Ss501 sos ending a relationship

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ss501 sos ending a relationship

SS Kim Kyu Jong, Confirmed As Cast For Drama 'S.O.S Save Me' · Stars on TV / Movies Kim Kyu Jong To End Military Service On July 22 · Headlines. SS member Kim Hyun Joong was cast as the F4 member Hanazawa Rui in the Korean version Finishing their promotional activities for 'U R Man', they are currently promoting '내 an awkward relationship with Youngsaeng, who he had shared a room with since debut. .. SOS ep 1 cut {eng subbed} - [watch]. Near the end of decade, Park came back into the limelight with Haeundae . [8] Park also previously appeared in SS's reality show SS SOS (), more. unlicensed seafood restaurant, despite her attempts to start a relationship.

Which only goes to show those media outlets do not have any intention of bringing out the truth about this case. And this is so sad, how these people can manipulate their evil intent to others just to destroy!

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With hopes SK public and the haters would read it, understand, how they have crucified an innocent man into believing before thinking and unfairly judged through the trash news they read. When I first read the news I felt angry no matter how I have expected this kind of news would be out there!

Other than repeating the twisted information, Soompi even added an invented story!! Gosh I died laughing! And as expected the haters were there so fast leaving their harsh comments and I laughed again!

Where in hell did they get that story? Common sense tells us, a person being accused of a crime having a lawyer to defend him, is it wise to change his testimony from the police station much more to the DA? These haters and media outlets are not thinking at all! There is your target SK media, its showbiz culture and haters!

Just who is telling the truth in this K-Idol pregnancy scandal?

Get set and shoot! We may never know having common enemies may lead these two nations to lasting friendship!!

ss501 sos ending a relationship

I have noticed media are trying to pull down artists who have been up there for long and just waiting for the right timing to initiate their fall! But contrary to their expectation all concert venues in any cities Hyun Joong performed was full packed and indeed very successful!

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And one very significant to me is that Hyun Joong even gained fans from the nightmare. Pick by MNETdocumenting their pre-debut days and three months after their debut. The 'Project Group' was initially to be named after their fan club 'Triple S', however before the sub-unit group debut it was decided to retain 'SS' name out of respect to the absent members.

They released a project album named U R Man in Novemberwith a high tempo dance track "U R Man", [45] which the three remaining SS members promoted by themselves, with the exception of some special performances that included all five band members.

Park Joong-hoon

The project group also performed "U R Man" in episode four of Boys Over Flowerswhere they appeared for a cameo performance. The former was released on October 20, [52] and the latter on October They performed at the Dream Concert later that month. Because Kim Hyun-joong was still recovering from a previous injury, they sang two ballads instead of the rumored comeback track.

Kim Hyun-joong explained in an interview that, at the time, there wasn't a company that would accept them as a whole, thus the group decided to take the chance to focus on their solo activities. In OctoberKim Hyung-jun announced that SS was planning release a new album in [61] but was pushed back, probably because of their busy schedules.

Why did ss break up

That would cause this issue to get bigger and I thought she'd also be hurt by it, and I didn't want to hurt someone who could potentially become a part of my family.

But I think when I had mentioned to her 'let's check before it's too late', she misunderstood it as me implying 'let's go abort this baby before it gets bigger'.

ss501 sos ending a relationship

However, I have no such intentions at all. I actually only want to protect the baby. The girl was said to not have turned up for three hospital appointments — despite laying down her conditions — not just one.

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Part of his statement says this, "Ms. Choi relayed her stance on the pregnancy to Kim Hyun Joong multiple times already. She sent a sufficient amount of documents, as well.