The five people you meet in heaven chapter 6

The Five People You Meet in Heaven - Chapter 7 Summary & Analysis

the five people you meet in heaven chapter 6

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom - Chapter 7 summary and analysis. Chapter 2 · Chapter 3 · Chapter 4 · Chapter 5 · Chapter 6 · Chapter 7. The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom - Chapter 6 summary and analysis. Tuesdays With Morrie Chapter 6 Summary Albom uses this chapter to highlight some of the conflicts that drive his The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

Ruby tells Eddie that she had once worked as a waitress at the diner and explains that Ruby Pier was named after her by her husband Emile, who built it in tribute to her.

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Emile was wounded while fighting a fire that burned much of Ruby Pier and later died from pneumonia. Ruby confesses that she picked the diner because that was where she had met Emile and wanted the diner to be a refuge for anyone who had ever been hurt in any way by Ruby Pier, which she grew to despise as it took so much away from them.

This is the reason that Eddie's father, a harsh and abusive man, became a part of Ruby's Heaven. Ruby teaches Eddie to release his anger and forgive his father for all the trouble and hurt he had caused, only after she showed him the true cause of his father's death different from what he had always believed had happened.

Mickey Shea, a man who worked on rides at Ruby Pier with Eddie's father, was at Eddie's house drunk and in a terrible emotional state. He pulls out a flask, downs it, and then proceeds to try and force himself onto Eddie's mother. Eddie's father walks in at this point and manages to stop the drink fueled rape, then chases Mickey all the way to the pier, where Mickey jumps into the freezing water as an attempt to evade him, even though unable to swim.

the five people you meet in heaven chapter 6

Eddie's father jumps in after Mickey and saves him instead as they had long been friends and he felt he owed him despite his recent drunken behavior towards his wife.

Eddie's father later dies after falling ill due to being in the freezing water when he rescued Mickey. Ruby tells Eddie that he needs to forgive his father and tells him that hatred was a deadly weapon, "We think it attacks the person we hate, but hatred has a curved blade, it also attacks us".

Then Eddie moves on to another heaven. Eddie now awakens in a room with several doors. Behind each of the doors, there is a wedding from a different culture and Eddie meets his late wife, Marguerite, in one of the weddings. They spend an extended period together, moving from one wedding to the next and catching up on all the things they had not been able to share since Marguerite's death.

They remember their own wedding, and in the end, Marguerite teaches Eddie that love is never lost in death, it just moves on and takes a different form.

He begs her forgiveness for never making more of his life, never leaving his job at the pier, and for not giving her a better life she so richly deserved. However, she answers that she loved the fairground and their life on the pier, and the only thing she regretted was them not being able to have any children.

He replies that all he would've changed is to have had even more time together with her, for it not to have been cut short like it was by her early death. Marguerite's love for weddings comes from the look in all the brides and grooms' eyes right before the ceremony; the shared feeling that their love will without a doubt break all the records. Marguerite asks Eddie at one point if he believed they had that; he simply replied, "We had an accordion player", to which they both laugh.

Eddie and Marguerite's wedding was on the rented top floor of a Chinese restaurant and was very low-budget, but the couple holds nothing but fond memories of the occasion - in Eddie's house, Dominguez finds a case of sentimental objects, including a restaurant menu from their wedding night.

When Eddie awakens to a new scene, his fifth and last, he sees children playing along with a riverbed and a young Filipina girl named Tala waves and comes up to him. They attempt to understand each other, but finally, Tala manages to communicate and reveal that she was the little girl from the hut that Eddie set on fire.

And Eddie finally realizes that shadow he had seen all those years ago in the burning hut, and in his nightmares for most of his life afterward, was indeed not imagined - the little girl had been that shadow attempting to flee the flames. The girl shows Eddie the burns that she suffered when dying from the fire, as her previously clear skin turns to burnt flesh and scars.

Eddie is absolutely distraught and breaks down both cursing and asking God "why? The little girl walks into the river and hands him a stone and asks him to "wash" her like the other children in the river are doing to one another. Eddie is puzzled, tells her he doesn't know how, but then slowly attempts to do as she asks. He dips the stone in the water and starts to scrape off the injuries he had inflicted on her; and soon to his surprise, Tala's wounds begin to clear until she is freed of all the scars.

Eddie then asks Tala if she knows if he was able to save the little girl he attempted to save before his death. He tells her he fears that he failed to save her and he remembers feeling the little girl's hands in his just before his death. But Tala tells him he did indeed manage to save her, he had actually pushed her out of the way and then reveals that it was her Tala's hands that Eddie had felt instead as she pulled him safely up to Heaven.

So in reality, Eddie did manage to save the girl at Ruby Pier. Tala teaches Eddie that his life was not for nothing and that its purpose was to protect all the many children at Ruby Pier through his care for the safety of the rides. In this way, Tala explains, he also managed to atone every day for her unnecessary death. He is shown a vision of all the many people he saved along the years by his maintenance work, and consequently all their children's children down the generations. For he wants everyone to be free of accidents, everyone safe.

He is once again told that every life touches another and that everything is connected, it is all one big life. He is also one of the five people to be met by the girl whose life he saved when she dies Characters and their characterizations[ edit ] Eddie: The protagonist and main character around who the story centers; at the start of the story, he is killed on his 83rd birthday.

the five people you meet in heaven chapter 6

When he awakes in heaven, he is taken on a journey to meet five people whose lives intertwined with his in many ways which he never expected.

As an adult he wanted to work as an engineer. Eddie would always remember "her waving over her shoulder, her dark hair falling over one eye. Joseph's skin had been turned blue when he was a boy because of repeated ingestion of silver nitratethought to be an effective medication at the time.

He had been given this medication to cure his "nervousness" and bed-wetting at a late age, and Joseph simply attributed all the side effects to not ingesting enough. Handicapped by this disfigurement, Joseph eventually made a life for himself at Ruby Pier. Joseph is a "middle-aged man with narrow, stooped shoulders, naked from the waist up.

His belly sagged over his belt. His hair was closely cropped.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven - Chapter 6 Summary & Analysis

His lips were thin and his face was long and drawn. Eddie's commanding officer at war. He has a "full head of dark hair" and looked to be "only in his 30s. A woman for whom Ruby Pier is named by her fiance Emile. Ruby's face was "gaunt, with sagging cheeks, rose-colored lipstick, and tightly pulled-back white hair. Ruby's husband, who also created the original Ruby Pier. He wore "a chalk-stripe suit and a derby hat.

Eddie's mother was known for her tenderness" towards Eddie and his brother Joe.

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He abused Eddie his entire life. He smoked cigars [18] and was a card player. He is a family friend. He worked with Eddie's father "fixing rides at Ruby Pier. Mickey attempted to rape Eddie's mother because of loneliness and depression. Mickey and Eddie's father fought, and Mickey was almost killed by Eddie's dad, but eventually, Eddie's dad ended up saving Mickey from drowning in the ocean, causing the pneumonia that killed Eddie's father".

He is Eddie's friend and coworker at Ruby Pier. The Captain teaches Eddie that sacrifice is part of life, that it is supposed to happen and it is not something we should regret. The Captain explains how his sacrifice probably saved the other three soldiers in the car; if he had never went to inspect the grounds, all four of them may have driven over the landmine and been killed.

The Captain explains that by shooting Eddie he kept his promise by not leaving him behind and giving Eddie his life. Eddie suddenly feels ashamed for having been bitter his whole life over his injured leg, because it turned out that the Captain had died for him.

The Captain knows this and has been waiting for Eddie's forgiveness. Once Eddie shakes his hand the scenery changed into healthy branches, leaves and figs. Eddie was now able to see the war ground without the war. The Captain tells Eddie his second lesson. Eddie notices that his body has changed once again. He is older, fatter and his knee was in terrible pain. Eddie thought the pain would disappear forever once his visit with the Captain was over.

He finds a diner and can see all of the patrons inside, who appeared to all be from different decades. Eddie sees his father through one of the diner windows; he bangs on the window and yells for him, but he never looks up. They sing happy birthday and Eddie sees his father standing across the room, looking down at the windowsill.

the five people you meet in heaven chapter 6

Eddie forces back his tears. On Saturdays he would take Eddie to the pier and would leave him in the care of an acrobat or an animal trainer.

the five people you meet in heaven chapter 6

After Eddie was released from the hospital, he was very depressed by his injury; he did not work and would spend his days indoors, staring out the window. His father never spoke to him again. Back in the mountains, Eddie meets a woman outside the diner, from where he sees his father.

The woman leads him away and tells her story of how she met her husband, their courtship and how he built an amusement park for her. After the war, Eddie suffers from severe depression and terrible nightmares. He returns home from driving his taxi and Marguerite surprises him with a cake and some taffy.

Ruby tells Eddie how the pier caught fire, how her husband became injured, and how they moved far away from Ruby Pier. She tells Eddie that she is here to tell him why his father died. The two talk about an amusement park accident in Brighton. Notes We learn a lot about Eddie's relationship with his father in this chapter.

During the flashback of Eddie's birthday in the hospital, Eddie notices that his father is the only one standing back and over by the windowsill remaining silent.

the five people you meet in heaven chapter 6

Seeing this, Eddie tries gets very upset and tries not to cry. This is foreshadowing, what we will learn about Eddie's father and how he has hurt him. Eddie's father was a belligerent drunk; he would go out and come home drunk every night and hit Eddie and Joe. Eddie notes that his father never seemed proud of him unless it involved Eddie getting in a fight.