Brian and mia first meet

brian and mia first meet

Brian O'Conner is a fictional character and one of the three main protagonists of The Fast and As Brian and Mia race out to stop Dominic from making another highway robbery, two of his drivers, Letty .. O'Conner was first unknown with the car tuning community, but after with meeting Toretto, he became more positive. At the beginning of The Fast and the Furious, Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) tests in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium during the first Fast and Furious race. The first film is basically a small-scale character drama with some The Fast and the Furious (): LAPD officer Brian O'Conner (Paul .. Naturally, Brian gets in too deep and falls for Dom's sister, Mia (Jordana Brewster).

Vince's wife, who he told us her name was Rosa, insisted Brian and I rest. I really wanted to get a shower in, but once Rosa started cooking, the smell of it kept me glued to my seat as my hunger doubled.

Brian and Vince stepped outside to talk, probably hash some old argument up. After a few minutes of me being alone in the dining room with my thoughts, Rosa brought out her baby boy and handed him to me, asking if I could watch him, then walked back into the kitchen. I looked down at the little bundle in my arms. He was blowing bubbles with his own saliva, looking up at me with a delightful curiosity. It'd be early practice I smiled and began to make silly sounds at the little one, moving his arms gently but playfully.

Once dinner had been set, Brian and I scarfed everything on our plates quickly. I barely took a breath. It was sooo good! Almost better than sex. Better than my own cooking anyway. Brian and I were way too busy filling our empty stomachs to hear Vince and his wife mumble something.

At this point, I didn't care about manners, or anything, I just wanted more food. Rosa had taken her son, Nico, back so I could eat and so she could change his diaper. My stomach literally sung with joy as the Brazilian home cooked meal filled it.

brian and mia first meet

Brian asked for seconds as I briefly wondered if I'd be able to keep most of dinner down. Would Brian be happy once he found out? This wasn't exactly the best time for something like this. Of course I was very happy when I discovered the source of my odd sickly bouts. But the timing couldn't have been worse.

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After dinner, I again was playing with Nico. The boy was so sweet, and funny. He made some great faces at his mother. I couldn't wait now. My secret elation was able to swell within me as I played with Nico. I couldn't stop giving the poor baby kisses either, the boy was just too cute. Rosa looked up at me with a smile, "Time for bed, little one. I tilted my head a little with a smile, "Can I put him down? We passed by the living room, where the men were sitting, drinking beers.

Vince lifted his head up and looked at his son, "Gnight. I couldn't help but look over to see Brian's expressions to me with a baby in my arms. His eyes held that loving warmth again. I loved his eyes. He always looked at me as if I was all he could see. His smile was soft as he looked at the boy in my arms as he watched me leave into Nico's nursery. I gave Nico one last kiss before I put him in his crib. Rosa had bunched up some pillows around him so he wouldn't move around too much and hurt himself.

I looked down at Nico as she did, he was smiling brightly and waving at me. I absolutely couldn't wait I excused myself and rushed to the bathroom. I retched up almost everything left in my stomach.

brian and mia first meet

Luckily I had been able to digest some of the food earlier. Apparently Brazilian food was going to be a touchy cuisine. Who knew where our next meal would be coming from and when. I needed as much food in me as possible. Brian and I had become slightly malnourished since most of the money had to be spent on gas, housing fees and car repair. It was not cheap to be on the run. And it made it even harder when Dom wasn't around to assure me things would be okay.

I knew eventually they would, and Brian did his best to assure me, but when he himself didn't feel so sure, that didn't help comfort me. Dom had that way at whenever I felt cornered with worry, he'd always tell me things would be okay because we were together. It was hard enough living at home while Dom was on the run by himself. Filled with betrayal at Brian who had turned out to be a cop and divided my family, even if he let Dom go. How many nights had I spent crying over my broken heart and my broken family.

Brain was trying so hard to redeem that. Despite my warning him away from me only a year ago, I knew Brian had hated himself even more than I could ever. He hated bringing me so much pain, he hated that he brought himself pain. And when Letty returned home, alone, that was like adding the final nail into his coffin. It took 9 months for Letty to get over her anger at Dom for leaving her, another four to get over her new hate for Brian, and another three before she had approached him about trying to clear Dom's name somehow.

Brian had been distraught when Letty ended up murdered by the very men he asked her to help him nail. So when Dom finally came home, if only to avenge Letty, Brian had risked even more to help Dom. I had always felt that.

The two connected on a level Dom never had with anyone. Despite their different taste in cars, I was positive had the chance been given, the two would have been more than happy to live out their lives building and racing cars together.

Brian had always been a part of our world He was always a racer, and he'd always chase after Dom, his idol, his rival. I cleaned myself up and looked myself in the mirror for a moment. How would either of my guys handle the news I was going to eventually be giving them? I heard Rosa behind me and looked over at her to apologize for my abrupt run into her bathroom. But the look in her eyes made my stomach drop, was I that obvious?

I had to let out a small sigh, of course she could tell. I shook my head, pleading with her with my eyes to not say anything. It still wasn't the right time. She smiled softly at me before leaving me to finish the dishes. When would there be a right time? I touched my stomach gently, apologetically. He is able to convince Pearce to accept the deal. Brian and Roman are then given there cars. While infiltrating Carter Verone, both men are successful in getting into the organization, aided by Monica Fuentes.

Monica, who has fallen in love with Brian, warns him that Verone intends to kill them at the end of their mission. Now the stakes are that if they fail, they go to jail or if they succeed, they get executed.

With those choices, both men hatch a scheme to avoid jail time and being shot dead. Pearce reconciles with Brian, accepting that his arrest was not his fault.

With help from Tej, they orchestrate a "scramble"—after driving into a garage they later have hundreds of race cars coming out, having switched cars with Tej and Suki Devon Aoki while in the garage.

The cars they later move out in are outfitted with ejection seats to rid themselves of unwanted guests. Brian is forced to meet up with Verone, but after beating up Carter's henchman with help from Pearce he proceeds to do a classic car jump onto Verone's boat. Afterward they arrest Verone and are off the hook. He and Monica exchange a meaningful glance, and the end scene is shown between O'Conner and Pearce walking away with their pockets full of Verone's drug money planning to open up a high performance garage.

Brian is also not surprised to see Dominic Toretto doing a Suge Knight style balcony interrogation of possible lead David Park. Brian knows that it is because of Letty 's recent murder that Dominic has returned to get answers. Also, it was Brian who was contacted by Letty with her proposal to infiltrate Braga's organization in exchange for Dom's safe return to Los Angeles.

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Despite being a full agent again, he is still seen doing his trademark bending the rules and occasionally breaking them to solve the case. Brian and Dom both infiltrate Braga's crew, neither aware of who Braga really is. Later, as O'Conner and Dominic go into Mexico to search for Braga, they are given a tip off by one of Braga's people, in this case, one of his females named Giselle Harabo Gal Gadot who has taken an attraction to Dom.

Brian and Dom successfully apprehend Carlos Braga after doing a series of follow ups in Mexico and helps Dom kill Fenix Rise Laz Alonsowho is responsible for Letty's death, by holding his ankles while Dominic impales him with a henchman's '73 Chevy Camaro F-Bomb, and is even present at Dominic's trial when he is given a sentence of "25 years to life without the possibility of early parole". There is no mention of the fate regarding his plans for opening an automotive shop with childhood friend Roman Pearce in Miami.

It is also revealed in this film why he let Dominic go in the first film—that he respected Dominic more than he did himself, and perhaps due to the fact that his raid on Tran's estate indirectly caused Jesse's death. During the course of the film, Brian also rekindles his old romance with Mia TorettoDominic's younger sister.

After seeing her in an FBI interrogation room, he releases her, and the two go out for coffee. During the conversation they share, she reveals her anger at his "betrayal" of their group at the end of the first film, questions why he let Dom go to which Brian claims he doesn't knowand tells him how hurt she was when he left her suddenly, with no explanation. While Brian initially puts professional distance between himself and Mia, he finally admits to her that leaving her was the hardest thing he ever did, and later, when Mia breaks down, Brian comforts her, resulting in a passionate reunion between the two.

Fast Five Main article: Fast Five O'Conner and Toretto get caught in a crossfire with corrupt businessman and ruthless drug lord Hernan Reyes's in Rio de Janeiro and plot to steal all of Reyes' money to buy their freedom.

It is revealed in Fast Five that O'Conner's father was not there for him and O'Conner does not know anything about him, unlike the close bond that Toretto's father had with both his children.

He is often worried that he will behave in the manner that his father did, but Toretto reassured him that he won't because he will keep an eye on him if he does. O'Conner had been in juvenile detention with Roman before he became a cop. O'Conner has also rekindled his relationship with Mia, and she becomes pregnant with his child. After successfully questioning Braga and returning to London, O'Conner starts to feel guilty for letting Letty go undercover, which led to her amnesia and subsequent work for Shaw.

The group captures Shaw and convinces Letty to side with them. O'Conner apologizes to Letty, who says that she might not remember him, but if she did work for him, she would have done of her own free will. Shaw reveals that he had captured Mia, leading to a high-speed chase after Shaw's airplane, where Mia is rescued and Shaw is crippled and put into a coma.

Hobbs then grants the group's amnesty, and the entire crew move back to America, where Mia, Toretto and O'Conner have decided to reside in the old Toretto home. Furious 7 Main article: Furious 7 Brian and the rest of the crew return to the U. Brian begins to accustom himself to life as a father, but misses the old life he once enjoyed.

Meanwhile, Dom learns from his sister, Mia, that she is pregnant again, but fears to tell Brian because of his longing for missing the bullets. However, their house is destroyed by Deckard Shaw, brother to Owen Shaw, who has come out of hiding for vengeance, which forces Brian, Roman, Tej, Letty and Dom to go after him.

Before leaving, Brian makes a promise to Mia that after Shaw is dealt with, he will dedicate himself to his family. To rescue Ramsey, a hacker who has a device known as 'God's Eye' that can locate anyone on Earth, the team airdrops their cars over the Caucasus Mountains and ambush Jakande's convoy and rescue Ramsey, finding out that she is a young woman. They then head to Abu Dhabi, where a billionaire has acquired the flash drive containing God's Eye.

The team break into his penthouse and manage to steal the flash drive. On the both occasions, the team is pursued by Shaw, who engages in combat with Dom, with the team barely managing to escape. With God's Eye, the team manages to track down Shaw, who is waiting at a remote factory. Dom, Brian and Mr. Nobody, along with a covert ops unit, attempt to capture Shaw but are ambushed by Jakande and Jakande's militants, who have allied with Deckard.

After the ambush, Nobody's men are killed and Nobody is injured, though he manages to escape with Toretto and Brian, while Jakande obtains God's Eye. Nobody warns Brian and Dom that Jakande will use God's Eye to hunt down Ramsey, who is the only one who can destroy it.

They drive off, leaving Nobody behind to be evacuated by one of his 'stand-by' helicopters. Left with no other choice, the team return to Los Angeles to fight Shaw, Jakande and his men on their home turf.

brian and mia first meet

Dom plans to confront Shaw alone while Brian and the rest of the crew prepare to deal with Jakande. Just as they are preparing, Brian calls Mia and professes his love, fearing he may not survive, and learns that she is pregnant with a baby girl, motivating him to come back alive.

While Jakande pursues Brian and the rest of the crew with a stealth attack helicopter and a UAV, using God's Eye to track down Ramsey, they barely survive and manage to shut down God's Eye with Brian's help to establish a connection for Ramsey to hack it.