Exporting speed has been increased for all storage locations with a dramatic increase when exporting to network storage. Connections can still be ‘Disconnected’ manually by clicking on the original connection points. Capture example files for Model DV are included in this download that were missing from the previous installation files. This indicator will highlight when any window of the same group has focus. If multiple plots are enabled for the signal, Marker snaps and measurements will function on the selected plot.

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Window contents scaled incorrectly in Win 7 with “Large Fonts” enabled. Signal Plotting a. Added – New “Getting Started” help feature. Plug-ins provide a complete mechanism for customization of the captured data. The measurements in the Quick Measurement Window are unique to the signal type and whether the signal has plotting enabled. This window will display the time between 2 selected markers or a marker and the Trigger point. This feature has been enhanced to also guarantee the hardware trigger condition exists in the fallback buffer.

New, digitally signed 64 bit and 32 bit drivers are included in this installation with full support for VISTA and Win7 operating systems. This version corrects this error. The selected measurements will recalculate and display only the measurements that apply to the Signal that is under the mouse as it moves in a Waveform Window. Every scroll or zoom action will be stored in a history buffer, similiar to a browser’s history.


Resetting the Custom Theme to a predefined theme will also copy all the marker set’s brightness levels used by that theme to the custom theme.

Capture History browse button loads the selected capture and invokes all current searches and draw routines. If the marker is split, the measurement will display the time between the Main Marker and its Complement.

They are docked in the center of the main window and can not be undocked. Restored Behavior of adding multiple signal’s and editing using the Enter key. Presents a list of matches and the count. Corrected Post Trigger Buffer Configuration.

DigiView Capture & Analysis Software

If, when opening the Color Selection dialog a reasonable match can not be found for the current microcsope from an older versiontwo closely related colors will be proposed from the available selections. Data Mis-Match Features applies to new captures only.

Markers will snap to the Division Grid tick marks while dragging over them. This can be used to quickly see information on a disabled search or a reminder of the signal assignment.

Exporting speed has been increased for all storage locations with a dramatic increase when exporting to network storage. Automatically export multiple vigiview or the entire Capture History from any export selection. Prior versions displayed simple fields for all decoded mocroscope except for I2C configurations.


When unlocked, both markers move independently. Corrected – If a new List Window was created before any data was captured, the software could possibly hang. The Indicator also has a local menu to select or disable group membership selected by a Left-Click on the Indicator.

New Adjustable Time Reference.

DigiView Capture & Analysis Software

Starting with this version, the default is disabled. The default assigned group is Group 1. Some options are Prime eligible.

AutoSearches also have the ability to halt the analyzer, determine which sigiview to preserve and which captures to discard based on the search result. This feature can be disabled directly from the slideshow or re-activated from the help menu at any time.

Can control Frame and Field boundaries, colors and contents. Enhancement – I2S decoder Added framing and partial field suppression 3. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.