India and russia relationship 2015

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india and russia relationship 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) with Indian Prime Minister Modi during the BRICS leaders meeting in turkey on November 15, India-Russia relationship has evolved into an equal partnership. The deep roots of this relationship go back to the early 20th century when. Indo-Russian relations refer to the bilateral relations between India and Russia. During the According to a BBC World Service Poll, 45% of Russians view India positively, with only 9% expressing a negative view. Similarly, a

Getty Images If there was any nation that India would like to describe as an "all-weather friend", Russia would be the front-runner. The Russians have given us unwavering support on Kashmir. They backed us when we did our nuclear tests. They stood by us during Kargil.

india and russia relationship 2015

They helped us with our nuclear power plants and submarine projects and in the defence sector, they sold us cutting edge firepower. India too has steadfastly backed Russia. We didn't decry Russia's Afghan invasion ofwe didn't join the chorus when it annexed Crimea last year, and we tacitly support its current involvement in Syria. Yet in the recent past there has been an inexplicable drift in relations between the two countries.

Partly because India has a growing strategic relationship with the US after the path-breaking civilian nuclear deal. So when Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets President Putin in Moscow for the annual summit on December 24, one of his missions is to reassure the Russian strongman that despite his Western peregrinations, India remains his steadfast friend.

That he has put on the fast-track the Druzhba-Dosti friendship vision that he signed with Putin in Delhi last year to strengthen and expand bilateral relations by the next decade. Both India and Russia have now realised that in their quest for global power status, it is imperative that they restore the climate of intimate friendship.

Russia needs India as a market for its goods to bypass Western sanctions imposed after its power push in Ukraine.

Why Russia matters so much to India

India is a natural partner. Despite its renewed friendship with China, Russia will soon find itself in competition with it as Beijing regards itself as the new G2 along with the US.

India can help provide the multi-polarity that Russia fiercely seeks.

india and russia relationship 2015

India needs Russia because it can meet its abundant energy requirements at a cost-effective price. Despite expanding its defence purchases from the US, Israel and Europe, India still needs to collaborate with Russia to master future technology including for space.

India-Russia relations set to grow in - Russia Beyond

The economics of the engagement is also significant, with Russia still facing Western sanctions and India in a phase of uncertainty after demonetization of its high value currency.

Not only were the traditional pillars of defence, nuclear energy, space and energy security addressed, emphasis was placed on getting economic ties to reach their potential. Another key issue that came up during the 17th India - Russia summit was the celebration of in a manner befitting the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations being established between the two countries. A series of events have already been launched to foreground the anniversary.

india and russia relationship 2015

We are working to model a partnership that befits our common ambition and meets our shared goals for the twenty-first 21st century. Under the special and privileged partnership the two countries share, several institutionalized dialogue mechanisms operate at both political and official levels to ensure regular interaction and follow up on cooperation activities.

After the first ever joint military exercises, the first ever foreign office consultations were also held between them earlier this month.

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India will initially import and then manufacture Russian Kamov Ka T light utility helicopters. The two countries also agreed to conduct an annual military conference.

india and russia relationship 2015

A combination of approaches is now being implemented to address it effectively, including long-term indents, life cycle contracts, collaboration in setting up workshops in India and creating manufacturing capacities in India for spares, components and sub-assemblies. The Indian media reported in early-November that the Defence Acquisitions Council DACchaired by Defence Minister Parrikar, has approved acquisition by the Indian Army of Russian TMS tanksthe latest version of the T, which is already being manufactured in India under licence and with a progressive degree of indigenization.