Chloe from dance moms meet and greet

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chloe from dance moms meet and greet

Weeks after Lifetime's hit reality series “Dance Moms” wrapped up “Chloe has a lot of highs and lows on the show,” she explained. After the meet-and-greet, Christi sat down with ModernMom to answer our top questions. Chloe Lukasiak is set to appear on Dance Moms season 8 but, get ready and I think maybe when I'm in L.A. soon again well try to meet up. Since Christi and Chloe's departure from Dance Moms, audiences have for dancers of all ages and abilities, meet and greets and of course.

Who is your best friend on the show? A; My best friend is Maddie but all the girls are best friends, we are all very close. I am closest with Brooke.

What was your hardest dance? A; The army dance was kinda hard.

chloe from dance moms meet and greet

If you could do a duet with a celebrity, who would it be? He was a dancer. What is your favorite part of the show?

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I like getting to travel with all my friends. Do you hang out with other girls on the team?

Christi and Chloe Lukasiak - Dance Moms

A; Yes I do, we have sleepovers. What song do you really want to dance to? Do you care about negative things on Instagram?

Dance Moms Meet and Greet Atlanta Georgia

What computer games do you play? We used to play Minecraft.

chloe from dance moms meet and greet

All the girls were obsessed with it. What are your favorite movies? If you could be in any Broadway Show, what would you be in? What is your favorite dance move? Something to do with turning. What was your craziest fan experience?

We came home one day and there was a fan sitting on the couch is my house. Have you met anyone famous? I met a lot of people at the Teen Choice awards. Amber and I were greeted by the event planner when we checked in, who noted to Amber that she had an awesome aunt for bringing her. J Then we went into the main meeting room, which was arranged theater-style, with a podium upfront and glass windows on the wall behind. It overlooked a very green winter scene.

Dance Moms Meet and Greets

There was seating for aboutI would say, and Amber and I took a seat in the fifth row, which was the row behind the VIP section. Our view was excellent. I did not know what to expect, as I think this kind of Meet and Greet is a new phenomena and I had never been to a meet and greet for dancers in a reality show before.

It was a great idea for the fans, especially compared to waiting on a line for some mall appearance. I had several frantic texts to me a week earlier when my same niece was online to see Bethany and they told her all the wristbands had been given out.

This kind of organized event makes the fans happy and makes money for the cast as well. I was thinking though, how great it would have been to have something like this when I was young. What I would have paid to have been in the same room with Marcia Brady.

There was one guy and one dad in the room. A hush came over the crowd when it was announced the Christie would be coming in. She talked for a little while and explained how the session would work and what behavior was expected of the crowd. She also added how her daughter did not want to wear what she had suggested, so she would be coming in jeans.

Nice way to relate to the crowd, there Mom. The look of anticipation on the girls when she announced that Chloe would be coming in was precious.

chloe from dance moms meet and greet

I have never seen such a group of more-well behaved girls, tweens and teens. Perky and fresh-looking in her sweater and jeans, Chloe talked for a while.

Then she opened the floor to questions. She made sure she went all around the room, and when she seemed to favor one area, her mom told her to go to the other side.

chloe from dance moms meet and greet

The questions ranged from the simple to the complex see article for lots and lots of facts on Chloe. Chloe gave excellent answers to all of them.

chloe from dance moms meet and greet

When she did not know the answer she looked at her mom, and sometimes while she was answering other I could see mom giving her the yay or nay on what she was saying.