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meet the author bbc 2015 dark

Lemn Sissay MBE (born 21 May ) is a British author and broadcaster. He has written a In , he made the BBC documentary Internal Flight about his life. Dark deals with his search for his family, and was adapted for BBC Radio 3 in , In , Sissay became the Patron of ALL FM Community Radio in. With the discovery of a new body, Claire must confront the darkness to catch Forced to confront her own darkness, will she risk losing her new life in the . Writer, Katie Baxendale Sun 11 Oct BBC One. Meet the Cast and Crew. John Malkovich plays the great detective Hercule Poirot Credit: BBC/Gareth Gattrell . who's bored with her drab, literally black-and-white existence in Kansas, and . Not only do we meet the young Indiana here, played by a gorgeous River that fuelled such criticism were precisely what the writer herself tried to subvert.

Emma Thompson fits into the role of Travers, a complete curmudgeon, with a jigsaw click, as does Tom Hanks as Walt Disney, who has tried to thaw her suspicions over the course of 20 years. Little surprise, then, that this film is a beautifully detailed masterpiece. Thursday 27 December The she-wolf and four cubs cross the mountains Credit: From that devasting moment, the cameras track the wolf as she travels across the Austrian mountains towards Switzerland, to prepare for the birth of her cubs and then attempt to build a new life.

BBC’s And Then There Were None puts a darker spin on Agatha Christie

As always on these types of journeys, there are many difficulties to be faced along the way, from foxes and wild boars to the arrival of the cubs. All the while, a lynx carefully tracks the wolf with stealthy menace, waiting to seize the moment… Fougea is an expert at ratcheting up the tension; those viewers who find themselves hiding behind cushions during the most tense moments of Blue Planet are going to suffer multiple heart-racing moments here.

That said, this beautifully-shot film also raises questions about the relationship between reality and story in nature filming.

Meet the Author - Stewart Lee (September 2016)

He joins host Richard Ayoade in Jordan, where they make plenty of biblical jokes, have a dip in the Dead Sea and learn how Jordanians celebrate the festive season. North Korea Special Edition Channel 5, 9. Palin is, as always, an engaging and informative presence, while this feature-length cut of the documentary includes some previously unseen footage.

SH Fortitude Sky Atlantic, 9. There are some nice spooky — and gory — touches. Bert Lahr and Frank Morgan co-star.

meet the author bbc 2015 dark

After a hair-raising chase across marketplaces, rooftops and a thundering train, the thief is lost, and so, it seems, is Stationed in his favourite old boozer, The Sarry Heid Saracen HeadConnolly ruminates on his youth, while great archival clips provide the context. Friends and admirers from Tracey Ullman to Michael Grade queue up to explain how Connolly is the grandfather of observational comedy, among the first to mine his own experiences for material and tell stories rather than crack jokes.

This opener introduces us to a desperate mother whose daughter has vanished. The hosts, dry wit Richard Osman and Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt, challenge four celebrity teams to remember exactly what happened in VP Delicious Sky One, 9. Punchy Gina Dawn French and vulnerable Sam Emilia Fox are both ex-wives of dead chef Leo Iain Glenwho narrates in ghostly form their attempts to run a business together.

Still, what it lacks in authenticity it makes up for in sheer swashbuckling brio.

meet the author bbc 2015 dark

She tracks her journey from child star to mainstream pop idol, looking on both amused and aghast. TD The London Studios: Home of the Stars ITV, 8. Tony loses sight of his son, never to find him again. Eight years later, Oliver has not been found; the police have closed their investigation. Now divorced, Tony has continued to search for his son after seeing a recent photograph in which a little boy is wearing a scarf identical to the one Oliver was wearing on the day he disappeared and made for him with a unique insignia.

Tony and Julien Baptiste, the retired detective who led the original investigation, start to put the pieces together.

BBC One - From Darkness, Episode 1

The police decide to officially reopen the case. Tony feels partly responsible for his disappearance and has therefore devoted his life to finding his son. Emily is devastated by the disappearance of her son and her relationship with Tony breaks down, leading her to start a relationship with detective Mark Walsh, to whom she is engaged in Julien rejoins Tony when they find further evidence inbut is still scarred by past events.

His daughter is a drug addict who refuses his help regularly. He starts a relationship with Emily.

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Ian becomes a benefactor for the Hughes but holds dark secrets that could be linked to Oliver's disappearance.