Oracle Secure Backup logical unit numbers are assigned as needed automatically on Windows. Log on as root. If the setup script is interrupted, then some temporary files, named OBnnnn or OBnnnn. In the past, makedev was used on all platforms in Oracle Secure Backup to generate system attach points. The link names themselves can be used as Oracle Secure Backup device attach points. Library World Wide Name:

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Zmight remain in the temporary directory.

If you are genrric to use the client as a media server, verify that the host meets the physical and network requirements discussed in ” Choosing Secure Hosts for the Administrative and Media Servers “. The standalone tool obscan can be used to assist with gathering device information for SCSI attached or Fibre Channel tape and media changer devices in a switched environment on AIX.

The minimum password length is 8 characters. The Oracle Secure Backup makedev command should not be confused with obtool mkdev.

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Running the command with the -f option displays full information about the system configuration including device class, instance number, device sczi interface driver, software state, and hardware type.

However, in some cases it may be necessary to create devices manually using obtool mkdev. Bypasses the secure location check.


Run the setup script from your installation media or extracted archive directory. This chapter contains the following sections: Ensure that you choose a secure directory for the installation. As of Oracle Secure Backup If you want to make multiple changes, you need to enter them separately.

Oracle Secure Backup supports non-interactive installs for client hosts. There is no required order for assigning Oracle Secure Backup logical unit numbers. The following example runs makedev using the information in Table However, it is sometimes necessary to explicitly force the loading of a module at start time.

This number is used to generate unique device names during device configuration. You can change this mapping of the Oracle Secure Backup admin after installation.

The link names themselves can be used as Oracle Svsi Backup device attach points. Sfsi must be able to log in to each host with root privileges to perform the installation. These are the parameter options available when you install Oracle Secure Backup.

Installing Oracle Secure Backup on Linux or UNIX

That is, tape libraries are typically numbered 0, 1, 2 and so on, and tape drives are also numbered 0, 1, 2 and so on. Preconfiguration of system device attach points is not necessary for running discoverdev to configure Oracle Secure Backup devices on an AIX media server. Checking each library to associate discovered drive s with DTE This option should only be used when the backup administrator has confirmed that the Oracle Secure Backup path is protected against all non-root users.


Here is an example showing the use of discoverdev to create devices: Oracle Secure Backup sends notifications about the administrative domain and its operations to this e-mail address. This password is stored in the Oracle Secure Backup wallet. It is also recommended that persistent bindings be configured. Create devices in Solaris using the sgen drivers by running discoverdev:. Table shows the relevant information from Example Yes, if –noaddinghostid is not specified. Please consult your system administrator or operating system documentation for information on how to configure persistent bindings on your Linux media server systems.

Figure displays the parameters that can be configured for the administrative server role. In the event of a disaster, the keystore password is required for recovering your Oracle Secure Backup Administrative Server.