Meet dance moms 2015 uk

Glamorosi : 'Dance Mums UK' Recap S1 E1 It All Starts Here: Meet the JEDT

meet dance moms 2015 uk

Dance Mums UK is set in Liverpool and stars British triple-threat Jennifer Ellison, who Dance Mums UK is the British version of the Lifetime TV's US-based hit Dance Moms, and Jennifer, like her . Posted on Wednesday, March 18, Young cast of TV show Dance Mums get ready to debut in US after we , 20 FEB ; Updated , 21 FEB The first series of the show, which is the British version of the US hit Dance Moms, is about to be. Glam days: With the cast of Dance Moms in - Mackenzie Ziegler, Jojo Siwa, Maddie Ziegler, Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertesm and Nia.

That Danielle and Charlotte seem to be paired up doesn't bode well with Jen. When Jen enters the room in which they are gossiping, it's evident that Danielle has unrealistic expectations — her daughter has never been on the stage, but she wants her to immediately be equal with the more experienced dancers.

The conversation turns to Charlotte Sam's mumwho has been stewing since the pyramid was revealed because she thinks Sam should have placed higher. After a brief conversation, Jen leaves the room and the two mums laugh and make yakety-yak hand motions.

meet dance moms 2015 uk

Jen hears them, so she dismisses the girls, and as they're leaving, Charlotte continues to laugh as she and Jen argue. As the team gathers outside of the studio door, Sam is crying because of the row, and when Jen goes to console her "World War 3 kicks off" between her and Charlotte.

As Charlotte and Sam drive away it's unclear if they'll return, but they do come back the next day, and Charlotte apologizes to Jen. As the mums file in for rehearsal, Danielle Aleah's mum confides that she went behind Jen's back and booked a private lesson for her daughter. This causes Aleah to miss group rehearsal, which is not good since she needs the most help. When Jennifer pulls Aleah out of her private lesson Danielle is unhappy about it, and Jen realizes she's going to have her hands full with these mums.

At rehearsal for the solos, Tayluer gives the room "a master class in dance" with her "Poker Face" Glee version routine, then Eleiyah "wipes the floor with everyone" with her routine to "Say Something" by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera.

Jennifer is so knocked out that she changes the girls' positions on the pyramid and gives Eleiyah the top spot. Jen says, "As a dancer, you're only as good as your last performance.

meet dance moms 2015 uk

Danielle is upset when Jen decides to take Aleah out of a segment of the routine so she takes her daughter and storms out. When they returns the next day, Jen explains that she's protecting Aleah because she's not as strong a dancer as the other girls, but Danielle doesn't see it. Then, a day before the competition, the costumes arrive and are an ill-fitting mess, so Charlotte is made "costume supervisor" and is charged with fixing them overnight.

She pulls out all the stops, staying up through the wee hours and continuing to work during the bus trip to the show. When the team arrives in Wales, they have little time to prepare the makeup and hair for all seven girls. Charlotte takes the lead on helping everyone, but Danielle wastes time rummaging in her bag and staring into space.

Jennifer attempts to help, but it turns out that Danielle didn't bring any supplies — no bobbles, no clips.

Dance Moms

Jen throws her out of the dressing room and says sarcastically, "I hope everything doesn't grind to a halt. JEDT's "Applause" routine is first; they wear a combination of striking hot pink and black costumes, some with cool stand-up collars — brava to Charlotte and bonus points to Danielle for wearing a dress that matches the costumes.

Jen did a magnificent job of choreographing the routine to showcase each girl's strengths.

meet dance moms 2015 uk

As the girls prepare for the solos and duos, there's a brief argument between Danielle and Carol Chloe G's mum. Carol thinks Danielle should be paying attention to how Jen is doing the hair and makeup so she can learn.

meet dance moms 2015 uk

Wildly Inappropriate The Dance Moms allow their daughters to wear outfits in a competition that are revealing and the scandal threatens to bring down the house. Abby's attempt to turn up the competition heat blows the audience away with what some may call an inappropriate dance number. She is hoping that this will give them their next big win. But it could backfire.

meet dance moms 2015 uk

Cheerleader Blues The Dance Moms need to win this week's competition to stay in the game, but chaos ensues when Mom Kelly's daughter wants to drop out of dance as she's hurt her hip and she just wants to be a cheerleader.

Kelly works hard to convince her daughter to stay in dance, pushing her so far that she risks permanent injuries. Stealing The Show Abby gives each girl one solo dance for the next competition.

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However, she gives two solos to her star dancer, Maddie, clearly providing her with an advantage over the others. Christi has seen this too many times and lashes out at Abby with uncontrolled fury.

When Stars Collide The Abby Lee Dance Studio is on edge after learning a big Broadway casting director will attend their annual Dance Showcase, an exhibition in which she shows off her accomplished dancers.

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Abby's desire to push the girls to the max could have catastrophic effects if they don't show their best. Dying To Dance On their way to a big competition, Christi finds out her grandmother has just been admitted to a hospital.

She now must choose what's more important to her--go to the hospital to sit by her grandmother's side or go to the dance competition. She's A Fighter Abby's continuous typecasting of little Nia in ethnic stereotype roles sends her mother Holly over the edge.