This sit has a cryptical number ending with v2. Thanks for the great resource! Which Netgear card model? Consulting the linksys website asks for a version of this card printed beneath the linksys-label , Choose nothing or v2, but the card is v I wanted to see if it would run without the Realtek driver, but didn’t realize that I needed to configure the Network preference pane again. I may experiment to see if turning it on gives me problems, if I can find the time.

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Check the specifications of network hardware prior to enabling Jumbo Frames.

It still working great! I couldn’t reach the Interent with it, none of the four lights on the card’s metal frame ever came on, and the ethernet cable connection light on my DSL modem a Westell VersaLink Model W never acknowledge that the card was cabled to it.

Asante Technologies AsanteFast 590 PCI Free Driver Download (Official)

The maximum MTU supported is Once that’s done, the card is visible in the Network control panel or whatever they’re called in X. FYI – there’s many previous reports here on Realtek based cards usually natively supported in tiger and leopard – although some cards seem to have an ID that’s not in the os x install driver plist see earlier posts – you can do a browser ‘find’ search on “” to jump to the many past posts here over the years. The specs on my computer are: Not a very good bargain huh?


Thanks for your very helpful site, F. The card didn’t show up in profiler when I installed it, but when I used the driver on the CD that came with the card, it did.

This is a little strange, because the card had a reputation as a lemon under OS 8 and 9. Two of their Technical Support people and one of their Sales people each independently confirmed to me that the Belkin F5D card is not compatible with Apple computers and neither is the Belkin Model F5D card.

I probably could have succeeded if I rebuilt xnu the Darwin kernelbut the way I chose, converting the driver to a KEXT without really understanding itwas an exercise in futility.

I’ve put the computer to Sleep via the Apple Menu. After looking at the driver, I noticed the “Get Info” Version information showed “rtl version 1. This page does not cover That’s how much both cards cost. They showed how to copy the.

Mac OS X PCI Ethernet Card Compatibility reports

Hope this helps some. Very inexpensive way to get a Gig ethernet card. I’m guessing it’s dimmed for this reason — probably the same for your Macs. You have to follow the directions and compile the driver but even though the author had never tested it on a cardbus card, just on PCI, it works well enough to suit me.


Villa Asante

Card works great, ‘cept the Quicksilver won’t deep-sleep. Presto, instant network access at TX speed, since I don’t have gigabit network.

Several previous reports on this card – it’s Realtek chip based as many others are, ffast chipset used can change over time on some “brands”. This Mac serves as both a firewall using ipfw and router natd for my home network.

Mac OS X drivers are available from www. Wound up returning it.

I installed Leopard on another drive on the same machine and the card works with Leopard too! Worked right off the bat with no need to install additional drivers asantee Mac I contacted Belkin by email, explaining my situation and asking them to recommend a compatible card and driver.

We used to have to request it via email, but they finally listed it for a short time – but pulled it. Asante had a card that was OS 9 compatible but it is discontinued, and I have not been able to find it anywhere, including ebay.

The AFP on volume selection crashes the finder. I had read here about how cards with axante Realtek chip will work out of the box.