Snowmobile swap meet 2015

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snowmobile swap meet 2015

The best place to get all you need for the coming season is at the Annual Marion Snowmobile Swap Meet Saturday October 13th at the Marion. Oakdale Snowmobile Vintage Show and Swap Meet. Public. · Hosted by Tom Tiber. Interested. clock. Saturday, August 15, at AM CDT. More than a . The winter of / began just before dawn on June Each day after You'll find a humongous swap meet that will provide “what the?.

You can barter, buy and swap all kinds of items from riding gear to complete vintage sleds and one-off engines. Various snowmobile dealers and trailer makers tend to offer pre-season specials too good to pass up.

snowmobile swap meet 2015

Over the years Hay Days has evolved into a spectacle with grass drag races, new products, food tents and an ever-changing list of entertainment.

This year Hay Days offers what event organizers call its Motorsports Expo. One Motorsports Expo consists of twice-daily shows of motorsport riders performing various gravity-defying acrobatics and aerials on sleds, ATVs and dirt bikes.

In the s Hay Days grass drag spectators and racers alike were entertained by the calls of track announcer Lyle Hazeltine, a Minnesota icon of the period. As noted, Hay Days is the oldest event of its kind, tracing its history back towhen there were few snowmobile clubs.

The current sponsoring club, the SnoBarons, celebrates its 46th anniversary. The Hay Days event provides a common purpose and explains why the event has managed to grow year by year, until it is now recognized as the largest event of its kind in North America.

Snowmobile Events To Put On Your Bucket List

As the result of land development during the s, the event has been held at different locations over the years. By the event needed to move once again. But this time the move was to its current proprietary site in Chisago County. From an initial attendance of a few hundred racers, spectators and curiosity seekers, Hay Days has grown into a two-day event that draws thousands of snowmobilers, who consider the event as the Official Start of Winter.

ArcticInsider - Princeton (My) First Swap of the Season

The financial success of Hay Days enabled the club to create the SnoBarons Grant Program, which provides financial assistance to other snowmobile organizations and clubs to construct bridges and warming houses on their trails. Other Hay Days generated funds go to support scholarships and charities. For more information, visit the Hay Days website at http: Twenty-five years ago, Elmer Cone of Bovey, Minn. His idea of creating a snowmobiling hall of fame to recognize those pioneering entrepreneurs, adventurers, volunteers, trail and program builders celebrates its 25th anniversary with ceremonies at the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame in Eagle River, Wis.

Doherty, who envisioned a place where people could learn about the history of snowmobiling. The museum became a reality in when the non-profit New Hampshire Snowmobile Museum Association was created. It became the first and only state-sponsored snowmobile museum in the United States. This one-of-a-kind museum complex boasts a collection of more than 80 snow-traveling machines along with a large collection of memorabilia.

One guy who's making sure that a lot of Arctic Cat stuff from the s IS in the public domain is Matt Linn, an Illinois collector who pays for his hobby by buying out old Cat dealerships of their inventory, then selling what he doesn't want at various swap meets around the country.

snowmobile swap meet 2015

Linn had piles of NOS goodies at reasonable prices. There are fantastic sights to behold at swaps, some of which don't directly involve snowmobiles.

snowmobile swap meet 2015

I gotta say, compared to Hay Days, the Princeton swap is decidedly more snowmobile-specific, with far fewer examples of sellers trying to unload washing machines, shingles, door handles or asbestos. Princeton also has a more laid-back vibe, perhaps because it's not quite as large as Hay Days. The ONE thing I should have bought at Princeton was this pair of Arcticwear one-piece suits festooned with cool patches.

Alas, the five Bens stayed in my wallet and I left without adding any more projects to my plate.

snowmobile swap meet 2015

Of course, I could have left with great stuff that wasn't a project, but instead a beautiful running vintage machine. The Gimp, aka Team Arctic's Aaron Scheele right was nursing a broken collarbone and buying sweet knit Arcticwear sweaters like they were going out of style. One of Bobby Flame's sleds was for sale at Princeton, complete with the in. One of the other cool aspects to Princeton is the Friday night vintage sled drags under the lights.

Super laid-back and enjoyable, with conversations about great rides and experiences punctuated by the occasional roar of four sleds hurling down the strip. I'd been tiptoeing around sled projects all summer, not wanting to commit until my head was in the game and I'd gotten done regular summer stuff. Most of the "regular" summer stuff still isn't done, of course, but my head is now swirling with thoughts of winter and all the stuff I want to get done in anticipation of it.

Thanks to all the people who made Princeton happen and who forced me to refocus my priorities! And thanks for reading.