Relationship building free ebook

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relationship building free ebook

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This is an area where a leader can truly support the team. To the level you can effectively filter what is passed down to your employees, the better chance they have of remaining focused on your top level priorities. Now let's take a look at our communication and team building activities that will help you in your quest to more effectively communicate with your team members.

relationship building free ebook

To promote relationship building and communication by providing workplace-friendly shows that can help to connect team members. Have you ever arrived early to a meeting and noticed that no one is really talking to one another? Maybe they're quickly saying hello as they grab a cup of coffee but then soon retreat to find a place to sit, but they aren't truly engaged in conversation. Leaders can utilize the pre-meeting time to their advantage by implementing one of these ice breaker ideas.

Simply utilize a DVD player and a television or projector. Place the TV at the front of the room and provide a movie or show that might have a theme that is related to the topics of your meeting.

relationship building free ebook

Choose a movie or show that you believe might help begin a discussion about how change has always been a part of any successful organization. You can make the point that the events of the present-day require us to continually take ownership of leading our team through changing times.

The show can be something as simple as one of those old Dean Martin variety shows, or Bob Hope, or Johnny Carson, or a concert performance from the Rat Pack. Anything from the past that has evolved over time and appeals to the mass market can be effective communication and team building topics. Use these shows to spark discussion on how one of the performers or actors from long ago has had to change and evolve in his or her career in order to grow and expand their skills and thus increase their opportunity.

These old shows are fun to watch, and they will no doubt bring back fun memories for your team members.

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The laughter that is heard will liven up the atmosphere of the room and help to wake folks up and prepare them for a fun and engaging team meeting. To be more current, search YouTube for some funny clips that you can show on a loop prior to, or during the meeting, to help support your message. An added bonus of this communication and team building activity is that your team might just realize that you actually have a good sense of humor.

Use this communication and team building exercise to teach team members that they can often control their outcome by how they choose to see the world. How they choose to communicate their feelings and opinions to others is an important lesson in this communication and team building activity. In general, people tend to either react negatively or respond positively to any given situation.

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Reacting is usually out of habit and comes from a lack of self awareness or insight on how one can better respond. Use the definitions below to spark discussion among your team as to how they communicate and go about identifying issues and solving problems. Leaders can use the following definitions as a leader's guide, but try to get your team to come up with the definitions themselves.

There are three categories of people when it comes to how they see the world: He believes that someone is always out to get him. He has no hope for a brighter tomorrow and he puts himself first and is quick to overreact to any given situation.

The Passenger - this person remains neutral. He makes every attempt not be noticed, flies under the radar and is careful not to make waves or call attention to himself. Depending on the situation and who he is talking to he may respond positively or react negatively.

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relationship building free ebook

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relationship building free ebook

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