How do establish a relationship with god

6 Tips for Building a Closer Relationship With God - Tracie Miles

how do establish a relationship with god

You must have heard a number of religious leaders telling you about the love God has for you and the wonderful plan that he has for your life. If we are willing to make a relationship with Him a priority, we will or do to help us build a more intimate relationship with God and feel. Strengthening our relationship with God, our Heavenly Father, can be one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. Start with these 3.

The rest is a matter of taking regular baby steps towards God and being open to what happens.

6 Simple Steps To Building A Relationship With God

Lewis expresses much more eloquently in the quote at the top of this post. If you want to build a relationship with God, you have to go, metaphorically, to where God is and place yourself in His presence. Only in that way can you receive the gifts He wants to give you. God is always present but never pushy God is not going to knock you over to get closer to you. We have the freedom to invite Him into our lives or not.

You're not likely to wake up one morning with the certain feeling that you've become friends with God though that could happen. Like human relationships, it usually takes an investment of time and attention and caring, and it's up to you to take the initiative of moving closer to God—of placing yourself in His presence and just abiding there.

You might not even feel anything at all at first. But when you do this over and over again, the emotion and belief will follow, and you'll begin to trust He is with you and is guiding you.

Think of building a relationship with God just as you would a relationship with anyone else.

How to Start Building Your Relationship with God | Faith Island

Suppose you wanted to get to know a certain person better. The way you would do that is the way you can approach your relationship with God: Take the time to touch bases with God, acknowledging and giving thanks for His presence. Some days this will feel like pouring out your heart. Other days, it will be casual chit-chat. Please be with me. I have probably read the Bible through from cover to cover at least ten times in my Christian walk, and yet when I read it, I still learn more about Him.

6 Tips for Building a Closer Relationship With God

In 2 Timothy 3: Not only read it but study it and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what it means. Talk to God and Listen In other words, pray.

how do establish a relationship with god

Prayer should be vibrantlike communicating with a parent or spouse. You talk, you share your heart, you laugh, you cry, and then you listen in return. As you listen, God will speak to your heart and you will find the answers that you are looking for.

Worship Worship is recognizing and acknowledging God for who He is and what He has done in your life.

how do establish a relationship with god

It can be through music or spoken word. It can be through the written word, dance or art. Whatever way you were created to worship, do it. And even though we normally try as much as possible to get close to our God, we fail in our endeavors because of our sin and disobeying the commandments.

This, according to Masengesho ends up creating some emotional distance between us and God. But he hastens to add that all hope is not lost. If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me…out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. The Lord asks us to be merciful. He asks us not to judge.