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See what you'll save. . Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition - Xbox One and Xbox power-hungry factions, special weapons, mutated creatures and much more. from the safety and comfort of your very own vault: Meet new people, .. I know they were competing with Fable 3 and The Force Unleased II and all, but. Objective Reward XP For finding out what happened to the shipment or He suggests starting in the Third Rail in Goodneighbor, a place you should know well by now. back office to find a locked door [Advanced], beyond which you'll find Emogene. It's nice to see a Fallout: New Vegas reference in Fallout 4 . You'll Know It When It Happens is a main quest in Fallout: New Vegas. public will blame him, and not New Vegas, for the NCR defeat at Hoover Dam. . When you reach the top, you will hear the scream of someone falling, but the .. What links here · Related changes · Special pages · Printable version.

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PlayStation 3 Xbox If you disarm the bomb on the vertibird and then immediately run to the tower where the sniper spawns, climbing the ladder to the top of the tower may initiate the following sequence. When you reach the top, you will hear the scream of someone falling, but the Ranger sniper is still there alone and fine. If you wait through the speech on the tower with the Ranger sniper, nothing happens until the very end of the speech where a shot will ring out, President Kimball will disappear, the Ranger sniper on the tower next to you will disappear, and you will fail the quest the only dialogue option when talking to Colonel Moore afterward is to tell her that the President was killed by a sniper.

After this, the quest will be rendered complete without you having to stop any assassination attempts. PlayStation 3 Xbox When the Vertibird is flying to come over to the base to land.

You'll Know It When It Happens

Press X and you'll complete the quest without having to protect him. PC Sometimes, even though you start the quest by speaking with Ranger Grantafter you investigate the closet and check the terminal, going up onto the observation deck will not trigger the Vertibird landing and Ranger Grant will not initiate dialog any more.

PC After initiating the dialog where Ranger Grant tells you to get some rest before the President arrives, the game may crash after fading out. PlayStation 3 Though there are three assassination attempts, not all of them may be triggered during the quest. The bomb on the Vertibird will usually go off unless you deal with it, but the sniper and assassin in the crowd may not act. PlayStation 3 If President Kimball finishes his speech and successfully makes his way back up to his vertibird, he may start walking endlessly against the ledge of the roof of the visitor center away from the vertibird, and never leave.

To fix this, talk to Ranger Grant regarding the bomb or the sniper, and this will initiate the escape sequence for President Kimball, forcing him to depart in his vertibird.

Xbox When you try to pickpocket the engineer and take his detonator and keys, without disabling the bomb in the President's vertibird, it still would explode. Xbox When you start the quest talk to ranger grant outside tell him you are ready then run up to the tower behind the stage climb the ladder then climb down and it should say quest completed. The terminal is unowned, so the soldiers will not become hostile. If you have Boone as a companion, when you walk up the ramp on the visitor center exterior towards Ranger Grant he'll say something about if he were the sniper, where he would shoot from.

He'll tell you 3 locations he is correct about the last two: The speech Edit Once you speak to Ranger Grant again, the speech will begin. Kimball and four Rangers will disembark, then move to the stage for the speech. In order to hear the entire speech, each assassination attempt must be dealt with quickly and covertly; alternatively there are opportunities to scuttle the speech early to get the President to safety.

Keep in mind that even if you asked for and received clearance to enter "all areas" from Grant, entering the backstage area or going onto the stage with the President will cause the NCR to become hostile. There are three different assassination attempts: A bomb is placed on the Vertibird by an engineer; A sniper, dressed as an NCR Ranger, will appear atop the guard tower behind the stage set up for the speech; A Legion soldier, disguised as an engineer, will run up to the President and try to assassinate him with a knife.

If you received this quest from Yes Man or Mr. Housethe staircase leading to the roof of the visitor center will be locked. However, so long as you're in good standing with the NCR and asked Ranger Grant for access to all areas, you can go up using the ladder on the outside of the building. Private Jensen will be guarding it, so an NCR disguise might be necessary to bypass him.

A disguise can be found in the storage closet underneath the stairs in the visitor center.

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You can also talk your way past him with a Speech skill of Once on the roof, depending on how quickly you get up there, you may see an engineer tamper with the Vertibird. An Explosives or Repair skill of 50 is required to remove it. Failing that, you'll need to get the detonator from the engineer. This can be done before or after the arrival of the sniper. He'll head into the crowd watching the speech, so you'll need to find him.