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mayor booker meet the press

Cory Booker is not yet a senator, but many on the left have already A is always Booker's notorious appearance on Meet the Press in May. Newark Mayor Cory Booker said it was wrong for the president's reelection Booker said during an appearance on NBC's “Meet the Press. Cory Booker on the Issues on Cory Booker; Political pundits. Press releases from Senator's offices () American Leaders . (May ); Vegetarian because of environmental impact of eating meat. (Sep ).

In fact, he was still being considered until the Thursday night before the Democratic National Convention. Clinton-Booker placards were printed up, and she went to bed that night still not having decided. Then I saw him up close and was converted. Tom Hanks played the poor white guy! Americans are about to see a lot more of him, and the more they see, the more evident it will become just how unusual a politician he is.

Donald Trump ran the most negative presidential campaign in history and presides over an administration drenched in hostility and cynicism. One day in June, with his staff before a meeting. Andres Kudacki Booker, who is 49, was until five years ago a mayor, which means his entire political career before the Senate took place in one relatively small city. This is unusual for a presidential contender, and the relationships Booker has cultivated with the people of Newark are bracingly direct, informal, and intense.

One Friday in early June, I meet him at his house on Longworth Street in the Central Ward, the neighborhood where he has lived for 21 years, first as a councilman, then as mayor for two terms. He points out where Brick Towers once stood, the high-rise public-housing project he moved into injust after graduating from Yale Law School, with a dream of starting a grassroots organization.

I met these amazing tenant leaders who took me under their wings, and we began fighting against these terrible slumlords. Booker is a big guy he was named to the All-American high-school football team and played tight end for Stanford and is visible from a block away.

Immediately, people start coming out of the woodwork. They shout out their kitchen windows … Book! But the interactions are undeniably real and tender, as with a woman named Aliya who has lost her Section 8 housing and wants to get off the streets and into drug treatment. After a while, I remind him that no one speaks to Hillary Clinton like this. In their nervousness, they would lose the ability to be themselves, to say what they came to say.

Even with a politician like Gillibrand, her constituents recognize her and approach, often with something they want to discuss, but they are respectful to the point of meekness. The good people of Newark speak their minds to Booker.

Sep Ban anti-abortion limitations on abortion services. Nov Access safe, legal abortion without restrictions. Jan Keep federal funding for family planning clinics. Nov Paying your fair share isn't class warfare, it's patriotism. Sep Endorsed Gov.

Christie's property tax agenda. Jun Replace spending with tax incentives to stimulate hiring.

mayor booker meet the press

Dec Budget crisis: Feb Performance-based budgeting with no tax increases. Feb Officiated same-sex marriage at first moment legally allowed.

Oct Supports gay marriage: We are all equal under the law. Oct MLK's dream still demands work to do, after 50 years. Aug Equal marriage rights for same-sex couples are coming.

Jun Until college, tolerated gays but was disgusted personally. Apr Growing up gay today is like growing up Black decades ago. Apr Enforce against wage discrimination based on gender.

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Mar Let states recognize same sex marriage. Jul Government procurement should promote women-owned business. Oct Attacks on private equity "nauseating". Aug Corporate campaign donors also helped rebuild Newark. Mar Restrict corporate use of consumer mandatory arbitration.

Feb Anti-recidivism funds much scanter than prison funds. Feb Police doesn't solve problem; they just attend to symptoms. Feb Reduced crime by helping prisoners coming home. Feb Theory of "broken windows" doesn't drive down crime. Feb Mass incarceration has failed. Feb Prison construction draws resources from other priorities. Feb Parks and green spaces are associated with safer communities. Feb Prisons grow irrespective of crime rates.

Apr Real solution to crime is addressing poverty and education.

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Jan Incarceration isn't working; focus on preventing recidivism. Nov Increase the number of police in all neighborhoods. Nov Cut first responders due to economic downturn. Nov Bipartisan solution to reduce recidivism. Aug Ran off armed assailant: Dec Got celebrities to donate cash for police equipment.

Dec Long-term believer in "broken windows" theory. May Prisoner re-entry is the new front line of civil rights. Dec Launch Fatherhood Center and pro-bono legal help for ex-cons. Sep Police overhaul to change cronyism, favoritism, and cynicism.

Sep Applied "broken windows theory" in Newark policing. Pro bono legal services to ex-offenders.

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Dec Cory Booker on Drugs Give addicts treatment instead of long sentences. Feb Drug war isn't waged in privileged communities.

Feb Staged sit-in at urban housing to disrupt drug trade. Feb Minorities imprisoned for drugs at 6 times rate for whites. Apr End mandatory sentencing for nonviolent drug offenders. Apr The drug war is an abject failure.

Cory Booker: ‘Stop attacking private equity’

Jan The war on drugs has failed; support medical marijuana. Jul Never attracted to drink and drugs, even as teenager. Sep Community courts for minor crimes like drug possession. Nov Cory Booker on Education Urban school districts are beholden to public worker union. Sep Star fundraiser for Democrats for Education Reform. Sep Ensure that college tuition is not a long-term burden. Nov Pre-school for 3-year-olds; more teacher empowerment.

Nov Fundamental right to high quality public education.

mayor booker meet the press

Nov Supports "Race to the Top" education reform. Aug Supports school voucher proposal, like other Democrats. Aug Brother runs a charter school in inner-city Memphis. Jun Supports school vouchers. Feb Supervises Newark schools by gubernatorial appointment. May Vouchers and charters can work in inner cities. Feb Make two years of community college free. Jun Climate change requires American leadership.

Dec Ice-melt is literally creating climate refugees. Jun Treat carbon pollution like mercury and particle pollution. Jun Sustainability programs: Nov Eliminate unfair subsidies for oil and ga. Nov Has never taken a public position on a carbon tax. Aug Weatherize of homes; free for seniors. Feb Create green economy with lower carbon output. Nov Federal collaboration for advanced nuclear technologies.

mayor booker meet the press

Dec Vegetarian since ; vegan since Feb Passaic River poisoned because it was cheaper for business. Feb Dumping pollutants into rivers externalizes costs. Feb Green space; green housing; green jobs. Neighborhood development instead of new sports arena.

May Vegetarian because of environmental impact of eating meat. Apr Work with Urban Environmental Institute on solar technology.