Are you telling me this kid, who was 15 at the time, made this in his garage.. The only thing WPA is “vulnerable” to, as far as I can tell, is dictionary attacks. The adapter restart code checks if you wanted a custom mac, if not it reads the mac from the eeprom. I ended up buying a Mac, but it’d be great if they could get it off the ground. Third party wireless devices for OS X currently disguise themselves as only ethernet, converting the

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Will the dark green ones work straight out of the box without any kexts. Linus didn’t write a shell, a c library, or a set of coreutils; those are generally considered core components of an operating system. Direct links inteo app demos unrelated to programming will be removed. You will need to replace the card with a supported one. Your grammatical flair pleases me.

The only thing WPA is “vulnerable” to, as far as I can tell, is dictionary attacks. Apple has not documented this beyond making the header files available. Oss sure about other vendors, but anyone keen on Wireless MAC spoofing would probably just pick a generic chipset that did allow it.

And all of it by humans? Guy build nuclear fusion reactor from scratch. Of course we all make mistakes.

Support for Intel® PRO/Wireless ABG Network Connection

Unfortunately the driver didn’t appear like an Airport card, so didn’t use Apple’s own wireless connection GUI the way this one does. But the point is that at that time RaLink provider drivers with source for their cards.


Of course, the “determined” person could just grab your MAC ID and replicate it, but then neither of you would have trustworthy connectivity. Cannot assign requested address eth1 is my wireless card dave laxtop2: Nice and check that your laptop has place for a full space wifi card. All commercial manufacturers make OS X drivers which appear as wired ethernet driver to the OS, and provide their own wireless configuration GUI which in my experience with Ralink, seldom works.

I thought Macs came with the airport adapter? You know, I always say this, and sometimes I’ll xx attempt it. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Oh, and I had to write my own assembler for the computer as well.

Sign in Already have an account? It took me about a year to do it in in an assembly language for a new in-house designed minicomputer.


He had too, unless everyone he’s ever had experience with that could change their MAC address has also been sitting on some unknown WPA exploit. By the time Linus started, five people or small teams had independently implemented the UNIX kernel or something approximating it, namely, Thompson, Coherent, Holt, Comer, and me.


In it, he gives some small idea of how many times one OSUnix, was independently invented or reinvented by individuals or small teams. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. That’s what I’m saying, he distracts from his brilliance by being crazy loudly in public with recording equipment or keyboard present.

Downloads for Intel® PRO/Wireless ABG Network Connection

Most of the work was done by three ex-students from the University of Waterloo: Unfortunately lack of WPA support means it’s only useful for toy projects or coffee shopsbecause there’s no way I’m running unsecure wireless at home.

Holy crap that is a lot of bloat. Are you telling me this kid, who was 15 at the time, made this in his garage. It’s worse when a C programmer attempts to code Lisp. Everyone stands on someone else’s shoulders. In fact, that’s how I work when I’m on any unsecured connection — ssh home and proxy everything I need over that.

Maybe you’ll need to whitelist your BIOS. I intell a Samsung with an unsupported card as well and from the bit of research I did, the Dell DW seems to be a good choice for half-height mini-pcie.