Relationship videos 2016 mx5

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relationship videos 2016 mx5

We test four generations of the iconic Mazda MX-5, from the NA first started the dynasty and it's a fine beginning to the MX-5 relationship. When the Mazda MX-5 Miata hit the streets in , it showed the world You feel the relationship between car and road surface through the. The Mazda MX-5 Miata has a rich heritage in the sports car world and for good reason. Mazda relates the relationship between driver and car to the . the latest Miata, Mazda released a video showcasing how the compact.

Mazda's team said they are proud of every version of the MX-5but it's this specific, first-generation model that the company calls the "most right" — the most true to the idea of what a Miata ought to be.

So that's why, before being allowed to attack the winding roads of the Spanish countryside in the MX-5, Mazda wanted me to spend some time with a cherry example of the original NA Miata: Light, responsive, and perfectly balanced, it was the original embodiment of the harmony between driver and car that Mazda wanted in every Miata. Mazda executives said they felt the first Miata was also the right size.

So they chopped off three inches on the ND compared with the NC, and put it on a wheelbase that's been reduced by six-tenths of an inch. In fact, these dimensions mean the new Miata is more than two inches shorter in length than the original, and only two-tenths of an inch taller.

10 Things Mazda MX-5 Miata Owners Understand Better Than Anyone Else

In this day and age of ever-expanding waistlines and footprints, it's a remarkable achievement. There's also been a significant weight reduction, and while Mazda has yet to publish final specifications for the ND car, the company is touting a savings of pounds compared to the NC.

In other words, expect a curb weight somewhere around 2, pounds for a Japanese-spec model — only to pounds heavier than the original despite additional equipment. Mazda achieved this lower mass thanks to — you guessed it — aluminum components, as well as increased use of high-strength steel. And because it's all about the details, the Miata team added aluminum in areas furthest away from the car's center of gravity, to keep the bulk of the mass as close to the ground, and middle of the chassis, as possible.

That's also the reason for moving the engine 13 millimeters lower, and 15 millimeters backward on the chassis. It now sits fully behind the front axle, technically making the Miata a front mid-engined car. I could dive into a discussion of styling, but you've no doubt already pored over dozens of high-resolution images, and our NB-owning executive editor has since registered plenty of apt observations about the new car. Don't like the headlamps? Mazda wanted to get that hood as low as possible, and then worried about fitting in the projector-beam LEDs.

It's a much more aggressive car, and on the road, it looks great. The cloth top structure now uses aluminum components, and before you ask, Mazda would not say one way or the other if a Power Retractable Hard Top will be offered. That said, if earlier reports are to be believed, consider the PRHT out of the cards. The cloth roof is just as simple to operate as before — unlatch it and throw it behind you. This is another important part of the Miata formula: I'll get back to the interior stuff in a moment — for now, have a look at the soft top's simplicity in the video below.

Of course, unless it's raining cats and dogs, you shouldn't be driving a Miata with the top up anyway. Top-down driving is so important to Mazda that the door trim and A pillar were designed to specifically direct air over the top of the car, but have it channeled in through the sides, so the driver feels a "pleasant breeze," according to one engineer.

To further enhance topless driving, Mazda has one again added audio speakers into the headrests, so you won't need to crank the stereo. For my drive through the countryside outside of Barcelona, the music I preferred came from the Miata itself.

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I focused on the muffled, yet present exhaust note of the MX-5, coupled with an engine sound that's less harsh and buzzy than before. There's still very obviously a four-cylinder working under that hood, but it's more refined than in previous generations.

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When it arrives in the US later this year, the Miata will be offered with a 2. Believe me, you won't miss those ponies. Yes, I realize that's a decrease of 12 hp, but hear me out: The gears of the six-speed manual no longer have to make up the fuel economy for a thirstier engine, and have a better match of ratios.

relationship videos 2016 mx5

In a straight line, the new Miata should get to 60 mph under 6 seconds, about a second quicker than before. The new Miata has shed lbs. Why do car seats need springs?

The 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF—fancy new looks, same great driving

Your office chair gets by on mesh and foam, and now the Miata does as well, sparing 17 useless pounds. This is a Mazda patent.

Mazda execs say they went down to the gram in their hunt, and when they start talking about how the transmission gears allow for a lighter rear differential, I am impressed and just a little afraid for their social lives. The unit Mazda sent me for three days of testing was the Club trim, complete with a pair of Brembo calipers up front, inch BBS wheels still four lug, saving the weight of a few bolts there and a limited-slip rear differential. At slow speeds and poor road surfaces — the way we spend most of our time driving — the Miata avoids the kind of jarring that can leave a Subaru BRZ owner bruised.

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The six-speed manual in the new Miata moves as all should; short, agile and notched like an oiled rifle bolt. Changes versus the soft top mostly amount to the new roof, which adds lbs 51kg to the car.

relationship videos 2016 mx5

Beyond that, there have been a couple of tiny tweaks to the rear suspension and a slight recalibration of the steering, mainly to compensate for the small increase in weight and change to the car's center of gravity. That means the same valve, 2.

2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata - First Drive Test Video Review

Enlarge Snuggly ensconced in the driver's seat, a few things become apparent. The steering wheel and gear stick are perfectly located for your hands. The action of that gearshift is as sublime as ever; I'd use the "rifle bolt" cliche but for never having fired a bolt-action rifle. You feel the relationship between car and road surface through the seat, the steering wheel, and pedals.

relationship videos 2016 mx5

And it's pretty frugal; a mix of freeways and back roads delivered 30mpg. That means the new car is just as engaging on a twisty road—all it takes is 15 minutes driving on a good stretch of curves to realize why more than a million MX-5s have left the factory in Hiroshima, Japan over the past 28 years. Roof goes up, roof goes down Obviously the biggest difference with my old car is that new roof.

Any thoughts that the MX-5 Miata RF would be more cosseting with the roof up were dispelled within a few highway miles. Yes, you have a hard top shielding you from the elements, but that roof isn't stuffed full of sound-dampening or insulation.