Love 1000 uta no prince sama ending relationship

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love 1000 uta no prince sama ending relationship

Kurusu Syo/Relationships Uta No Prince Sama Haruka During their performances at the end of the seasons, the two can be seen interacting in head in Maji Love % and Otoya spraying Syo with a water bottle in Maji Love %. Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love % was licensed for an English release as Uta no Prince-sama Season 1 by Sentai Filmworks. Edit Ending Theme. The chances of Uta no Prince-sama not ending up anime-fied were always zero. Maji Love % (), Maji Love % (), Maji Love Revolutions How does anyone keep track of so many character relationships?.

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After Natsuki was turned back back to his normal self, they head to a cafe. Satsuki has increased strength and is considered to be the darker side of Natsuki.

His Satsuki personality manifests itself whenever Natsuki's glasses are removed. Satsuki acts as a body guard for Natsuki and protects him. Syo tells Haruka he doesn't know what triggered Natsuki to create Satsuki. At the concert, HAYATO performs but while turning around, his microphone falls out of his hand, abruptly stopping the performance. Natsuki's glasses get knocked off by a spectator, and the weather becomes dark and rainy. Natsuki transforms into Satsuki and becomes ballistic due to screaming girls running away from the weather and screams in anger.

Satsuki starts running towards the stage.

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Syo tells Haruka to get his glasses that have fallen off and are now broken because someone stepped on them. Haruka takes the glasses from Syo and runs towards the stage. Satsuki fiercely knocks out the bodyguards and tells HAYATO to give him the microphone, the latter believing the former to be Natsuki when he does. Satsuki then sings really well albeit with a darker tone and the camera crew continues to film him.

RenMasatoand Tomochika are all watching Satsuki and feel that something about Natsuki is different but enjoy the song anyways.

love 1000 uta no prince sama ending relationship

Haruka reaches up to Satsuki to place the glasses on him but he grabs her by the arm and brings her close before she can. Satsuki whispers in her ear, "Let's have fun. Satsuki stops whats he's doing and turns back to Natsuki who has no memory of what happened. Tokiya has paid a lot of attention to Haruka ever since they first met. Tokiya would often question on many occasions over how Haruka could always try her best.

After Haruka discovers his true identity, Tokiya distances himself from her. However, his heart is softened by Haruka's kindness when she states that she wants to hear his songs.

love 1000 uta no prince sama ending relationship

Surprised, Tokiya finally realizes that he can start over again and says that he will try singing. Ever since then, he has been seeing Haruka in a different light, and has began to develop feelings for her. Jinguji Ren Ren and Haruka met at the day of the entrance exams and Ren has been very kind to her ever since.

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One day, he happens to see Haruka help a lost little girl find her mother and so decides to gives her the nickname "Little Lamb". Like with most of the other girls, Ren treats Haruka kindly and thinks that she is nice because she helped him once.

love 1000 uta no prince sama ending relationship

In the second season, Ren expresses how happy he is that they are able to work together again by dozens of rose bouquets he grew, all of which he named after her. Haruka then makes a song for Ren and explains that his songs warm up her heart. He thanks her and smoothly claims he'll only sing it for her ears only. During Ren's modelling concert, a sudden power cut throws the whole arena into darkness.

Ren then decides to calm the crowd down by singing the song Haruka made for him. Haruka feels touched and upon realising it's her song, and decides to play the CD with the music of the song she composed. However, when she reaches the entrance she is denied entry. Fortunately, she runs into Ren's older brother, whose company is sponsoring the modelling concert.

He accepts CD from her, determined to help his brother. They will sing their song of love!! But much more happens than just this As of my small plot I show it's a harem. Other tags can be shouen, music and lastly in a way of romance. For the next section I will be using the main characters only She's gotten fame and a ton of boys who love her! She can be known as Haru-chan by her teacher, Little Lamb by Jinguji Ren and a few others that you can find on the UtaPri Wikia Shinomiya Natsuki Natsuki takes a more childish approach to life and its obstacles.

He's into everything Kawaii cute to those people who don't know what it actually means and does love to dress Syo Kurusu, his roommate, into girly clothes! He loves smiling and overall, he's one of the more childish characters in this anime Tokiya Ichinose Tokiya, a mix of Natsuki and Masato, he can be very smiley, but also very serious on work, songs and overall school.

He works well with his roommate, Ittoki Otoya. Like a song that's so cute it angers you, the talented vocal cast in this show fail to shine. Miyuki Sawashiro, for example, is just incessantly irritating as the voice of our main character - and similarly with Mamoru Miyano, as all I wanted to do was give his character a surprise tracheotomy with a pen for that goddamn vibrato he used in every song. It's the same with the other voice actors, though those two were particularly grating.

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Most of the male characters, except the slightly shady evil twins and split personalities, of course, have bizarrely high voices in a desperate bid to sound cute. Or maybe there's an implicit rule that all male Japanese singers are eunuchs, I don't know. The concept of a music academy that caters to exclusively creating idols that sing pop songs, rather than to cultivate actual talent, is an apt metaphor for this anime. On the surface the art is pretty, bright and cheerful, but it soon becomes clear how the studio cut corners with the budget - the horrific spasms the male characters experience when dancing, the occasionally over-bright scenes where characters are standing in thick fog though they are indoors, and - I can't express my anger enough over this - the chibi.

If I had a drink every time there was chibi, I would be dead.