Olivia newton john 2015 meet her in vegas

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olivia newton john 2015 meet her in vegas

Olivia Newton-John's 'Summer Nights' at Flamingo Las Vegas and philanthropist Olivia Newton John is extending her “Summer Nights” $ and $, and a special meet and greet package is available Jun 6, Mariah Carey met Olivia Newton-John on Monday night, and the one of the tunes that made her famous, Grease's "Hopelessly Devoted to You." Carey quickly joins in. Read more: Mariah Carey announces Las Vegas residency, will fill but made a dazzling return to the public at the Billboard Music. 23 reviews of Olivia Newton-John: Summer Nights - CLOSED "I've always a Olivia feel performing in a small Vegas show room after probably touring the world 8/21/ 1 check-in. I've always wondered how performers such a Olivia I got to meet her after at the meet and greet and she was just stunning, and as.

Don't act like you're entitled to it and you will receive. The "professional" concert photos on this page are fake. They seem to be staged pics with silhouettes of audience members Photoshopped in. They were probably uploaded to Yelp by the Flamingo's propaganda department. Anyway, I'm off to YouTube to watch mids Olivia videos.

olivia newton john 2015 meet her in vegas

Olivia's fabulous hits have made me mellow since childhood. I am so advanced in my years that I can write that I have grown up with Olivia. I remember being a kindergartner in at the Rocky Point Drive in watching a new movie called Grease" and singing along to "Your the one that I want. Now I would be singing along with this musical legend in person during her Summer Nights show in the Flamingo Showroom.

My philosophy with show tix is when in doubt check Tix4Tonight out. We were in for a surprise. The usher led us to a table a few arms length from the stage. This is the closest seat that I ever got to a musical legend. The Flamingo Showroom is conducive to get into a concert. It is intimate and historic. It appears so historic that I wouldn't be shocked if Bugsey Seagull sat here. A nice touch was that there was a cocktail waitress serving drinks.

This beat standing in a concession line. Olivia backed by her talented band performed 22 songs. When the song ended, Olivia teased us that she was going to play a song from that movie, but not that movie Grease. It was "Xanadu" that led off four songs from the early 80s: It was a mellow, unplugged style segment of the show. Olivia treated us to radio classics including" Sam," "If not for you," "Let me be there, "" Please Mr.

Please, "" Take me home, country roads, " and" If you love me let me know. The pace picked up again with "Physical. The mellow side of Olivia resumed with "Cry me a river" and "Send in the Clowns. Nearing her 70th decade, her voice is still a beautiful musical instrument. What is over and above beautiful is how Olivia won her battle with breast cancer in the 90s.

Her next song "Not going to give into it" was an inspirational message in music to the audience. A portion of the ticket sales supports the Olivia Newton John Foundation. Following the catchy" Grease" segment, she performed two more songs.

The songs she performed are 22 reasons to love the show. She sounds as fantastic in person as on the stereo. Every band member contributed to the outstanding musicianship. Summer Nights was a 90 minute show that left me feeling mellow. Olivia, I'm hopelessly devoted to you!!!! Olivia sang all our favorites see setlist --Xanadu, Grease and Physical. The theater is a small, intimate venue--making every seat a great one.

We even had room to get up and dance!!! A fun night and perfect outing for our group of 9 women! I went to see this show during the week and I had a good time. Most of her music is for the older set, but there were some younger people in the audience. She started with a number of songs from Xanadu and then transitioned to some country and western a bit twangy but tolerable. There were some songs that I hadn't heard before which is always good.

Olivia Newton-John Begins Flamingo Las Vegas Residency April 8

She ended with a medley of songs from Grease--not my favorite movie nor group of songs. There was an audience sing-a-long with her and then more with her back up singers while she went off stage to change for her final numbers. I was a bit disappointed to see three monitors at different spots on the stage with lyrics scrolling by.

I guess it's just a safety feature in case she might get stuck on remembering the lyrics to a particular song. At least it wasn't scrolling when she was talking about her career or parts of her life.

I think the show is over-priced but nostalgia sells. It's not a show I'd see a second time but I had a good evening and her voice is still quite nice! Originally bought these with a living social promotion, and got a really nice seat upgrade and tipped the usher. As for the performance, Olivia is legend status with me, and she lived up to and exceeded expectations.

olivia newton john 2015 meet her in vegas

She has a great voice, the songs you know from 70s country to Grease to ballads to everything else! I am so glad I capped off 3 days in a row and 3 shows with Olivia! She is my father's celebrity crush and when we found out she was debuting her show the last night he was in town, I got tickets during the pre-sale.

We got in line about 30 minutes before the show, which starts at 7: While waiting in line, I realized I was perhaps 3 decades younger than everyone else, but what the heck! We had balcony seats at a table. We sat with a couple from Ontario, Canada. Olivia was very conversational with the audience and had a band complete with a percussionist, bassist, drummer, and back-up vocalists, one of which played a variety of instruments including the fabulous flute, saxophone, and even harmonica.

The female back-up vocalist also helped Olivia with the majority of her on-stage costume changes, which was changing jackets primarily. She only did one costume change at the end of the show before a 2-song finale, wearing head-to-toe gold sequins. She sang songs from all aspects of her career, pre-Grease and post-Grease. She is an Aussie who moved to England at 18 and sang in lounges. Olivia sang from Xanadu, from her country hits in her early days, songs from her 90s album Gaia, and of course The most excitement for the crowd came from her 4 minute montage of her life early in the show, with pictures hinting at the order of her career, and the nod to Grease.

She started with a tease of "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee" and then broke into songs from Grease with her back-up singers: The crowd went wild! Sure, there were songs throughout the show I did not know, but I did not grow up with ONJ so I was just thrilled to see my dad so happy.

Cool show no matter what generation you belong to, I'd say! This show was beyond fabulous. You won't be disappointed. When she sang Xanadu tunes The audience went crazy over Grease tunes.

I know every word to every song so I'm somewhat of an ONJ freak BUT even for the average fan Her voice is a perfect soprano just as it was 40 years ago. Olivia Newton John is a must see.

What a tremendous show. We bought tickets because we grew up listening to ONJ and she did not disappoint. She is still beautiful and her voice sounds like it did twenty years ago. Good backup vocals and band also. Its amazing how many hits she has had and you don't even realize it until she sings them all. She interacted with the crowd well and told some interesting stories behind her songs.

Probably the best Vegas concert we have seen behind Rod Stewart. The only negative is the seating at Flamingo. Old school style with hard chairs. But don't let it keep you from loving the show. I give this show four stars because I have to reserve five stars for what I would have given it if I had seen the same show in For a woman who is pushing 70, Olivia looks and sounds damn good.

But her voice has lost just a bit of the power and sweetness that it had in the 70's. And, obviously, she is no longer the sex kitten that drove boys crazy in Grease or in her Let's Get Physical video. Fortunately, though, all of that is on film, and is played on large screens behind Olivia during her performance.

I was in high school and college during the 70's, so Olivia was a big part of the soundtrack of my youth. Those who were not there at the time probably don't appreciate how big she was. Ten 1 hits, including seven in a row. A country superstar and a pop diva. And while she wasn't there for her acting skills, Grease and Xanadu were very popular and remain at least cult classics.

And she could even dance well enough, in those days, to share the screen with Gene Kelly and John Travolta. The dancing, alas, is also gone from her repertoire.

So I had somewhat mixed feelings as the curtain went down on Olivia's show.

Summer Nights - Live in Las Vegas

I'm very glad that I finally had the chance to see her in person front row, no less! But I was wistful for the missed opportunity to see her in her prime.

olivia newton john 2015 meet her in vegas

That really would have been something. Loved loved the show! I met my brothers in Vegas over the 4th of July weekend and made sure that we could see Olivia. I have 2 brothers.

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One brother is in the army and the other lives in New York. We all love to gamble. Newton-John at the opening of a Koala Blue store in The provocative lyrics of the "Physical" title track prompted two Utah radio stations to ban the single from their playlists.

The success of Physical led to an international tour and the release of her second hits collection, the double platinum Olivia's Greatest Hits Vol. The special was subsequently released to video earning Newton-John another Grammy nomination. Newton-John released another video package, the Grammy-nominated Twist of Fate, featuring videos of her four songs on the Two of a Kind soundtrack and the two new singles from Olivia's Greatest Hits Vol.

The album's only charted single was the title track No. Due to her pregnancy, Newton-John limited her publicity for the album. The video album for Soul Kiss featured only five of the album's ten tracks concept videos for the album's singles "Soul Kiss" and "Toughen Up" as well as performance videos of the tracks "Culture Shock", "Emotional Tangle" and "The Right Moment". Both the single No. Ironically, this album was praised by critics as more mature with Newton-John addressing topics such as AIDS, the environment and single-parent households.

A year later, Newton-John recorded her self-described "self-indulgent" album, Warm and Tender. Inspired by her daughter, who appeared on the album cover, the album featured lullabies and love songs for parents and their children. Shortly after the album's release, Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer forcing her to cancel all publicity for the album including the tour.

Newton-John received her diagnosis the same weekend her father died. She is a product spokesperson for the Liv-Kit, a breast self-examination product. Newton-John cancelled a concert tour of Japan to protest the slaughter of dolphins caught in tuna fishing nets.

During the concert, artists performed songs for which they donated their royalties, some in perpetuity, to benefit the cause. Inshe released Gaia: One Woman's Journey which chronicled her ordeal. This was the first album on which Newton-John wrote all of the songs encouraging her to become more active as a songwriter thereafter. Inshe released Stronger Than Beforesold exclusively in the U. This was her second exclusive album for Hallmark Cards after her successful first Christmas album 'Tis the Season with Vince Gill five years earlier.

Proceeds from the album's sales benefited breast cancer research.