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meet kevin johnson lost finger

“Meet Kevin Johnson” Recap and Analysis Previously, on Lost: It's the future , or the present, or whenever, and Sun is the Oceanic Sixth. . the bomb thing and then lets his finger hover over the big, red execute button. Billie Doux reviews 'Meet Kevin Johnson,' an episode of 'Lost. a snap of the fingers -- what happened there? is there some time missing from the flashback? a . I can't put my finger on why I am in the camp that liked "Meet Kevin Johnson," but I will It didn't have the feel of a normal installment of Lost.

meet kevin johnson lost finger

Gaineythe Other who abducted Walt. Tom explains that the island will not allow Michael to kill himself, and gives Michael an assignment: Michael must infiltrate the freighter Kahana using the pseudonym "Kevin Johnson" and kill everyone on board, who may try to kill his fellow crash survivors.

Michael agrees to do it and boards the freighter from Fiji. Michael becomes acquainted with the crew and hesitates to sabotage their mission until he finds Martin Keamy Kevin Durand and his associates target-practicing with machine guns. After Michael tries to detonate a provided bomb only to discover that it is a fake, Ben contacts Michael by radio and explains that the trick illustrated his stance against killing innocent people in his war against Widmore. The flashback ends and Sayid, appalled by Michael's association with Ben, exposes his duplicity to Gault.

Ben later urges his adopted daughter Alex Tania Raymonde to flee to the Others' sanctuary at the "Temple" for safety; she is accompanied by her biological mother Danielle Rousseau Mira Furlan and boyfriend Karl Blake Bashoff. On their way, Karl and Rousseau are shot dead by hidden assailants and Alex surrenders. Despite a promise by writer's assistant Matt Ragghianti that there would be an episode in the second season in which flashbacks would focus on Libby, [5] Watros became the first main cast member to never play the central role in a Lost episode.

The writers asserted that while they had yet to shed light on the character's past, they would finally in their fifth year. She was instead billed simply as a guest star, although her name appeared with that of frequent guest star M.

Gainey ahead of the remainder of the episode's guest cast, who were listed alphabetically on-screen. Gainey explained that "just because they kill you on this show, don't mean they don't need you anymore 'cause everybody's got a past.

Fifteen-year-old Kelley claimed that make-up was applied to him in an effort for him to look younger; [12] however, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse clarified that visual effects supervisor Mitch Suskin had actually composited into the shot some footage of Kelley from production on the first season.

For weeks, people have speculated about how they were going to treat Walt's inevitable pubescence. See, the show's set inand only a few months have passed since the plane crash. Yet … it's been years, and … Kelley has become a man. So what did they do? Being "big fans" of the musical and congratulating Bashoff on what they thought was an "amazing opportunity," they brainstormed ideas with the other writers to write him out of the story while they still had him at their disposal.

By killing everyone on board the boat, of course. Well, old Michael is soon on the docks in Fiji and the cavalcade of soon-to-be-dead people start popping up. Mike then bumps into Miles who calls his bullshit and tells him he knows that Kevin Johnson is a fake name. He tells Michael not to worry, though, as most people on the boat are lying about something or other.

Tom gives him a call on his cell and reminds him that he needs to go through with all this if he wants to help out the people he screwed over on the island.

meet kevin johnson lost finger

Frank gets tired of arguing and decides to go hang with Michael. Michael tries to act surprised. Hey, looks like Frank may be one of the good guys.

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A little bit later Michael finds Mutt and Jeff out on deck firing submachine guns at dinner plates. Inside is an ominous black case, which he promptly picks up and takes down to the engine room. I think they used this same suitcase bomb in Die Hard 3.

Anyways, Michael does the whole arm the bomb thing and then lets his finger hover over the big, red execute button. Minkowski walks in and tells him he has a phone call … from somebody named Walt. Total bummer for Michael, man. Hell of a way to drive home a point there, psychopath. Ben then asks Michael to get him a list of everyone on board, then disable the radio and the engine room and await further orders. If Michael will do this, says Ben, Mike can consider himself one of the good guys.

Whatever that means in this crazy show. For Ben, he says. Not so fast, says Locke. Later on down the line, Ben stops Alex and asks her to go with Karl and Danielle to The Temple so that she will be safe.

He even drew them a map — a map that looks strangely like the one that Daniel Faraday used to find The Tempest. Only one artist on the production staff? She soon eats her words as she and Karl die at the hands of snipers on their way through the jungle of mystery.

You see how I just kinda put that out there, with not much lead up? Hey, at least we can all keep thinking how this whole time travel thing works, right? No spooky cabin, no smoke monster, no flux capacitors. I will, however, offer up a few little things that have me intrigued or perplexed. She did it because it was the Widmore faction, and she knows they will want to use her against Ben.

Too bad about Karl. I was a lot more broken up about Danielle Rousseau, a character I really liked and will definitely miss. And again, what kind of dead is she? Although I have to admit that if she is dead, Rousseau's story has indeed resolved itself. She did find her daughter after sixteen years, and she was just hanging around the Locke group to be with Alex, after all.

Dammit, I liked Danielle Rousseau. Will you guys please stop killing off characters I like? Michael got a left eye scene before, in season one's "Special. If they bring Walt back into the story, they may need to recast him. Nice little detail there. He had a boyfriend named Arturo in the New York flashback. No, we're not going nuts, are we?

We saw that in a pop-up "enhanced" episode, but I don't think it's been mentioned in a regular episode until now. The preview for the next set of episodes confirmed that Aaron is indeed one of the Oceanic Six. Did they want us indefinite and confused about this up until last week's so that we would dither about Jin?

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If so, it certainly worked on me. I wanted more, but there was too much other plot stuff going on. At least Locke was sharing information, something Jack hasn't been good at doing. Not all of the information, though. But weren't most of the bodies supposed to be of Caucasians? Yes, the staged wreck is impossible to reach, but still. It appeared that it once had a longer name, and that the second part of the name was scratched out.

Or am I nuts?