Hisd district track meet 2015 results

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hisd district track meet 2015 results

Track and Field · Baseball · Softball · Golf · Fine Arts In order to ensure student safety throughout our district, Harper I.S.D. will impose additional guidelines for campus accessibility. As a result, parent/community member access to campus facilities will be limited. HISD Mobile App Posted Thursday, July 16, Aledo () vs. Fort Bend Marshall () – Audio Broadcast & Highlights – 5A Division II – UIL Texas Football State finals 12/21/ 7PM cst ATT Stadium. Tuesday, April 12, at p.m. The meeting will be held in the Board Room at . the final invoice of $12, to Beynon Sports Surfaces, Inc. for the track . KPHS Wrestling had three students advance to state wrestling meet .. Fiscal Impact: The total effect of the refunds will result in a reduction of.

A recent survey by a nonprofit found that 30 percent of HISD elementary and middle schools did not have a full-time certified fine arts teacher.

hisd district track meet 2015 results

Area principals stated that lack of funding was a large part of the problem. District officials are also developing a ten-year plan to improve fine arts instruction that includes partnerships with outside groups and training for staff on how to integrate the arts into the classroom. Still, HISD has one of the most intensive fine arts programs in the state. Whether a students are interested in choir, orchestra, drama, visual arts or dance they can pursue their dreams at one of the many magnet schools as early as pre-K.

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Much of the success of the fine arts program is due to teachers like Lucretia Copeland who are dedicated to inspiring their students whether the budget is there or not. Students interested in a culinary arts degree are in luck. Houston Independent School District is partnering with the Culinary Institute of America CIA to provide students with a dual-credit program that will allow them to earn their first semester of CIA credit during their junior and senior years beginning in Not only will the students save money by skipping a semester of culinary school, but they will also automatically be eligible for CIA merit scholarships.

Unique Physical Fitness Programs Texas law requires minutes per week of moderate to vigorous physical activity for elementary school students, four semesters in middle school, and two semesters in high school. Physical education provides opportunities for students to develop a variety of skills from physical to social.

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Not only do young students develop gross and fine motor skills, but the instruction in physical fitness also gives them the foundation for a healthy lifestyle that will last their entire lives.

Students develop teamwork and social skills as well. The activity can take many forms. Physical fitness is an important part of the curriculum, but if you are imagining gym suits and dodge ball or rope climbing then you need a more 21st -century view.

Twelve of the schools in the district have introduced yoga to the curriculum, thanks to California-based Sonima Foundation. In some schools the yoga classes are in addition to regular phys ed classes, while in others the yoga classes replace the regular classes. It was established in the Houston Independent School District in and is a citizenship program devoted to encouraging strong moral values, physical conditioning and a focus on education among students.

There are no minimum requirements for a special sport to be added—it depends on the sport and the participants that would be needed to play. The time to have your request approved or denied can vary, so be prepared to wait. In order to request a sport all you need to do is send your name, phone number, school, and the sport, you are interested in to the HISD Athletics director, currently Marmion Dambrino, W. Transportation Safety and Sustainability HISD has been named a District of Distinction by District Administration magazine in recognition of its recent innovative transportation initiatives.

The programs have been developed to improve the operational efficiency and safety of HISD buses and drivers through increased safety education for its drivers and an eco-friendly bus fleet. The School Bus Tracker Program was implemented in and works in conjunction with the GPS on each bus to convey if the bus is delayed.

It keeps everyone in the loop, knowing where a bus is at all times. Drivers also are trained to handle emergency situations by through courses in crisis prevention, American Red Cross first aid, CPR and training in emergency evacuation. Parents and students are able to watch a safety video created by the Transportation Department.

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It communicates bus safety rules to both children and parents effectively. With all of the wonderful things that HISD is implementing there are still areas that need to be examined, considered and improved. Graduation Rate One of the top concerns is the graduation rate for Houston high school students.

Illiteracy among Students Certainly illiteracy is related to the high dropout rate. One principal reports that up to 80 percent of incoming ninth graders are unable to read at grade level. This test revealed that reading scores have declined in the middle and elementary grades when compared to scores from two years ago. Some examples cited were: Teacher Turnover The teacher turnover rate in Houston is one of the highest in Texas. The state average is There are a variety of reasons given, but one common reason stated is mistreatment of faculty by administration.

Most other school districts use these evaluations as guideposts to assess overall performance rather than directives for dismissal.

A broad set of cross-sector community partners have come together to develop a shared vision that is utilized to hold the partnership accountable.

hisd district track meet 2015 results

P16Plus and the partners utilize professional expertise and data to make decisions on how to prioritize community efforts. The partnership is stronger than any single partner can be alone.

With collaborative action, P16Plus uses a network of partners to identify, adopt, and scale practices that improve student outcomes. By developing a cross-sector partnership, P16Plus is building broad community ownership for education in Bexar County. The designation is based on a third party review of P16Plus progress in the four pillars of collective impact: Programs and Activities P16Plus operates with a cradle to career vision see cradle to career milestones below.

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Through the implementation and support of initiatives, P16Plus serves students from the time they are born through the time they start their careers. Through the development of community partnerships, we have worked to identify and solve root causes inhibiting academic success for all students in Bexar County. Many P16Plus current initiatives are included in this report.

Kindergarten Readiness At what rate are young San Antonio students developmentally ready for Kindergarten? The "On Track" measure shown below indicates the percent of San Antonio students scoring in the 25th national percentile.