Where two worlds meet arthur findlay

Where Two Worlds Meet by Arthur Findlay

where two worlds meet arthur findlay

Have you ever witnessed how a psychic medium bridges the two worlds to She is an approved overseas tutor for the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in. That one book was On the Edge of the Etheric by Art hur Findlay. . That book is Where Two Worlds Meet and like other Findlay titles it is still. cesenahotel.info: Where Two Worlds Meet () by Arthur Findlay and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at.

Character, memory, affection, personality, etc. The etheric world is, in many respects, similar to this world. Our senses there respond as they do here, but, owing to the finer structure of etheric substance, the mind can work on it in a way it cannot do here. Hence it is in this sense a mental world, but our present world is also a mental world as I tried to show in Chapter III. There grow trees and flowers, but there is no death such as we understand it, all vegetable life, instead of decaying, dematerializes and disappears from sight.

where two worlds meet arthur findlay

The surroundings of the inhabitants are greatly conditioned by their thoughts, and so their houses and mode of life are much their own making. This, I am told, does not constitute the next state to be one purely of mental projections, because its inhabitants have the same sensations as we have, as they can feel, touch and smell the flowers, they can gather them, and, when walking in the fields, they meet and talk with their friends.

Where Two Worlds Meet

This is the reply I invariably received, when trying to find out whether this state was objective or subjective. There are many planes, but only those on the same plane experience the same sensations. I have, myself, experienced etherians present who talked to me, but they could not see each other, though they were in the same room, the explanation given being that they were in different planes of existence.

These etherians are men and women, not vaporous spirits, but real, vital and tangible people, such as we mix with every day. Theirs is not a dream world, but one of objective reality, intensely real — everything, music, art and all constructive work, being at a higher pitch than we can possibly understand. On the Edge of the Etheric is still in print and available here in the U. Used copies of previous editions are generally available as well and online sources for free e-editions include www.

The ghostcircle edition is in MS Word doc format and the second link offers the more desirable pdf format.

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Unfortunately, neither of the e-copies provides the illustrations which make a printed copy more useful. I purchased my used copy online through www.

At this writing an MS Word copy is available for download online at www. I suspect I may write more about it later but for now let me state that I abandoned that career path primarily because of academic scholarship over the past couple of centuries that brings into doubt many of the cardinal teachings and traditions of Christianity. They succeeded and we have been stuck with the fallout ever since.

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Over the decades I read much of this obscure information about Christian origins and I had to admit it was on target. I also knew from personal experience as well as reading that we live in a spiritual universe and that this life on earth is just a tiny part of reality.

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He then goes on to reconstruct what we know about the actual teachings of Jesus before they were carved up by the churchmen.

In the second part of the page Rock of Truth Findlay more thoroughly outlines the basics of spiritualism. Janet is the ordained Reverend, owner and leader of the church as well as a renowned medium who encourages spiritual growth as a necessary part of mediumship work. One night before empowerment circle, I asked my guides whether I should continue this path of developing my mediumship skills.

I was concerned that it was distracting from my spiritual path. I found myself wander into the church's little store. Spirit directed my attention to several things and there was no doubt that they wanted me to read her book. I previously had no desire to read these books although I was aware of their existence The first pages clarified my apprehensions.

I understand now that my spiritual journey walks hand in hand with mediumship and my desire to heal. Anyway, I do see Janet from time to time but she is a very busy woman and not that easy to get a chance to talk to but for a brief minute.

I do know that I love the work she is doing and when I walk into her church I feel the pure and beautiful energy.

Arthur Findlay

It's no wonder that so many travel up to 2 hours to come to her services, classes, and medium circles. I did not realize how blessed I am to live so close.

where two worlds meet arthur findlay

Thank you Janet for your dedication to help so many grow spiritually.