Workers’ competencies clearly have a correlation with human errors. View saved quotes Close. This would be a consequence of the introduction of the mandatory exam as foreseen under measure 8. The future development of the inland waterway sector is hampered by difficulties in terms of labour mobility, persistent vacancies and skills mismatches. Moreover, in line with measures taken for other modes of transport, competence-based EU minimum requirements are only foreseen for skilled crew – boatmen and boatmasters.

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It also introduces binding EU criteria framing the designation of KSS and allow Member States to organise exams and issue authorisation for all KSS in Europe, whilst leaving the responsibility for defining the criteria and exam content to Member ;48-m concerned by the river stretches for which KSS is required.

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Ss B is therefore less cost-effective than option C. This IAR restricts itself to labour mobility issues. Transport costs could be marginally influenced by changes in labour costs in the IWT sector that only concern a small proportion of the total transport costs. It is clear for all stakeholders however that modernisation of SRBs is needed to alleviate administrative burden and improve mobility.

Asus p4b m motherboard driver free. Multimedia audio controller There is no sound in my computer. The studies prepared by the external consultants in p48- of the present IAR were presented to the CEG in order to receive feedback on the plausibility of the conclusions. Before establishing requirements for KSS for a specific stretch of river, Member States shall submit a p4-8m to the Commission, based on the pre-defined list of EU-wide relevance criteria and describing the specific risks inherent to the navigation of the stretch concerned.

The possible reduction of minimum navigation time required is not considered to have a safety impact in view of the higher safety benefits of the competence-based approach.


The highest level of harmonisation for professional qualifications has been achieved by the CCNR that has drawn up rules governing navigation on the Rhine since Effectiveness with regard to safety is expected to be higher under option C compared to option B. As under option B and C, the functioning of the labour market will be improved, these options will also contribute to maintaining or improving the strength of the European industrial base. ASUS Q-Fan2 technology intelligently adjusts both CPU fan and chassis fan speeds according to system loading to ensure quiet, cool m4a97xtd efficient operation.

To do this, click the option button tool and draw three option buttons on the worksheet, srs each and choose Edit Text, then type in the shipping choice Boatmen obtain the qualifications of ‘able boatman’ and ‘helmsman’ through additional navigation experience. In particular inland and sea ports are recognised as attraction poles of industrial activity.

It is important to highlight that w hen accidents do occur in IWT, they can have far-reaching consequences. Member States are also allowed to define fewer qualifications, but the intoduction of the qualification of boatman in national systems would however be mandatory, except for Member States not connected to the IWT waterways network who can decide to opt out.

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You can qualify as a boatman just by accumulating three years of sailing time. All specifications are subject to change without notice. The specific objective is to facilitate labour mobility in the IWT sector by ensuring that qualifications of skilled workers are aligned with the competencies needed on-board.

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The sub-components of this measure are: Competence-based standards have to be set for examination in order to improve the qualification of workers and to enhance trust necessary for eliminating barriers to labour mobility.

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However, the actual reduction allowed varies from country to country. SRBs covered by mutual recognition contain a separate page reserved for the listing of qualifications obtained in compliance with Rhine regulations.

The professional qualifications recognition system is fragmented. There are no aes opinions, apart from the United Kingdom’s responses, which reflect their special position as a non-interconnected inland waterway country. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice.

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In a competence-based approach, the criterion for awarding qualifications is not duration of experience — it is based on whether candidates can prove they have mastered competencies — the skills, abilities, and knowledge required for the function.

All existing KSS stretches will be examined in accordance with this procedure. A description of these parties and their key interests are described in Annex 8.

Moreover, compensation measures could possibly be imposed by the host Member State to the professional wishing to exercise a regulated profession there, if the professional’s qualifications are substantially different from those required in the P48- Member State in question.