Seifer and rinoa relationship definition

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seifer and rinoa relationship definition

So I present the case that Seifer Almasy is the son of Edea and Cid Kramer. from getting together, thus destiny brought the relationship together. . Another thing that might add into this: Seifer introduced Rinoa to Cid at help; site rules · Reddit help center · wiki · reddiquette · mod guidelines · contact us. In disc 2, when (SPOILER)you fight Seifer in Galbadia garden, and u hav Rinoa in the party, he says, "u too? There are also several hints that suggest Seifer and Rinoa were a couple before Squall met her. It's a pretty well established fact that Seifer and Rinoa were romantically. If I were Squall, I wouldn't touch Rinoa knowing that Seifer banged her so hard . I'm not even sure if her relationship with squall will last at all.

A few facts for the setup: The three main characters, as pushed via ads, clipart and propaganda, are Squall, Rinoa and Seifer Squall and Rinoa do not have last names to match their fathers Laguna Loire and General Caroway For Squall and Rinoa, their fathers hold their Triple Triad cards Cid Kramer has Seifer's Triple Triad card Seifer grew up in the orphanage with the other characters minus Rinoa but for some reason acted bully-ish to the others Seifer suffers from the same memory loss problem of using Guardian Forces as the others Ultimecia uses a Guardian Force Griever The game's main themes are love and destiny, and how the two influence each other Squall and Rinoa wind up together because their parents Laguna and Julia were star-crossed lovers who were prevented from getting together, thus destiny brought the relationship together.

The Theory

Another destiny theme is the infinite time loop paradox that defeating Ultimicea in the future is the reason she went to the past to possess Edea, and future Squall telling past Edea to create SeeD so that future SeeD can defeat future Edea and Ultimecia, etc Some speculation and putting 2-and-2 together: Squall's last name is Leonhart, not Loire.

It's possible Leonhart is Raine's maiden name.

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We know that Heartily is Julia's maiden name. It's possible that Almasy is Edea's maiden name. Why was Seifer such an asshole to the other orphans? Could it be because he was actually Edea's own bratty kid who was jealous she was giving care to these orphans? Why does Cid constantly fail Seifer in his exams? It's mentioned that the Dollet exercises was not the only exam he had failed.

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It's because Cid does not want to send his own son on the mission to assassinate his mother Edea. I wonder how he felt? Do you still like him? If I didn't, I wouldn't be talking about it.

seifer and rinoa relationship definition

It was last summer Lots of fond memories This is the most telling line of the whole argument, "I don't really know. Also when a women has intercourse or "Coitus" their brain releases a chemical called oxytocin which causes them to be in love, this apparently didn't happen. Did you guys come to fight Matron?

After all that she's done for us?

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Lot's happened between us, eh? I'm dyin' to get even! Rinoa, what are you doing here? You gonna fight me, too?

seifer and rinoa relationship definition

Come on, remember a year ago we It's too late, Seifer. You can't mess with our minds. To us, you're just another enemy, like one of those monsters.


Remember a year ago we Made plans to liberate Timber together? All possible solutions but based on the evidence I provided I feel "Coitus" is the least likely, plus do to the lack of voice acting we don't know how "STOP IT" was said, scared and whiny or firm and defiant, like no more B.

Based on Squall's following words we can guess it was defiant. Terantatek Terantatek 6 years ago 16 I see Rinoa as a pretty innocent girl, and think that perhaps her and Seifer kissed once, which to Seifer is out of his character, and to Rinoa being what 17?

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Her first kiss wouldve been a huge moment, which is why she's almost angered when reminded of it by Seifer later on after Seifer has became a villain and her attraction to Squall. I remember when I kissed my first girlfriend the first time it was like the best moment in her life and mine at the time honestly. Now I could see her regretting it if I became the helper of the worlds annihilator. Makes perfect sense to me. I'm what you would call, a modern day Hippie.

Living in Euphoria User Info: Exodiver Exodiver 6 years ago 17 Hmm, I think people kinda misunderstood Rinoa as a good nice girl.

seifer and rinoa relationship definition

I don't think she is, she's more on the naughty adventurous side