Videos de elrubius meet the rubius 2015

El Rubius: YouTube Star on Being Different

videos de elrubius meet the rubius 2015

Rubén Doblas Gundersen (Spanish: [ruˈβen ˈdoβlaz ˈɣundeɾsen]; born on 13 February He posted his first video on YouTube in and has devoted himself exclusively to his YouTube channel since In , he El Rubius has made appearances in the and editions of YouTube Rewind. On March. elrubiusomg YouTube Statistics and Summary Page. YouTube Stats Summary / User Statistics for elrubiusomg (Dec 13th, VIDEO VIEWS. Meet El Rubius – A YouTuber Who Emerged to Stardom Smosh Entertaining Millions with Parody Videos by Anthony Padilla and Andrew Hecox Later in the year , he published “ElRubius: Virtual Hero”, his first comic.

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videos de elrubius meet the rubius 2015