I installed it in the first floor in my house by the staircase and still the Wifi coverage is great in the ground floor and all rooms in the first floor. That is a bit bad. May Nice router. Will buy this brand again without hesitation – of course, the current one will have to die first! Apr Still works fine.

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Bought this to replace a Netgear wireless router that died a year ago and must say that I’ve been very satisfied with it. Aside from that, I can’t fault this product and if I had to get a new modem-router for any reason, I’d buy one of these again in a heartbeat.

I had always used Netgear before. It is a really good modem and never let me down, It is always on and never stopped working. I leave it running 24×7 and have only had to reset it 5 times in 12 months turn it off and j637 again.


Catbear 7 asked on Nov 21, Wireless signal strengths is also very good. Write a review Ask a question. Sep Excellent value-for-money.

If you’re dynailnk a great provider they may even recommend this modem for your service. It works on Mac computers. No dropouts, continuous service.

Dynalink RTA Reviews –

Related Modems Netgear Orbi. Open up a web browser and enter Highly reccoment this to a medium household. This router has an amazing range.

Get 12mbit speed in rural western australia with a 2mbit upload.

Jan Good unit. This is fast, reliable it just works and very undersold! Jan So far so good! It’s great to have a modem and router all in one product that is so simple yet effective. Randomly bought this years ago – Still running strong.

Dynalink RTA1320 ADSL2+ Modem Router

May Working good. The Administration of the router, in specific port forwarding, is extremely easy to use.

Easy to set up. I got it to replace my TPLink modem-router, which stopped working after about 9 months’ use. Brand Manager for Netgear?


Can anyone provide ideas on what may be the problem? Has good range and doesn’t get too overheated. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. It’s worked well in my household for a few years with no issues.

Dynalink RTAWV6 | Actrix

Aug Good speeds and no dropouts. I am going to buy a new one but the same brand as it is cheap price and working reasonably good. Apr Simple and has a good range. A quick call to BigPond to confirm would be good.