Meet the urbanite sennheiser microphones

Sennheiser Is Gaining Momentum With Their Headphones

meet the urbanite sennheiser microphones

Sennheiser's new headphone models, debuting here at CES, are based on older models from the last year or two. But the As you can see in the photo above, there are mics (for ANC) built into the earcups now. The Urbanite XL is also going wireless. Why It's Hard to Escape Amazon's Long Reach. There's an integrated remote/microphone for calls (both an Android and Meet the Urbanite XL, Sennheiser's new, hipper, more fashionable. Sennheiser URBANITE XL Wireless Headphones with Integrated Microphone F SENNHEISER × FREITAG High fidelity meets high individuality. Design.

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meet the urbanite sennheiser microphones

This Agreement is effective until terminated. You may terminate this Agreement at any time by uninstalling Software and destroying all copies of Software. YMMV — and probably will — as my tastes are likely different to yours read the preamble I gave earlier for a baseline. Most of the testing at this point unless otherwise stated was done with my Fiio X3 gen 2 and Fiio X5.

Sennheiser Urbanite & Urbanite XL - REVIEW

Tracks used were across a variety of genres — and can be viewed in this list http: For me personally, the only thing missing was just an occasional touch of upper end sparkle. The treble is present, but it is very smooth, unobtrusive, and laid back.

meet the urbanite sennheiser microphones

Gaucho was quite simply stunning. The sax intro was smooth, yet not overly dark. Switching to Sultans of Swing, and once again, detail is all there.


Not too much to complain about really — this is brilliant. One nice thing is the quality of the bass — not boomy at all. Some really nice detail coming through too — cymbal hits are there — nothing seems to be missing. The Urbanite has an intimate stage with this track compared to open cans like the HD and T1, but it does give some impression of space — just not hugely out of your head.

More importantly directional imaging and instrument separation is very good. This is aided by the absolute clarity of the overall presentation. The vocals are quite close, very clear, and portrayal of the cello in particular is wonderful.

Sennheiser Urbanite On-Ear Headphones: Electronics

Overall a great presentation of the track though. The Urbanites are very good — still quite intimate, but once again the overall imaging continues to shine through. This blues rock track is dark and brooding — and the Urbanites were brilliant with it. The bass guitar in this track is low, and extends well into the sub bass. The Urbanites handle it easily, and serve up the rumble I know is naturally there. For me the sign of a successful headphone is how successfully it conveys emotion and timbre with my female vocalists.

The also cello has great timbre and tone. The Urbanite handles vocals brilliantly — and every track I threw at them was impressively rendered.

meet the urbanite sennheiser microphones

Male Vocals At the other end of the scale sits a lot of my rock tracks — generally male vocal based. Moving to Seether, and once again the vocal quality is very good — guitar crunch is excellent, as is the cymbal presentation.

The bass quality is incredible for rock — impact and extension without the boom or bloom. Time for my litmus test — Pearl Jam.

meet the urbanite sennheiser microphones

And the overall balance in the track is magic. Genre Specific Notes Again for tracks, albums, artists — please refer to this list: The Urbanites are a natural match for the rock I listen to. It delivers the needed contrast beautifully. Beautiful balance between bass guitar and other instruments, and the vocals are again stunningly clear.

Bass is dynamic, clean, brilliant. Bass done right Sennheiser? There is fantastic bass response, and crystal clarity and vibrancy with her violin. The Urbanite were designed to be efficiently run straight from a DAP or smart phone — and they shine without the need for extra power.

The X3ii comes with a 10 band equaliser, so time to have a play. Anyway — the Urbanites respond well to EQ — another plus. So once I made sure the earpads were able to be removed, I set about looking for options. The first port of call was the HM5 pads from Brainwavz.