Kumkum bhagya sep 13 meet

kumkum bhagya sep 13 meet

Kumkum Bhagya 13th September full episode written update: Munni Munni is waiting to meet Pragya and finally resolve all the drama. Kumkum Bhagya 5th September Written Update of Full Episode: Abhi And Kiara Meet Again And Wonder Why They Are so Similar. Kumkum Bhagya written update, September 13, Abhi and to the announcement and wonders if he will be able to meet Kiara's parents.

Now, the scheduled iphone tutorial for cell-phone use, is beginning to terrify me.

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So much new terminology that I have missed, through the years. Tango 6th Sep - 2: The ACTORS can only do and say what the script tells them regardless about how they would act or what they would do in real life. So, I think it would be farfetched to think that Abhi would suddenly think like a mature man come to his senses and stop turning on the good people in his life. It would also be totally out of character for Tanu and Aaliya to not try to do any harm to Kiara.

Or they may try to hurt Pragya by convincing Abhi to take Kiara away from her mom since he mom did not tell him that he had a daughter. The producer thus the writers is an absolute emotional manipulator and even as I feel relief I am very clear that it is likely my relief is simply one note in a dance of bait and switch. When the manipulator is finally confronted they tend to play nice until their next attack.

Kumkum Bhagya - Abhi to meet with an ACCIDENT! - video dailymotion

We did see Abhi become an adult male for one evening, right before his accident and memory loss drama. Immediately after the accident, he was returned to being a wounded youth. He was given the chance to become an adult again, in the jungle for a few hours right before Pragya was shot. Where are Tanu and Aliyah??

Complaining is obviously not allowed. Pragya tends to obey that societal rule as she is the designated anger-eater along with those that she loved in this production Jayashree 6th Sep - 4: And Cathy you celebrated your birthday last month I wished you but there were no response from you. I think it was on the 14th. I will give my two bits and pieces on this series on another given time for now stay blessed people and keep smiling there are no charges for smiling.

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd September Written Episode Update: Abhi meets with Pragya – Telly Updates

And Naz I love cricket I do not care who wins as long as the game is hotttt!!!! Trinbago is a strong side no doubt but sometimes being too overconfident makes you lose my favorite is Sunil Narine and Hetmyer. You take care dear hey Lakshmi everything good I hope. Where is our Sapphire?? Naz I had also asked you about the earthquake but no response from you.

My friends and i have to agree with you on a recent comment you posted. Its disturbing when you log in to read updates and find yourself reading essays and essays of what one can only gather is hate mail.

Kumkum Bhagya - Abhi to meet with an ACCIDENT!

On one side one advocates that women are are oppressed and abused and then with the other breath one calls female actors and produces whores!!! To imply that these women have slept around in order to further their careers is just plain shameful. Does anyone that places comments know these women personally, i do not think so.

kumkum bhagya sep 13 meet

What is further disturbing is when one becomes an online bully, picking away at someones looks, dress and god help me even their skin tone. What goes around comes around and when you put out that much hate and negativity it will only come back and bite you on the ass.

I hope none of these women that call other women whores will ever have to listen to someone call the same thing out to them or their daughters or sisters because the only recourse left would be to silently skulk off. KKB has some good actors, and we need to remember it is only acting, all good soap operas come with villains and Tanu and Alyia play the roles really well. Etka Kappoor may not be the best producer out there but she has helped a lot of actors propel themselves to stardom.

So please Trolls out there before making nasty, hatefulevil comments about these women please look at your own reflection in the mirror. Having a desire to defend Dannycomments is very fair. What you are dealing with are different types of viewers each at varying levels of understanding of the human condition.

The more experienced viewer is likely to see the normalisation of abuse. Just as a good versus a better abuse counsellor will know that one must gaze at the WHOLE situation before making a decision on who is actually being abusive. Since you are obviously experienced… you are advocating to go help the victims after the damage is done.

If you study the language used by every commentator you should easily be able to detect where they stand on the issue of abuse as well their level of comprehension of the issues they are bringing to light. On a personal note… the comment was regarding the quality of make-up application and the lack of continuity on the production end. Not on the actresses actual skin colour. Wow, what an abusive response!

kumkum bhagya sep 13 meet

You are seeing hate where there was none! When someone is being reactive it is a moment when the reader should be easily able to train themselves to become more alert and to review the relevant facts as well as search for more facts. Perhaps some commentators are simply trying to insure that the abuse is not nomalised. I thank-you for your profoundly sincere comments and will know that your obvious wisdom will insure that you as well become capable of reading and understanding rather more deeply.

After all, you are supportive of abuse victims and know clearly that there are layers and layers of witnessing and understanding required before you truly understand that the abuser and the victim serve each other.