How to meet people in new york city

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how to meet people in new york city

Meet people in NYC and enjoy the social life that suits you. Join citysocializer today to make friends in New York to go out with. Here are my tips on how to meet people and make friends in NYC: Use social media as a tool not a substitute. While social media makes it easy. Answer 1 of Hi everybody! I'm a 22 year-old danish girl. I'm planning a trip to New York in July. I'm planning on staying for 3 weeks, and so.

For travelers looking to make friends in NYC, meetups and activities are a great way to form connections during your travels, especially with locals.

how to meet people in new york city

Also, have you thought about social dancing as a way to meet people in NYC? Time Out New York also lists lots of events and things to do around the city.

I like couchsurfing because it promotes the idea of giving for the sake of giving, and forming friendships with folks from all around the world. New York has a fairly active couchsurfing community, with regular meetups about 2 or 3 times per week though many one-time meetups also occur throughout the week. NYC couchsurfing meetups usually take place in bars, though during the summer there are also lots of picnics, barbecues, and other outdoor events.

Being a community centered around travel, travelers are always welcome at couchsurfing events. Of all the tips on this page, I think this one is the most useful for travelers, though as an NYC local I also use the hangouts function. Or you could see that Jamie wants to get dinner in the Lower East Side, and request to go have dinner with Jamie… you get the idea. There is no limit to the number of people who can join a hangout group, so it could be just you and one other person, or it could be a whole group of people.

It was through a couchsurfing connection that I got invited to see the Battery Park Dance Festival last summer — not too shabby to spend an evening in good company, watching dancing and the sunset!

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But an important part of forming long term friendships is repetition: Those NYC friendships will form over time, trust me. This also applies to travelers looking to make friends in NYC.

Only in New York for one week and looking to form lasting friendships?

how to meet people in new york city

See if they would like to go with you to visit a tourist site around the city, or join them at their favorite NYC restaurant. Say yes to everything Simple as it sounds. If someone invites you to do something, then accept. Never gone bachata dancing before?

How to Meet People and Make Friends in NYC

Got an invite to brunch across the city? Saying yes gets you out of the house and trying new things. Saying yes applies to both locals and travelers looking to make friends in NYC, and trust me, it helps! But, it can also be a great way to get to know lots of different people and get out around NYC.

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I'm not talking about iffy dive bars. There are a lot of nice bars and bars in restaurants. Sometimes it's even extra safe because frequently bartenders feel protective of their customers and keep their eye on you and do intervene if someone gets out of line. I've even had bartenders tell someone to back off just because they were invading my 'space'. As said, use the proper cautions. I've been traveling alone since I was 16 to Europe at first and after 21 through the US and other countries.

Use the proper caution. If I didn't see it poured and I don't know the person so I won't accept it. And it doesn't have to be alcoholic. I only take a drink that I know the bartender pours if I'm sitting at the bar.

how to meet people in new york city

Not only are you donating your time to help your local community, you're also putting yourself in a great position for making friends in NYC. Find a cause that you care about and start with one session.

Best Places To Meet New People In NY

Chances are you'll return and might even volunteer with the same individuals, especially if you choose the same time slot each week. While you won't learn a skill or be entertained like some of the other options on this list, you will reap the benefits that go along with giving back to your community. There are tons of volunteer opportunities in NYCso see what sparks your interest and pay it forward!

Join an NYC networking event Networking groups host business events regularly, so find one that's a good fit for your line of work and social situation. Come across others who are looking to connect and meet new friends just like you.

Besides providing the chance to meet someone new, a network could be helpful to your profession and advance your career as well.

how to meet people in new york city

Meet people at a gym near you Photo Credits: Victor via Flickr Yes, you can even meet new friends in your area at the gym. You might not be looking your best and brightest, but neither are most other people taking that spin class.

how to meet people in new york city