Illinois state cross country meet 2015 results of the republican

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illinois state cross country meet 2015 results of the republican

He was re-elected with over 58 percent of the vote in both and He served as a staff assistant for the Illinois secretary of state from to . district's results were 3 percentage points more Republican than the national average. .. is one of the biggest industries in this county district and the state of Illinois. Candidates and election results . Beaver County Commissioner Dan Camp, March 23, , ✓ Focusing on private sector job growth will reduce the tax burden, freeing up businesses to invest in their growth and add jobs across the state. Following the elections, Democrats and Republicans each held one. The Illinois gubernatorial election took place on November 6, , to elect the Governor of Illinois, concurrently with the Illinois general election. Incumbent Republican Governor Bruce Rauner ran for re-election to a . Running mate: Patricia Avery, President and CEO of the Champaign County chapter of the.

Perry did poorly in the debates, however, and Herman Cain and then Newt Gingrich came into the fore in October and November.

Due to a number of scandals, Cain withdrew just before the end of the year, after having gotten on the ballot in several states. A number of candidates dropped out at this point in the nomination process.

Bachmann withdrew after finishing sixth in the Iowa caucuses, [32] Huntsman withdrew after coming in third in New Hampshire, and Perry withdrew when polls showed him drawing low numbers in South Carolina. He unexpectedly carried three states in a row on February 7 and overtook Romney in nationwide opinion polls, becoming the only candidate in the race to effectively challenge the notion that Romney was the inevitable nominee.

The Super Tuesday primaries took place on March 6. Romney carried six states, Santorum carried three, and Gingrich won only in his home state of Georgia.

Santorum won Kansas and three Southern primaries, but he was unable to make any substantial gain on Romney, who became a formidable frontrunner after securing more than half of the delegates allocated in March. On April 10, Santorum suspended his campaign due to a variety of reasons, such as a low delegate count, unfavorable polls in his home state of Pennsylvania, and his daughter's health, leaving Mitt Romney as the undisputed front-runner for the presidential nomination and allowing Gingrich to claim that he was "the last conservative standing" in the campaign for the nomination.

On May 29, after winning the Texas primary, Romney had received a sufficient number of delegates to clinch the party's nomination with the inclusion of unpledged delegates.

I will also hold the General Assembly accountable to meeting its constitutional requirement of passing a balance budget. I will not, however, support a higher income tax in Illinois under any circumstance. Illinoisans are already overburdened. Too many Illinoisans have already left. Do you support re-amortizing this debt? Do you support a constitutional amendment that would reduce the liability?

One of my primary efforts as governor will be to end the pension problem once and for all. Everyone loses under current system. Retirees have lost their retirement security. Younger workers are paying into a plan that will fail them.

Struggling taxpayers are pouring more and more money into a broken system.

illinois state cross country meet 2015 results of the republican

As governor, I will push for fundamental reforms by ending pensions going forward. Without fundamental reforms, re-amortizing the debt does nothing but kick the can. First, I support a move to ks for all new workers. Illinois already has a successful and functioning k-style plan in its public university retirement plan — we just need to roll all new workers into it. It has only led to corruption and mismanagement. Without a plan in place, pension checks will eventually be cut.

If all those reforms become a reality — if lawmakers actually reform entire system — then the need to re-amortize debt and will be dramatically decreased. We need the courage to fix these problems once and for all.

Do you support a state ban on gun silencers? Should all gun dealers in Illinois be licensed by the state?

illinois state cross country meet 2015 results of the republican

Should family members be empowered to petition the courts for the temporary confiscation of guns from mentally or emotionally disturbed people who may be a danger to themselves or others? The above laws will do little to improve the safety of Illinoisans.

Instead, their primary effect will be to harm law-abiding recreational gun owners, duplicate existing laws and raise the cost of doing business in Illinois. The state does not need more onerous laws, but rather better enforcement of those already in place.

Do you support continued Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act? Should the state continue on a path toward managed care for Medicaid beneficiaries? Should everyone be permitted to buy into Medicaid? Medicaid in its current form is not financially viable. Worse, it is failing to properly serve the constituencies the program was conceived to serve: We need to incentivize the able-bodied to provide for themselves.

A helping hand for a time, yes, but not for a lifetime. No one wants to be dependent. No one wants to be on Medicaid who can otherwise provide for themselves. Now, Medicaid is collapsing under its own weight even though it consumes nearly one-quarter of the budget.

Medicaid is a poor deliverer of services too. The Oregon study, reported inclearly proved Medicaid recipients had no better health outcomes than poor people not enrolled in Medicaid, that emergency room visits increased for those on Medicaid, and that Medicaid recipients spent significantly more on healthcare.

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My goal as governor is to help get people off of Medicaid. What Illinoisans need are more jobs and better pay. Nothing will do more for Illinoisans dependent on the government for health care than a thriving economy and more jobs. With fewer people on Medicaid, Illinois can once again focus its Medicaid resources on poor families, the disabled, and the elderly. I will ask for more Medicaid waivers from the federal government. Our doctors and hospitals are savvy enough to develop better ways of delivering services to those in need and I want the flexibility to make that happen.

illinois state cross country meet 2015 results of the republican

For example, Illinois dentists have come together to offer free dental services at various locations we have one in Wheaton. They give those in need a dental home and the staff donate their time. Yet none of the overhead or supplies can be covered by Medicaid. These innovative ways of delivering care are more cost effective and responsible and should be expanded and supported.

Under the ACA,Illinoisans gained health insurance coverage. If the program is abolished or diminished by Congress, what action would you take, if any, to maintain health insurance coverage for these Illinoisans?

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Where would you find the money? My biggest priority as governor when it comes to Medicaid will be protecting the most vulnerable among us — families in poverty, the disability, and the elderly. Unfortunately, the addition ofsingle, able-bodied adults to the program means even less resources for those most in need. More than 25 percent of Illinoisans are now dependent on Medicaid and not private insurance.

If the Medicaid expansion is abolished or diminished, my role as governor is to help these single, able-bodied adults back into the workforce. We need more working- and middle-income jobs. Illinois is one of the largest exporters of college students in the country. What would you do to encourage the best and brightest young people in Illinois to attend college here at home?

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Does Illinois have too many state universities, as some have argued? We are going to set goals for our colleges and universities: Illinois is bleeding students because higher education tuitions in Illinois are too high. InIllinois public university tuitions cost, on average, 50 percent more than those in neighboring states.

The reasons are clear. Illinois universities are bloated with administrators. Over the past decade, the number of university administrators has grown 25 percent even as the number of students has fallen by 3 percent. Overly-generous pay and pensions are also to blame. Universities also have a problem with programmatic overlap. That drives up costs and decreases educational excellence. Failed or fired public university presidents have received big payouts. Higher education in Illinois needs an overhaul.

Abuses of power by those in charge have become commonplace. Our flagship institution, the University of Illinois, had its own scandals in the recent past. We need higher education consolidation and accountability.

I led the reform effort on the legislative side to clean up College of DuPage. Many of the reforms I suggested for community colleges were also adopted to all higher education including auditor general investigations and limits on administrator contracts. It is not enough. Chicago State University should be shut down. I would call for a consolidation of university systems and their governance boards. I would call for clear contract provisions for administrators based on results.

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I would ensure that those found violating our procurement laws, our FOIA laws, and knowingly falsifying reports would be held accountable instead of enriched. The Rauner administration has proposed scrapping limits on the rate of air pollution from a fleet of eight coal plants in central and southern Illinois owned by Dynegy Inc. Instead, the state would impose annual caps on sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emitted by the fleet. Do you support this softening of emissions standards? If not, are you concerned coal plants could be closed and union workers could lose their jobs?

Also, how would you support the adoption of clean energy, such as wind and solar, and energy conservation? Illinois is rich in energy resources — especially fossil fuels. Since energy is the master resource for the production of nearly everything, we should be a leader is using this resource to the fullest extent possible to attract business. This means we need a sensible energy policy that capitalizes on our natural advantage.

If renewables work, end the subsidies. The federal production tax credit for wind has been in effect for 25 years. The industry should be viable enough to stand on its own.

Even Warren Buffet admitted the reason to invest in renewables is because the tax credit makes it profitable. I opposed the massive bail out of Exelon. Nuclear power is important and I support it, but not at any price. Conservation only works at the user level. Any shifting of money that gives away free light bulbs or conservation technology is nonsensical. If users want to save energy, they have a natural incentive to do so because it saves them money. I support following federal guidelines regardless of which party is in power or what the topic is, this includes regulations related to coal production.

illinois state cross country meet 2015 results of the republican