Slash and duff relationship quotes

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slash and duff relationship quotes

Slash, Duff MCKagan and Gilby Clarke staged a mini-Guns N' Roses reunion It's a different dynamic than my relationship with Guns or Axl." Slash on pal and. a good cheers. Slash:) Slash:) Lyric Quotes, True Quotes, Motivational Quotes , Funny Quotes, Band .. Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan & Slash GNR at it's best!. For quotes on the other band members please just go here and use the Duff, about his favorite guitarist: I've got to say Slash, the guy I've been playing Steven: It's just so wonderful to have a relationship with Slash again.

Steven, recounting an episode in-between from He was so out of it, just blindly stabbing a syringe into his arm, over and over. Look, just come into the house. We'll watch a movie, and after that if you want to party some more, we will. Just stop it for now. He just gazed at me, but at least he had stopped the pincushion routine ["My Appetite for Destruction",p]. To me he is anyway. But just to me as a musician, I appreciate so much [Kerrang, March ]. And Slash, well, let's say he can pronounce his syllables better now.

He was pretty bad though. Fuck, he was a mess. He's a great guy an' all, but he can't monitor his own intake, with the result that he's always fuckin' up big-time. Like leaving dope hanging out on the table when the police come to call; nodding out into his food in restaurants - shit like that. I love the guy a lot, but the fact is, man, Slash is not what you'd call your thinkin' man's drug-user. He's real careless, doing really shitty things like OD-ing a lot in other people's apartments.

A lot [The Vox, ]. I don't think [slash] really wanted another guitar player, but it was kind of a package deal, Axl and I. We had periods where we actually wrote songs together and worked out our parts.

Interview with Duff Mckagan & Slash from Guns N' Roses 1988

There was a little bit more interplay on Appetite than Illusion. He was like a brother, but a brother who really wanted to be out on his own [Musician, ]. Let me say something about us being at each others throats: We haven't really been that way in the past year and a half. We're like opposite poles of energy, and we balance each other out. We push each other to work harder and complement each other that way. We had a run-in in Dayton Ohiobecause both myself and Dougie thought he said something shitty to me onstage.

That was the night I cut my hand to the bone. Backstage we have monitors much like the ones onstage; and while l was back there dealing with my hand, I thought I heard him take a potshot at me. I wrapped my hand up in a towel and was like, "Lets get it taken care of, so l can finish the show. That was fucked up.

I played far down on a Les Paul before Slash started playing guitar. But while I'm from a classical blues-school and had Beatles and Stones as mayor model Slash mixes blues with metal. You could find ways to blend all kind of things. It really just takes the right song. I don't personally believe that was the interest of Guns or Slash, I don't believe the right song was the interest.

I mean, what people don't know is, the [slash's] Snakepit album, that is the Guns N' Roses album. I just wouldn't do it. Duff walked out on it, and I walked out on it, because I wasn't allowed to be any part of it.

It's like, "No, you do this, that's how it is. I thought that there were riffs and parts and some ideas, I thought, that needed to be developed. I never said that I was bitter. I mean, with Slash, I remember crying about all kinds of things in my life, but I had never felt hot, burning tears Basically, to me, it was because I am watching this guy and I don't understand it.

slash and duff relationship quotes

Playing with everyone from Space Ghost to Michael Jackson. I don't get it. I wanted the world to love and respect him. Originally I don't think Slash ever wanted to play with another guitarist. But we both really loved Aerosmith and the Stones and we just used that idea to make it all work. My favourite band was always the Ramones - just four guys wailing with power chords.

At some point he and I hooked up and we started making it work. It became fun, just working with another guy like him, opposites attract, I suppose He's a great guitar player - he'll go, he's a guy if you let him go, he's just off, out there.

You gotta reel him in now and then, but that's what he loves to do. And Slash just goes manic in the last four bars. Those were great times Duff, being asked about the downfall of Guns N' Roses: Everything started when Slash turned his back and said: It had become quite irrational. Originally I intended to do more of an Appetite style recording but with the changes in the band's dynamics and the band's musical influences at the time it didn't appear realistic.

So, I opted for what I thought would or should've made the band and especially Slash very happy. Basically I was interested in making a Slash record with some contributions from everybody else.

Slash chose not to be here over control issues. I am the one held responsible since day one. Within those parameters, I give everyone as much freedom to do what they want something Slash has verified in several interviews.

He did not want to do that or put himself through the rigors of taking the band to that level even if he was capable of writing it. Was he capable of doing it? The version of Aerosmith Rocks or the Aerosmith Rocks by the time we would have put it out. We still needed the collaboration of the band as a whole to write the best songs.

As a friend and former friend of Slash said to me in regards to working with Slash, "you can only do so many pull ups. Say hey to my Boa Constrictor while My Boa's name is Jacob btw. U can find him hanging out. SethMacFarlane is a genius.

Or needs professional help. And he's got this extracurricular lifestyle, which he makes no bones about It meant a lot. I'll see some of u down there. He was 1 of my 1st fav authors when I was a kid. Definitely added a new dimension to things. When I'm not working, I'm always at the museum checking out fossils. Boycott is in order. Everyone has been asking me what's going to happen, and they know as much as I do He hates my guts.

It's over a lot of different stuff; I don't even know. There's just no communication between us. They have an Allosaurus skeleton in the Toronto airport terminal. I'm sold before I even get to the city. En route to the Top Gear test track to go inevitably do some donuts.

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It's my favorite US Guitar magazine by far. Rose turned 50 on Monday 06Feb I thank all of u sic for that special effort to make it so. Which I think I'm doing this March! In final stages of construction, but its killer!

A boy named Hudson. If that don't beat all! Having said that, we're doing a dead celebrities cocktail party this year. I hear distant moaning. Why would he try to cross the street in rush hour traffic? They've got plenty of coffee. He did it, he taught me to make a pretty damn good risotto! One of the best young artists to come along in a long time. I start filming the first of four movies we've got in development this summer.

I love movies but if there's one thing that scares me it's the concept of acting. I don't mind getting behind the camera but in front of it is inconceivable. I've put my will to the test more in the last 10 days then the whole 6 yrs.

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Introduced my kids to Indian food. Eighty nine people were killed by the tornado. Best of luck Stoke! When I set out to do this solo record tour, I wanted to go to places I had never been. One of those places was Stoke, but it just didn't happen first time around so I made sure to rectify that this time. I always wanted to cap off the U. I want to see the body. Bin Laden's body was buried at sea.

She was a sublime blues, jazz, rock, pop vocalist. In case u didn't know. I could have played all night. Such a warm crowd, like nowhere else! A charity founded in memory of late rocker Ronnie James Dio is selling off guitars painted by elephants to raise money. One of the lots at an upcoming Slash charity auction in March 11 is the outfit the rocker wore onstage with the Black Eyed Peas at this month's 06Feb11 Super Bowl. Rocker Slash has teamed up with footwear firm Supra to create a new faux snakeskin sneaker.

I thought that was pretty cool. And Axl has always in my mind been one of the best frontmen and lyricists in rock and roll, period. Rocker Slash helped U. How are we supposed to hang out here for any amount of time comfortably? But actually, it turned out that I ended up hanging out with myself and Axl by the end of the night. Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash rocked U. Ozzy and I send them our love during this difficult time.

slash and duff relationship quotes

But you're unlikely to ever see me rocking Speedos swimming trunks with my top hat! The two stars both hail from the same town in England. Motorhead star Lemmy joined guitar great Slash onstage at the U. Slash introduced the Brit to the crowd as "a really good friend of mine". If we don't, God knows.

If I hadn't been in Guns, it would have been my favourite band. November Rain is still one of the most expensive videos ever made. So that's right up at the top - the epitome of the kind of thing I cannot stand. Slash will rock the U. I'm not that bad but we do have a lot of stuff in storage.

slash and duff relationship quotes

I quit all the drugs and I haven't been drinking, so I don't have any real vices left. I can only take so much of it. If you listen to it that's gay. I'd never play that.

I could be performing in front of two people or two hundred people or two thousand people. I get nervous just because I want to do a good job. I slept around a lot but was still fairly selective. It wouldn't be in the thousands, maybe in the hundreds, and probably not over This is a tragic turn of events, he will be mourned by many. If I was to go back and start using again, then if my heart was to go too fast or too slow, it would kick it back into the right speed.

It was a safety net the doctor gave me a few years back. Rocker Slash 's upcoming solo album is promising to be a star-studded affair - he has added Velvet Revolver bandmate Duff Mckagan and Dave Grohl to the list of big name guests. We've tried tons of great guys and we've written brilliant new material.

The costume designer, who fitted stars like John Lennon and Diana Ross, passed away on Friday 05Jun09 after losing a battle with lung cancer, according to Blabbermouth. Slash is set to show the American Idol kids how to rock - as the talent show's latest mentor.

Rock heavyweights Ozzy Osbourne and Slash have teamed up to record a new track for the Velvet Revolver star's latest solo album. But they also like Elmo Slash left the legendary band in Ozzy Osbourne and Fergie have recorded guest spots on rocker Slash 's new solo album. It's the first time in eight years since George W. Bush came into power I've heard somebody speak English.

I think it's refreshing to see someone who's reasonably intelligent come in.