I wanted that card but just couldn’t part with the money. I just bought a Z79 ASRock mobo I have an Audigy 2 ZS. Joined Jun Location Indpls. OK, Creative is dead to me, for gaming.

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Sometimes it does, randomly, with some messing around with alsactl and mixers it seems to break and keep working from then on.

Optical Out to Receiver

Sorry, I missed the recording part. Wed Jun 25, 5: But besides that getting onboard stuff to handle dmix has been a no-brainer.

Mon Jun 30, 4: On OSS4 it’s a little better even with vmix, up to 5 stereo sounds at a time, I think, but it’s still very lousy sound hardware, imo, after being spoiled by pure hardware mixing; I thought it was fairly common but looks like Creative is strikr only consumer card to have it for linux.

Fri Jun strikrr, 1: I only keep that driver around since it does improve performance even in 2d when it runs.

What is a good sound card for linux?

A whole mess of other computers-Tablets-Tech Toys. Since you’ve been doing a lot of research – which I heartily applaud, by the way!

With Ac3 pass through it doesn’t matter what type of card your using or what type of sound is coming through 5. For oinux, ATI has release 60, line of code that they developed internally to help with the development of the proprietary drivers. Even though the card is superior, the company website and instructions are definitely subpar.


Keep in mind that for a long time the Sound Blaster and Audigy stuff was the only things I’d touch. Not that I’d ever bothered to test this out.

The point is hardware mixing is simply better performing. I am looking for a sound card with sound quality comparable to the Audigy 2 ZS that has good linux drivers. These use the ice drivers for the envy24 chipset. The driver has gotten much faster, but they seem to be focusing on an exclusively 64 bit future not polishing the current situation.

What is a good sound card for linux? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Also, it’s really the drivers that are unable to use the sound rates properly, the Linux drivers. The sound engine used in Quake3 was pretty lousy. You will need the proper driver to enable this functionality, though, so head over to the ASRock site for your mobo and download the necessary software. I’ve had two motherboards with optical out, one Intel and one nVidia, and both have just worked without too much fuss.


Originally posted by linbe: Like hardware midi on the sb cards.

Optical Out to Receiver – PC/Mac/Linux Society – GameSpot

For R they have open 7.1 2D drivers, even for the very newest hardware. Because on Fedora 8 it isn’t. Mon Jun 30, 8: Does anyone have any light they can shed on this? But for most people this is a non-issue. Nov 29, Posts: Ironically, very expensive USB-based sound cards and break-out boxes are getting more and more popular.

I’m still getting use to it, it should grow on me. The website people are ATI fanboi, but in their forums they have people getting the open source drivers working. Why did Father give these humans free will? Must be due to the popularity of Macbooks and other laptops.