Meet and greet 2015 singapore qualifying

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meet and greet 2015 singapore qualifying

a question Singapore GP employees frequently face when meeting well-meaning associates. We chat with key personnel from the race promoter to find out what. This year's Singapore Grand Prix is coming up on September , The next Singapore Grand Prix is provisionally scheduled for September , If your ticket gives you access, wait outside the Paddock/VIP. To be eligible for the QE, the applicant must meet the following criteria: Physiotherapy Qualifying Examinations, please refer to the Singapore Institute of is under review and will be revised upwards from January

Fernando Alonso, who had enjoyed a decent start to move up into eleventh, came under pressure from Sainz by lap four, followed by Grosjean, who lost places at the start because he had to move around the stationary Verstappen.

meet and greet 2015 singapore qualifying

While Vettel's lead was about five seconds on lap five, Verstappen unlapped himself by lap six and posted fast lap times. A lap later, Grosjean became the first driver to pit. More cars came in on lap eleven, leading to heavy traffic that prevented Sainz and Alonso from leaving their pit boxes, costing time.

meet and greet 2015 singapore qualifying

Alonso emerged from pit lane ahead of Grosjean, who moved past him into thirteenth. Felipe Massa had a slow stop of 4. Since Kvyat had made a pit stop shortly before the safety car was deployed, both Mercedes cars were able to move in front of him, leaving Kvyat in sixth place.

meet and greet 2015 singapore qualifying

Jenson Button's stop took a long time, dropping him to 16th place. By lap 16, the virtual was replaced by the actual safety car, which stayed out until the end of lap At the restart, Sainz was caught out by his car being stuck in neutral, losing many places and dropping back to 18th position, but managed to continue.

The safety car had meanwhile allowed his teammate Verstappen to move closer to the pack, being about half a lap down on lap The next laps saw Vettel setting a steady pace at the front to conserve his tyres, leading Hamilton to declare that "Vettel's backing up Ricciardo" on team radio.

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On lap 26, Hamilton reported a loss of power to his crew. He subsequently lost positions rapidly, dropping back to ninth by lap 28, eventually retiring on lap Meanwhile, Felipe Massa had problems with his car as well. Similar to Sainz, he saw his car switch to neutral.

meet and greet 2015 singapore qualifying

After driving through pit lane without stopping on lap 30, he retired a lap later, with Fernando Alonso also ending his race on lap 34 with a defective gearbox.

Several drivers again used the safety car to pit for new tyres, including Jenson Button, who emerged in tenth place. By lap 40, Alexander Rossi was instructed to unlap himself behind the safety car, but when he failed to do so in an acceptable time, the race was resumed on lap 41, with Rossi stuck between the front runners. By lap 42, Button was racing Pastor Maldonado for position, when both collided in turn 15, damaging Button's front wing, who was forced to pit to have it exchanged.

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Button rejoined in 14th place, telling his team on the radio "I should have known, really, that he's mental", speaking about Maldonado. One lap later, he took eighth place from Grosjean.

His teammate Sainz followed two laps later, with Grosjean complaining that Sainz had left him "nowhere to go".

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Meanwhile, at the front, Ricciardo set a fastest lap on lap 51, being 2. Lap 53 saw Jenson Button become the second McLaren to retire, suffering from a gearbox issue as well. During the closing stages of the race, Valtteri Bottas in fifth experienced gearbox problems of his own, but was able to continue.

On lap 60, Grosjean ran wide and let Felipe Nasr move through into the final point scoring position, tenth. During the last lap, Toro Rosso instructed Verstappen to let his teammate Sainz pass him for eighth, but Verstappen refused and stayed in place. Sebastian Vettel crossed the line to win the race, which took the entire allowed span of two hours. At the podium interviews, conducted by former team owner Eddie JordanSebastian Vettel described the race as one of his best ever, calling it "a great day; we had a really great weekend".

He also revealed that his drink bottle had failed halfway into the race, causing him to become thirsty as drivers lose two to three litres in sweat during the Singapore race. I hope it was in focus! Yeah, pretty crazy, we approach that corner at around — klicks so, I don't know, I wouldn't cross the track if I was him.

Singapore Grand Prix

It was crazy, obviously [ He was later sentenced to serve six weeks in jail. We both got damage to our cars; he was behind me trying to get past, I was defending my position. He was too far away, so Max said no, and he was right.

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meet and greet 2015 singapore qualifying