Claude and rena relationship

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claude and rena relationship

can have a romantic relationship with any party character members, or that there is only one same-sex party member that Claude and Rena. Rena Lanford (レナ・ランフォード, Rena Ranfōdo?) Relationships . After a short dialogue with her mother, Westa tells Rena to go fetch Claude and bring him. Will Rena and Claude make it to safty at the Inn?This used to have more chapters . Celine and Chris' relationship is on the rocks, but neither has the strength to.

To Rena, it looked as if he was wielding a Sword of Light, and his clothes were certainly alien; naturally, the Expellian-raised teenager thought that he was the Hero of Light, a legendary warrior come to save the world.

Still reeling from the attack and the realization that this was the Hero, Rena fled when Claude stepped closer to her, but soon caught her bearings and waited for him.

There they introduced themselves formally and she profusely apologized for running off after he had saved her life. When Claude asks her where they are, she is even more mesmerized by Mr. Kenny and takes him along with her back to Arlia, discussing his origins along the way.

Claude's Relationship with Rena

Rena Lanford After his initial viewing of the tiny hamlet, Claude proceeds to ask Rena to show him around the village, which she happily agrees to do. She shows him all the major buildings in towns and introduces him to the townsfolk who consequently all make quite a big deal about her being with her 'boyfriend.

Eventually, however, they make it back to the riverbed where her and Westa's house is. Upon arriving at the front door Rena asks if Claude wouldn't mind waiting outside for a short period of time while she runs inside and cleans up a little bit; Claude agrees. Excited, she runs inside to inform her mother that the Hero of Light has arrived on Expel. Initially suspicious of whether or not this really was the Hero, she is convinced when Rena informed her that Claude had used the Sword of Light to save her within the Sacred Forest.

claude and rena relationship

As they discuss him, Claude walks in the front door after tiring of waiting for Rena. She tells him that she has a little more to do and asks if he would mind waiting just a little while longer, which Claude agrees to do and informs her that he will walk around the town until she is ready.

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After a short dialogue with her mother, Westa tells Rena to go fetch Claude and bring him back to their house. As she begins to search the small village for the Earthlingthe villagers inform her that he was asking the strangest questions. She catches up to him towards the entrance to the Sacred Forest and brings him back to her house, where Westa has quickly cooked up a massive feast in honor of the supposed Hero of Light.

An hour later it all begins to turn into pandemonium when Westa sends Rena across the way to get Mayor Regis and inform him about the arrival of the Hero. Again, Regis is easily convinced after he hears that Claude has the Sword of Light, and he follows Rena over to her house.

While she was gone Westa had let slip to Claude that he was the Hero; when Claude seemed confused she ran downstairs flustered and met with Rena and Mayor Regis.

Claude descends the stairs after Westa explains what she did, and Regis quickly moves in to welcome Claude to Arlia. They sit down and Regis begins to question Claude on his journey, which ultimately boils down to Regis accusing Claude of lieing and that he is the Hero of Legend. Claude denies it, even after Regis explains about the Sorcery Globe, and the mayor ultimately aggrees that Claude is not the warrior.

Rena, however, can't believe that Claude is not the warrior and runs outside, unable to believe that he was not the Hero of Legend. The next morning Rena, who is still upset, heads to the Sacred Forest in order to be alone and think. Once there she falls deep into her thoughts and reminisces about when her father died and she learned that she was not Westa's real child.

She asks herself who she is right before Claude arrives to check on her. Claude talks to her and she comes to accept that he is not the Hero of Light after all. After they finish Rena asks for some privacy to which Claude complies.

When she is satisfied she decides that it is time to head back and makes her way out of the Sacred Forest and towards Arlia. She makes it as far as the bridge to the town before running into Allen Tucks, her childhood friend, just outside the city limits. He informs her that he is finally ready--for their wedding Surprised and confused, she panics, just as Allen's swords-for-hire come out of the bushes and kidnap her.

With her securely held, they head for Salva, threatening to use force on any townsperson who dares try and stop him. Leaving her alone in his father's room, Allen goes to get everything ready at the alter for their wedding ceremony. Rena escapes through a secret door into the Salva Driftwhere she makes her way deeper until accidentally walking straight into Allen's arms when she enters the antechamber.

The Hero of Light to the Rescue Realizing the danger that she is in Rena turns and flees, only to be caught by several of Allen's guards who proceed to tie her onto the alter. Once she is secured Allen begins the forced wedding ceremony but is interrupted by Claude.

Claude's Relationship with Rena

The Earthling unties Rena but they are both attacked by Allen, mutated by an energy stone into a monster of some sort, and with Claude's swordmanship and Rena's restorative symbology they manage to overcome him and destroy his energy stone.

At first they think that they killed Allen, but after realizing that the man is still alive Rena uses her healing powers to revive her former captor who doesn't remember anything after finding the stone.

Rescued, Rena and Claude return to Arlia. Sorcery Globe investigation That night Mayor Regis requests that Claude investigate the Sorcery Globe for the people of Expel in the hopes that while on his journey he will learn how to get back home. Claude eventually agrees and Rena requests to go with him. The Mayor consents and Claude hesitantly consents on the condition that she get Westa's permission.

While the Mayor talks to Westa, Rena and Claude talk on the bridge; Rena explains to Claude that she is not Westa's real daughter and informs him that she hopes to learn who she is and what happened to her real mother while they are on their journey. The next morning the duo leave Arlia for Krosse Castlebywayof the mining town of Salva.

Relationship Options in Star Ocean: The Second Story

Heroes Surprised by Mayor's Words By the time they make it to Krosse the sun has set and they are forced to stay at the local hotel which is managed by Rena's aunt, Rachel. Rachel gives them a room free of charge and wishes them a good night, thinking that they are a couple.

The next morning she asks about Rena's "special" night with her boyfriend and Rena gets flustered and adamantly responds that Claude is NOT her boyfriend, prompting Claude to sigh in disappointment. When they go to reserve their audience with the King of Krossedue to the fact that they have a special introduction from Mayor Regis they are shuffled to the front of the line, prompting a nearby treasure hunter to become insatiably curious and sneak into the throne room to see who they are and why they are being granted special treatment by the crown.

After receiving the King's blessing on their investigation of the Sorcery Globe along with travel money and a passport, they leave the castle in order to make their way to Kurik so that they may catch a boat to the continent of Ell.

However, as Rena and Claude near the gates they find themselves in the middle between a dispute between two symbologists, one of whom was the treasure hunter who had snuck into the throne room during their audience with the king. After the treasure hunter forces the other symbologist to retreat, she forces Rena and Claude to accompany her to the Krosse Caverns to follow a rare treasure map which ultimately leads to some Ancient Writingswhich unbeknownst to them contains details on a paradise called ' Nede.

After the spelunking is accomplished and the treasure scored, Celine learns that they are investigating the Sorcery Globe and decides to join their party. Together the trio all travel to Kurik where their hopes of reaching Ell quickly are swept away along with the port city as an enormous tidal wave devastates the region. Barely escaping with their lives, Rena, Celine, and Claude make their way towards Harley but stop in Celine's hometown of Marze only to be entangled with a kidnapping plot and reunited with the most unlikely person from Rena's past, Dias Flac.

Rena learned the truth of her adoption years later.

claude and rena relationship

When Westa's husband died, a funeral was held, led by the village priest, Marshall. That night, the priest spoke at length with Westa to console her; in that discussion, Westa mentioned the truth of Rena's past. Unbeknownst to the both of them, Rena was not asleep but upstairs, quietly listening. However, Rena learned only what Westa knew: It is only when Rena ventures with Mayor Narl into the Heraldry Weapons Laboratory that she learns the complete story of her past. According to the Priest, Rena changed on the day of her father's death, becoming dour and losing her cheerful demeanor.

She certainly must be lonely. I hope it doesn't snow. Rena noticed that the children of the town carpenter, Mr. Bossmanwere lonely.

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She took time each day to read and play with them, and tell them stories of the coming Hero of Light who would save Expel.