Uruz reversed relationship goals

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uruz reversed relationship goals

Today's Rune Message: Uruz reversed speaks to the quality of your relationship to your Self. Are you listening to the messages that your Self is. Uruz Reversed in your reading shows you may have failed to take advantage of the You may be in a rut—absent of goals or challenges. The meaning of the symbol of the Uruz rune can relate to a wild energy, dreams, goals and desires, but with that strength comes responsibility. For some, Uruz drawn reversed (or merkstave) will act as an alert or warning.

If Gifu or Thurisaz are in the cast, your strength is being used against you. With Raidho or Eihwaz it can show that lack of motivation will lead you to pass by a change for the better unless the rest or the runes are negative, in which case you should let the change pass you by.

Hidden strengths must be realized. Uraz, Uros, Ur Ancient Meaning: The primal force behind creation Keywords: Beginnings, Spirituality, Opportunity Description: Uruz is the Rune of harmony, order and inner strength. Often it marks endings and beginnings of periods in our lives.

uruz reversed relationship goals

Uruz also symbolizes your ability to tackle new challenges by confronting them with the powers that lie within you. When the Uruz rune is drawn it may be indicating that a loss may be an opportunity in disguise. The Uruz rune often indicates in a reading that you may have been living a lifestyle that you have outgrown. This is a rune of passage and with that is the cycle of initiation.

uruz reversed relationship goals

Positive growth and change may involve a descent into darkness, but as part of the cycle of perpetual renewal, you will emerge into the light. Prepare for an opportunity which may at first be disguised as a loss or sacrifice. It may involve the loss of something or someone to which you have an emotional attachment or bond. A change in relationship or ties being severed may indicate that a new perspective or lifestyle may be in order.

The Meaning of the Rune "Uruz"

It may be a lesson that change is inevitable, and you have no choice but to move with it. Drawing the Uruz rune in a reading is indicating that you need to learn to adapt yourself to the demands of this creative time. Firm principles are attached to this rune, and if they are adhered to, will prove beneficial … today and beyond. At the same time, humility is called for since in order to rule, you must learn how to serve.

Uruz puts you on notice that your soul and the Universe support your new growth. Drawn reversed or merkstavethe Uruz rune shows that you must acknowledge and accept your weaknesses. Look honestly within yourself without fear, knowing that once you recognise those areas of weakness, you will be able to work on them and turn them into strengths. It may seem as though your own strengths are being used against you. You may miss opportunities and find a weakening of your position or disposition.

You may fail to take notice or advantage of positive things placed before you. Uruz reversed tells of one who is easily influenced by others, leading to lost opportunities and bad decision-making.

For some, Uruz drawn reversed or merkstave will act as an alert or warning system, offering clues and messages in the form of minor failures and disappointments. Though there are some fine books out there. This is for the obvious reason of keeping them together you should always have 25 runesand it is also a handy way to carry them around. In the rune readings and runecasts I have included, you will notice instructions to "draw" a rune.

Drawing runes directly from the pouch allows the choosing of runes to be done on a subconscious level. You can't see them in the pouch. To enhance the connection to your subconscious, it is suggested that you draw your runes with your passive hand left hand if you're a "rightly", and right hand if you are a "lefty".

You may wish to put your name using the runes on your rune pouch. Or you may wish to make yourself a new one of a preferred color or size. Feel free to decorate your rune pouch in any way, personal touches on your pouch can only enhance the bond between you and your runes. This is called, simply enough, a rune cloth. It is usually made of a piece of white or single colored material. It may be square, round or whatever appeals to you.

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In size, it need only be large enough for a runecast or spread. A traditional size is 18" X 18". It is possible to have a rune cloth replace your pouch.

Uruz – Strength – Reversed

You could bundle your runes in your rune cloth and tie a string around the bundle. Some people find it helpful to have a "map" figured out on their rune cloth. This "map" allows them to determine what the placement of the runes in a runecast mean. For example, you may wish to have a circle on your cloth. You could consider any rune inside the circle as being something that is near you, and the runes that fall outside the circle could be considered further away from you in terms of time, distance etc.

You could consult a book on tealeaf reading, a "map" of the tea cup can be incorporated into your runecasts or painted onto your cloth. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

If you decide to make a rune cloth, I suggest it be as simple and uncluttered as possible. If you choose to include a "map", bear in mind, the runes should be the main focus of the reading. Rune cloths that are patterned or too busy may detract from your readings by pulling your attention away from the cast.

When they were originated, there was no parchment. This accounts for their sharp straight lines, since they had to be carved into stone or wood. Below you will find the translation of these runes into the English alphabet. When writing or carving the runes, you should keep them upright, never use a slant.

Names and words that have two of the same letter next to each other are written with the second letter in a mirror image. In preparing to do a runecast you are preparing to ask your higher self for answers and assistance. There are many factors to take into account when interpreting a runecast, it takes practice.

So, don't be discouraged if you come up with a few "duds" in your first readings. Because of divinations' similarity to counseling, I highly recommend that you practice readings on yourself before doing spreads for anyone else.

Uruz | witchery

You should prepare yourself before you begin to read or cast the runes. Find somewhere free of distractions, and then clear your mind of any unrelated thoughts. It is important to concentrate on your specific question or issue while drawing and casting the runes. Focusing your mind and having a clear intent will greatly enhance the accuracy of your readings. Interpreting a runecast is like telling a story. Your job is to find the characters, themes, events, and advice of the reading.

Take as much time as you need to interpret a spread, and pay close attention to all the connections. The times I am most satisfied in the accuracy of my readings are when each rune clearly plays a part in the runecast, or rather when the runecast itself becomes a comprehensible story. Sometimes the runes will clearly answer your question, and sometimes they will ignore it completely, choosing to focus on other issues instead. Often times these are issues that you knew existed but didn't want to face.

Look within to see if the runes haven't met the mark. Runes in divination work by connecting you to that part of you that is in touch with your subconscious, higher self or that part of you that is in tune with the all.

However you want to look at it. Even the most accurate of runecasts can not tell you what is destined to be. They only predict what is likely to happen based on current information. A negative runecast should never be taken as irreversible, you always have the choice to change your situation in life.

In divination, runes are used to tell you what path you are currently on. Remember that it is always within your power to keep with or alter that path.

In the next few pages you will find examples of rune spreads and runecasts. You may use these, or other techniques and rune spreads that you come across.

There are an abundance of tarot spreads available, for example, tarot spreads adapt very well to rune divination. You could certainly form your own spreads and techniques for a reading, or maybe incorporate methods from various spreads. Generally, the more runes used in a runecast or spread, the more involved the reading. Runes are read either upright or reversed. When casting the runes, it is helpful to have a system of deciding which runes you will consider upright, and which you will consider reversed.

I usually interpret all the runes with their top pointing up or to the left, upright; and all the runes that have their top pointing down or to the right, reversed. Consult the meaning of this rune and see how it applies to you.

This technique can be used as a daily pick in the morning to see what type of day you can expect, or to answer a specific question. You can also use the one rune method to answer a "yes or no" question. Upright, the answer is yes; reversed the answer is no. Runes that have no reverse should be considered upright.

Place them on your rune cloth or table or whatever. Like the one rune method, this can be used to answer a "yes or no" question. Place all the runes face up. If the runes are predominantly upright, the answer is yes.

If the runes are mostly reversed, the answer is no. Another way to use the three rune method is to turn over one rune at a time and: Lay the runes face down, one through five as illustrated above. Then, one at a time, turn them over and read them in the following order. Lay the runes face down in the above order. In this reading, you interpret two runes together for a combined meaning: Turn over the 1st and 2nd runes.