Resident evil 0 ending a relationship

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resident evil 0 ending a relationship

The thing is though, in Resident Evil 0, at the end, at dawn, after the mansion that Rebecca went to blows up, she looks over to see the other mansion, the one. Of the mainline entries in the long-running Resident Evil series, Zero is .. not to imagine a slightly more tragic relationship centred on you playing as Richard, .. My playthrough of RE0 at the end of is still fresh enough in my mind that. Leaving behind a sample of her vaccinated blood and a laptop full of data on Within Resident Evil 0, she teams up with felon marine Billy Coen to survive. By this time, Chris's relationship with Rebecca and Leon's are even stronger having .

Flame grenades and Molotov cocktails are the best weapons to use against leech zombies; not only do they inflict the most damage, they cause them to die without exploding. Knight In Sour Armor: In the Leech Hunter minigame, there are absolutely no indicators where any of the charms are located.

Resident Evil 0's HD remaster highlights a dead end in the series' evolution -

If a player carefully goes through the Management Training Facility and ends up with ninety-nine charms, they'll be forced to do another sweep to get number one-hundred.

Let's Split Up, Gang: Bravo Team does this when they decide to search for Billy. This can be done by the player as part of the partner system. Some puzzles also force you to do this. Loads and Loads of Loading: Permissible on the GameCube version, because of the time of release and the high end graphics.

On the Wii, however, this becomes frustrating very quickly.

Resident evil zero hd remaster fps / slowdown fix on Pentium D Geforce 310 (low end pc)

Billy, when compared to Rebecca. The large portrait of Dr. Marcus in the entrance of the Management Training Facility is weird but not unheard of in a school. What's really silly are the doors with his profile on them that can only be opened with leech shaped keys. Rebecca, as the field medic of S. Never Split The Party: For the most part, the game's easier if you keep Billy and Rebecca together, since it lets you put out twice as much firepower quickly. However, there's parts where you have to split them up, and others where it's easier to sneak by monsters if there's only one of you around.

Particularly anything with leech zombies. Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Eliminators, which are zombie monkeys. This game is comparable to Code: Veronica as the overall lack of ammo and healing items that you have to split between two characters is among the stingiest in the entire series.

Unlike that game, however, you do not have a decent knife to help conserve ammo, so you must make every shot count, avoid enemies when possible and only heal when absolutely necessary.

If you don't have an excess of ammo for your best weapons and healing items for a boss battle than forget it. Have fun starting the entire game over. An innocent, delicate-looking, year-old rookie of an elite police force teams up with the escaped convict she is supposed to be arresting, a gruff, cynical, rather intimidating-looking year-old ex-Marine who was sentenced to death for murdering 23 people. Their relationship starts as Teeth-Clenched Teamworkbut they eventually become Fire-Forged Friends after he saves her life repeatedly, proves to be a decent guy, and she lies to her team to protect him.

Lurkers are capable of doing this, regardless of health, if you don't escape their grasp in time. Billy becomes a "big brother" version of this to Rebecca over the course of the game. Any item the player doesn't interact with in the Ecliptic Express before it crashes will not be transferred over to the Management Training Facility. Likewise, the wardrobe closet will become inaccessible after the crash, meaning that Rebecca and Billy will be stuck with whatever outfit the player picked for them.

The HD Remaster, however, adds a suitcase to your inventory as a new personal item, from which you can change your costumes at any time. Rebecca is bitten, scratched and even swarmed by leeches, but she never contracts the T-Virus. This is not even a case of Gameplay and Story Segregation as it happens during several cutscenes.

To make matters worse, there is a file in the game implying that by simply touching a leech will get you infected immediately after.

Resident Evil Zero - AKA - The Third Worst Game in The Series. - Resident Evil 0 - Giant Bomb

This game is set before the events of the original Resident Evil. Thankfully, all the puzzles in the game. The most notable is the one near the end of the game. It requires you to push wooden crates to one side of a pit and fill it with water. One, there's a metal one in there too that needs to be dealt with. Two, there's also a grate that impedes how you move the crates.

resident evil 0 ending a relationship

A zombie pops out of the refrigerator in the dining car after you've solved a few puzzles. Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Marcus, as he is sure to announce in every single line of dialogue. His rampage sets in motions the events of the rest of the series.

Rebecca Chambers (character)

The theme that plays whenever a leech zombie shows up, which also contains ''Psycho'' Strings. The first boss, the Stinger, is a scorpion the size of a pickup truck. Rebecca refuses to arrest Billy, and by the time she manages to reunite with Enrico, she abandons her mission completely to save him. By the end of the game, she's faking his death. At one point, the player has to split Rebecca and Billy up. The one who goes upstairs, by using the hookshot, will find a file that hints at the combination to a locked room.

It is explained how the other character gets the dial to enter the combination, which is inexplicably off, but not how they know about the file, let alone the password. And that knowledge is needed for the other character to progress.

Just before, Billy has to save Rebecca from falling into a chasm. In order to unlock the door, Rebecca needs to pick up a note that says what the power settings need to be. But, when she falls into the chasm, Billy needs that note, because it hints that he's got to go through the boiler room.

So he really shouldn't know that. Billy, who is a badass former Marine. Shotguns Are Just Better: You get two in this game: You can just run away from the first encounter with the leech zombie, instead of fighting it. This will skip straight to the cutscene where Billy comes in to help Rebecca, and save you a good rounds of pistol ammo. Stock Video Game Puzzle: Several puzzles are these. For example, there's a Block Puzzle late in the game. Suspicious Video Game Generosity: Right before the final boss, you find some ammo and healing items.

The player can take as long as they like on the speeding train until the sudden urgent need to slam on the brakes appears. Averted at one point when Billy must save Rebecca from falling into a chasm. If he dawdles for too long, Rebecca dies. This requires a good portion of time and not realizing that you need to go through the boiler room.

Getting to Billy, after he's nearly drowned is this.

resident evil 0 ending a relationship

Those Two Bad Guys: Stopping the Ecliptic Express before it crashes. Saving Rebecca from Centurion. Saving Rebecca before she falls, although most players won't realize it unless they wait around long enough. The final boss fight. More than a few of these around to take advantage of the partner system, including the exit. The boss battle against Centurion is the only mandatory character fight in the game, as the giant centipede captures Rebecca and starts running around the room with her, leaving Billy to save her by killing it.

If you don't give him sufficient firepower before Rebecca gets grabbed, you can run out of ammo and will be unable to do anything to hurt it, forcing a restart. Notes lying around the facility and cutscenes highlight a rare sincere, for Umbrella employees, friendship between Birkin and Wesker. Other Resident Evil games have had spotty AI. If the AI got in the way, players could use the right analog stick to easily move the companion character while controlling the main character with the left stick.

There are many sequences in the game that are based on separating Billy and Rebecca but then finding some clever way to make them solve a puzzle even while apart. The puzzle-solving, in general, is a step up from the previous games.

Resident Evil Zero - AKA - The Third Worst Game in The Series.

Most of them can be figured out without need to bring along a pile of cranks, crests, and jewels. An early one requires nothing more than basic math and a cool head.

Most of the issues above relate to the GameCube and Wii editions of the game, but this new HD remaster adds in some original content not available in the previous editions. He can do anything that Billy can, but he can also blast enemies with destructive energy beams. This special power can be used freely, but it takes a second to charge up. And in Japan, that character is pretty popular. Her unique skill is her ability to mix various chemicals.

To compensate that, she is the only character that starts with two first-aid sprays and extra ammo. In The Mercenaries 3D, Rebecca is an unlockable character with the highest recovery but with the lowest armor her alternate nurse costume [29] makes her take recover health faster and take even more damage. She carries five healing herbs, an MP5 and a grenade launcher, and her high-damage flame spray attack is replaced by a push out move.

Other media[ edit ] Rebecca plays a central role in S. Perry 's Resident Evil novels written innamely in the original stories Resident Evil: Caliban Cove and Resident Evil: Underworldas well as in the novelizations of the games in which she appears Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy and Resident Evil: