conversation to Lavanya and she too asked him to relax as she knew Khushi would be taking a wise decision.

I had got the bandage. But you were a bit busy that time with Khushi And looking at you I thought you didnt require it anymore so I kept it back. Arnav got what he meant. So he might have seen them kissing.

Well that was allright Afterall such intense scenes was expected to be seen daily by some or the other family members after the wedding. He chuckled at this thought. Finally the Lunch was ready and the food was kept on the table. The couples were made to sit with each other and the grooms had to make the plates for the brides. Arnav started to make Khushi's plate.

He knew what she liked, how much she liked. The plates were ready now. So now Khushi and Payal would need to taste the food cooked by their would be husbands. I am sure the food is awesomly cooked though its the first time my brothers have entered the kitchen. Did you explain the brides on the complete ritual? Well I will tell now. Khushi and Payal were little nervous what the complete ritual would be. Arre dont get scared both of you.

Its just that after eating the food, the grooms would be asking for something from their brides and the brides cannot deny them It could be anything. She smiled again seeing them both blush. And yes no one else would be hearing to what the grooms ask the bride. I hope you are not making your own rituals.

I mean same day? Now that is between you two. You have to decide it amongst yourselves. So Chotte and Akash. Start thinking what you would ask from Khushi and Payal.

unwelcome relationship part 21 the order

Arnav and Akash passed a smile to each other and then they started having the Lunch. Payal kept blushing at the thought of fulfilling the ritual and our very own Khushi was nothing except more nervous as to what he would wish for The Lunch was actually tasty.

They were very much tastier. Though Arnav had used the sweetner in making them, it tasted very nice. All the time having lunch she didnt look at him and nor did he. They had the Lunch quietly and then everyone seated on the Sofa in the Living room. Ok so now the last part of the ritual. Arnav and Akash will ask the brides their wishes. Come on both of you sit next to your brides.

She made Arnav sit next to Khushi and Akash next to Payal. Akash and Payal blushed. They were actually shying to fulfill this in front of all but Arnav he knew what he wanted. He bent on Khushi from the side and then whispered in her ears. I want you to dip your finger in the chocolate sauce and then apply it on anyone part of my naked body and lick that sauce from there.

I know asking this is a waste from you. Still I asked you what I want. Do it or deny. And yes if you are doing this.

unwelcome relationship part 21 the order

Then do it before the marriage. If you denying then you dont need to say anything to me now.

unwelcome relationship part 21 the order

Infact we wont discuss this topic again anytime in our life. And one more thing. I said any part on my naked body. Dont start your Gutter mind thinking which part I meant. It could be any. Not necessarily the one you are thinking currently. He smiled and then sat back in his position. Chotte that was so quick. See Akash is still blushing and so is Payal. Come on guys hurry up. Akash finally asked something to Payal and she blushed too.

But Khushi was like unconscious. She could not believe what she heard. Any part of his naked Body???