Relationship between rules laws and customs

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relationship between rules laws and customs

What parts of our lives are controlled by laws, rules and customs? Why are laws, rules and customs important in society? Example of a simple statement. Custom in law is the established pattern of behavior that can be objectively verified within a the chief's legitimacy and the norm's consistency with the practices (and changes in social relations) and will of the people under that chief. On this view, it is impossible to distinguish between behaviour that is rule bound and. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CUSTOMS, RULES AND LAWS Whenever people have lived together in groups, they've developed rules to.

relationship between rules laws and customs

As youngsters, we tend to learn that there are rules about hitting, stealing, lying, and being wasteful. As young adults, we are held accountable for these rules by becoming law abiding citizens.

Laws are not meant to set teaching boundaries, but are there to be enforced, and are punishable by imprisonment and even death if they are broken. By the time you are old enough to contend with the law outside of children killing children you have already learned the process by dealing with various sets of rules.

Laws are the legal variation of rules.

relationship between rules laws and customs

Laws are enforced by governmental factors such as the police and prosecutors. Rules are set by individuals.

Difference Between Laws and Customs

Laws are set by the government. Laws must go through certain processes to become laws, including a voting process. Rules are set by organizations and individuals.

relationship between rules laws and customs

Rules are more flexible, and have lighter consequences when broken. Laws are inflexible, and carry stiff penalties including imprisonment, and in some cases, death. Rules are set during childhood to prepare for living in accordance with laws.

Relationship between Law and Custom

Laws are not a teaching tool, but a tool for keeping order in society. If you like this article or our site. In fact, many formal laws do arise from customs.

relationship between rules laws and customs

To get a better understanding of the nuances between the two terms, let's take a look at some other ways in which customs differ from laws. Differences Between Customs and Laws We can outline roughly five distinct differences between customs and laws.

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First, laws are purposively established, whereas customs tend to grow naturally over time. In our 4th of July example from before, the custom of using fireworks to commemorate our nation's independence isn't something that's required for us to do. It grew over time. However, there are definite legal requirements as to who can use fireworks and where they can be used.

People actually sat down and established those particular rules.

Relationship between Law and Custom

Secondly, law needs a special agency for enforcement and often involves formal punishment for non-compliance; custom does not. Custom is largely enforced by spontaneous social action.

relationship between rules laws and customs

People may think you are unpatriotic if you don't partake in watching a fireworks display on the 4th of July, but no physical penalty will befall you for doing this.

However, allowing year-olds to fire off fireworks in their enclosed backyard may violate some very specific laws, and punishment may come from the police. Laws also tend to be specific, whereas customs often are not.

Laws in any area are gathered together and written down somewhere.