So I pulled the trigger and ended up putting this set-up in the bag. Northern Virginia One day I hope to be a Texan! I know almost nothing about shafts so I was asking for your help to tell me. I would suggest a little more loft to increase your launch angle and maybe the D3 head to help with spin. Is there another setting somebody would recommend?

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The ahina spins less and also launches lower.

Well if the 45″ works good for you then go for it. If not, please start a new topic.

As to your suggestion about the Diamana shaft, did you by chance mean to say Blue Board instead of White Board.

I love the shaft i went with, its a great club shaft combo.

Titleist 910 Shaft

My bad shot is normally high and right so I set the driver up in the C2 position, which in theory should keep it lower with a slight draw, but everything i hit just seemed to balloon on me.

We worked through a few SureFit Tour hosel settings to get everything dialed in and within a few swings, I was crushing it on the C-1 setting. The extra distance will def. Another option is the Fuji Speeder Motore 6. Started by bokSep 08 BaldTexan 63 years old. Enter the year of our Lord As our “issues” with our previous clubs sound the same, this may benefit vest game. With a stiffer shaft, you’ll hit more lasers that give you more distance when the ball bounces and rolls.


I never a believer of a premium shaftbut the results shows.

Bought this driver after testing it at american golf cardiff. We do offer the Fubuki Alpha 60 f2 should promote a slightly higher titlesit with similar weight and torque, but does carry an up-charge. I appreciate you sharing the settings on your purchase. April 05, at Changed the setting to a lower loft and more draw and boy did it make a difference.

Designed with a high balance point, the Blur will swing faster than any other lightwei Signing up is freeand you’ll see fewer ads and can talk with fellow golf enthusiasts!

D2 or D3? What shaft? Too many questions, not enough answers – Golf Clubs – Team Titleist

Experience with Titleist D2 and Ahina v. Good used shaft, normal wear here and there. I shall give it a second chance, but first impressions are crucial and their was no love at first sight with this guy. I went through the fitting process for the Titleixt, Irons and wedges. Kai’li will get the ball up higher. This was exactly what I was looking for.


Shaft Options For New D2 – Club Fitting – Team Titleist

Titleist, or Driver shaft. The fitter was liking the numbers as well so we started zeroing in on shafts.

Best piece of advice would be to get fit for the shaft. The D2 is great! These drivers are covered under manufacturer’s warranty.

Posted 12 December – Titleist Aldila RIP r.