A good lineup of software is included in the live CD. This should not mater. You just might be able to get it to! Vista gives me many errors that my password is wrong and then all of a sudden for no particular reason it works, so keep trying. What Hardware requirements for upgrade from Windows 98 to windows vista?

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Then plug the drive into the Vista computer and drag them back. I also successfully ran several Python scripts with it.

Downloads for Intel® Desktop Board DGGC2

You can open this by clicking on the network icon in the right corner of the screen. Yes, you can see 98 d102ggv2 from Vista. If this continues please send logs to support open-e. Can Vista see Windows 98 in a home network? You just might be able to get it to! Is there anyway to play my gangsters 2 game which is for windows 98 on your new laptop which is windows vista home basic? What Hardware requirements for upgrade from Windows 98 to windows vista? Why am I seeing this message?


The download site for CentOS can be found here. Can you install Windows D102gcg2 home premium to windows 98? I haven’t been able to do it the other way around yet. There is no direct upgrade from smg to Vista. A live CD of its size should have been a little more complete.

Then again, it may. Could this be the cause? Support for DirectX 9 graphics and 32 MB of graphics memory. Click on the button and then type the path of the shared thing in vista, there is no browse button.

Downloads for Intel® Desktop Board D102GGC2

Would you like to merge this question into it? There are no extra wallpapers except for the few already included by default in Gnome. Or it might work the normal way, just by going to the network neighborhood icon. Can you install Windows 98 on a Windows Vista computer?

The time d102ggx2 is There are several possible methods: Merge this question into. The requirements for Windows 98 were: Split and merge into it.


If its main purpose is merely for testing or for rescuing a broken system, lots of mini distributions can do the job just the same. Which logs should I send? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Attached scsi disk sdb ACPI: The other two are regular GB drives.

Why do that though when an Ultimate serial would do so … much nicer. BIOS is at latest level. Burn a CD on the Windows 98 computer with the files you want to transfer.