How to break up someone elses relationship

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how to break up someone elses relationship

One moment, everything may be wonderful in your relationship; the next, something Lindy Lewis, a Banking from Breakup Coach & Expert, helps women that chapter of my life by dating someone else; I was 20 at the time. If you know someone in an abusive, unfaithful or otherwise unhealthy relationship and Relationships thrive on time spent together, so break them up by literally Help them see what else is reasonably available if they need help getting. Breaking up with people isn't fun – even if the relationship is well past its of it is 'I'm never going to find someone else,'” says Lombardo.

Play the friendship card and make them feel bad for not giving you the attention you need during this difficult time. If it makes sense, bring up times when you put everything on hold for them.

If you're lucky, all the time your friend spends with you will become a real annoyance for their partner.

How to Break Up a Couple 10 Different Ways

Set up Scams If you're daring and cunning, create elaborate setups meant to trap the unwanted partner in situations that look bad for his relationship. This technique takes a lot more planning and time than others and puts you in a more risky position to get caught.

If you've exhausted all other attempts or feel confident in your ability to remain hidden, give one of these ideas a try. Create a fake profile on social media and befriend him. Try to rope him into an inappropriate secret relationship you can later exploit.

how to break up someone elses relationship

Use an anonymous texting app to send him fake messages from a fake lover or ex-girlfriend. Plant incriminating evidence on his phone, computer or in his spaces at their place, like his clothing drawers or his desk.

Hire an actor to hit on him at a bar and be ready nearby to snap pics that look bad.

how to break up someone elses relationship

Incite Jealousy For some people, jealousy can feel like reality when it comes to their romantic partner. Look at what's most important to both people in the relationship like time together, activities with family members or frequent phone calls. Once you know what makes them tick, you'll know which area to use in inciting jealousy. If he wants nothing more than to spend all his free time with his girl, find ways to monopolize his free time or encourage her to spend more time with her friends.

When you're all out together, encourage other women to hit on him in front of her as a way of making her feel insecure. The key here it to find what makes either person jealous and capitalize on that feeling whenever possible.

The more frequently you make one or both people feel jealous, the more likely they are to perceive those situations as a real betrayal. Call for Backup Sometimes you won't be able to break up a couple all on your own. Chances are if you feel the relationship is unhealthy so do others.

Look for allies who might feel the same way you do. If your friend is in a bad relationship maybe her mom, sister or co-worker friends know what you know. Engage them in conversations and sneak in commentary about your friend's guy. If they have a similar attitude about him ask for their help in executing a plan to break the couple up.

how to break up someone elses relationship

Actions as simple as collaborating to continually bring up one of his weaknesses have a bigger impact when they come from multiple sources. Become Too Close In this technique, you could become too close to your friend or get courageous and become too close to his girl. Either way, you'll need to become a stage-five clinger and a thorn in their side. Get yourself invited to everything they do, or drop by unannounced on the regular.

While you're with them start deep conversations about yourself as a way to get them to open up about their inner workings. You'll either become so annoying to one half of the couple they dash or you'll learn enough personal information to find an angle you can use to break them up. Provide Valuable Resources For some people in co-dependent, unhealthy relationships they may not see how they could go on without their partner literally and figuratively.

Share resources like job ads, apartment ads, help hotlines like those for depressionfree workout videos online or information on any aspect of life they struggle to imagine doing on their own. People in relationships find comfort and a sense of ease in the familiarity. Help them see what else is reasonably available if they need help getting started on their own again. It's All About Good Intentions If you're trying to break up a couple for reasons not rooted in your selfishness, these suggestions can help.

Keep in mind every person and couple is unique, so you'll need to know what makes these people tick before choosing an action.

22 Filthy Ways to Breakup Someone Else’s Relationship

Maybe you offer friendship instead, or that you need some time to yourself to figure things out. And maybe it's true! But more often than not, the best course of action is to just make a clean break.

Keeping the option open will just keep rubbing your sore of a relationship raw — never to heal and always to hurt. How you leave it with this person is crucial to how they — and to some degree even you — handle the next few days and weeks post-separation. What you shouldn't do, is just dump them and leave them to pick up the pieces.

How to overcome your fear of breaking up with someone you love

But it's helpful to reassure the person that there are people out there that they can talk to. That even though this relationship didn't work out, they still have so much in their life to lean back on.

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Remind them of that. If the relationship is new and you're both in agreement that it's not going to work out, then sure, it's probably okay. Otherwise, a clean break is best. Will this hurt forever?

how to break up someone elses relationship

It won't, but it might feel like it. A wise friend once told me that a breakup is a good time to tend to the friendships you've probably been neglecting.

So do that, and it'll at least help distract you. You know there are worse things. Online dating may be the end of us all, but goddamn does it deliver on the dopamine rush of knowing someone finds you attractive. Whether or not this is a selfish and gross way to find validation, well, that's up for you to decide.