Jon and arya relationship advice

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jon and arya relationship advice

the wrong horse, and moves on to offer her advice to Daenerys Targaryen. Arya carries out the order, using his own dagger to slit his throat. But some might argue that Jon and Daenerys' relationship feels rushed and. He says this as he picks up the sword Jon had made for Arya, and becomes . Cat and Sansa had a very good relationship, and while Ned and. originally a very different outline for the Game of Thrones saga, so let's look back at the chances of an awkward Jon/Arya/Tyrion romance.

What started as animosity and disdain grew into respect, protectiveness, and even affection.

jon and arya relationship advice

And after Jaime confessed how he became the Kingslayer to Brienne while they were lounging in a bath together, their bond became intensely intimate — something critics have noted is, at this point, beyond just romantic. Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has theorized that Brienne and Jaime are in love, but will likely never act on it. Gendry and Arya Arya deserves a little love after her traumatic childhood.


They helped each other survive and grew to rely on one another for friendship and safety. Fans have held out hope ever since that the two would eventually kindle some kind of romance. Sure, at first glance they may seem like an unlikely pairing.

Joe Dempsie, who plays Gendry, is nearly a decade older than Maisie Williams. And Arya, perhaps more than any other character on the series, seems intensely disinterested in falling in love or settling down.

Jon and Arya originally had a VERY different relationship |

But there are hints in George R. Gendry and Arya both showed some affection toward one another when they were getting ready to say goodbye.

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jon and arya relationship advice

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jon and arya relationship advice

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I find it interesting that he's not convinced and amazed about Melisandre's prophetic visions in the flame concerning the girl approaching in a snowstorm on dying horse but instead is pissed because it's not Arya and she can't tell him about her current fate.

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When Arya decides to get rid of all of Arya Stark's worldly possessions by throwing them into the canals of Braavos she keeps and hides one thing: Not only does she always think of Jon because of it but also of his advice to her.

Even Jon has thought about Needle and his advice about sticking them with the pointy end on multiple occasions. Now I'm going off on a little side- tangent based on my own thoughts and branching into another end-game theory I have.

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All this talk about the dragon having 3 heads? I think that those 3 heads may wind up having their own 3 kingdoms to rule after everything is settled.