Charleston city meet 2015

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charleston city meet 2015

Trailing in the final City Meet team standings were Northbridge Crowfield (1,), Parkshore (1,), Country Club of Charleston. The Charleston Cup is hosted at the North Charleston Convention Center, with close proximity to the Charleston International Airport, historic downtown, several . Coliseum Drive. North Charleston, SC JBM & Associates has a passion for creating events that meet our customers' needs. We care about our.

They have one son and a lovely grand daughter. The Honorable Alex Sanders Board Member Alex Sanders has been a lawyer, a state representative, a state senator, an appellate judge and a college president. Chandler received her Ph. Chandler has served as an advisory and grants review panelist with arts councils and commissions around the country including the Coastal Community Foundation and the South Carolina Arts Commission.

She is also active in other volunteer projects in her local community including serving as Chair, Board of Directors of The St. Hudgins Board Member Carter L. Trained as an historian and archaeologist, Hudgins has interspersed work in both the public and private sector through his academic career.

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A field archaeologist with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources early in his career, he later served for seven years as director of Historic Charleston Foundation. Hudgins research interests include vernacular architecture in early America and early modern material culture of the Atlantic rim. Gray resides in Charleston, where he has lived since Originally from Australia, prior to his investment career Gray worked as a Principal at various international business consulting firms in Sydney, Boston, and Atlanta from through Fromhe served as a Infantry officer in the Australian Army, commanding at the platoon and company level.

Jonathan Green Board Member Jonathan Green has a passion for creating and collecting cross-cultural fine art representing the themes of work, love, belonging and spirituality. He is also committed to promoting cross cultural arts to be included in mainstream museums throughout the United States and Europe. He has a drive to enhance the visibility, perceptions, and recognition of professional visual artists of African American, Caribbean, Latin American descent for their cultural contributions to this nation.

Currently serving in a leadership capacity on a number of civic boards and organizations, Ms. I didn't have to wait long. I had been standing in the shade of the I overpass for just a few minutes when a white pickup truck pulled into a parking lot on the other side of Sam Rittenberg Boulevard. Two of the panhandlers recognized the truck immediately as belonging to John Garrett, an anti-panhandler.

This past weekend, Garrett filed a police report claiming that one of the panhandlers slashed a tire on his truck, and he also claims he once had to pull a gun on a panhandler who charged at him more on that story in a minute.

Garrett was coming in hot as he walked across traffic to confront the peddlers who were waiting for their turn on the corner. You can help me clean up. One of the panhandlers, Ronald Moore, hollered back, "Brother, I clean up all the time out here. A rough weekend Let's back up to what happened last weekend. March 6 at about 4 p. When an officer arrived at the shop, which is just a mile away from the panhandling hotspot at the end of I, Walton said he was having an ongoing issue with "the city.

Walton told the officer that he was angered by the change in the city's panhandling regulations and said he thought panhandlers were "a nuisance to the public. In the previous incident, Walton left the scene after the officer showed up. This time, Walton said his friend, who owns a barbershop on Savannah Highway, had overheard some of the panhandlers "talking about [Walton] and threatening him," according to the report. The officer called the barbershop owner, who said he did not know the names of the people who had been in his shop, but that three white males had been complaining about Walton because he had been standing beside them with a sign that said, "Do Not Give These People Money.

After insisting that he would file a report with one of the officer's superiors, Walton showed the officer a video he had recorded at the corner of Savannah Highway and I In the video, as one of the panhandlers walked toward Walton's pickup truck, Walton could be heard saying, "You keep coming at me like that and I'm going to do something about it," according to the incident report.

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At this point, Walton paused the video and told the officer, "I need documentation so when I shoot that motherfucker there is a paper trail. I need paperwork from CPD to prove I call you guys, so it will help me if I have to prove self-defense," according to the report. The officer consulted with two sergeants and told Walton that an investigator would be contacting him. Later that same weekend, on Sunday at about 4: The officer then interviewed Collett, who had just walked back from a nearby parking lot and was bleeding from a cut on his palm and thumb.

Collett told the officer that Garrett was harassing him. The officer left without making any arrests. The officer noted that the left rear tire was flat, there was broken glass in front of the truck, and there was blood on the passenger door and window. According to the report, Collett admitted to damaging Garrett's truck and was arrested on a charge of damage to personal property.

When I met Garrett under the overpass Tuesday, he brought up the incident before I could even ask him about it. He couldn't even do that shit right, he's so fuckin' stupid. The fake bum blood is still on my fuckin' truck. I think he's down there," Garrett said, pointing toward the interchange. Their boy ran yards like he was a linebacker gonna do something.

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A spokesman for the Charleston Police Department said no such report had been filed under Garrett's name. The fake bum question Back to my original question: What's a fake bum? Here's how Garrett put it to me as we stood under the overpass with the panhandlers.

They got smartphones, they work in shifts, they wear nice designer clothes. In the Facebook group, members refer to one panhandling woman as "ManBearDog" and repeatedly post her contact information. One group member posted a picture of his van with the caption "The Bum Snatcher. Get your cardboard signs ready. Once OBFC1 launches on March 21st we will be launching more and more attacks on their locations around the city in an effort to push them out of Charleston.

charleston city meet 2015

Expect there to be raids on their locations with only an hour or two's notice every few days. Stay on this page to keep up to date on when and where these raids will take place. The local government is hands off on this issue.

charleston city meet 2015

So it is up to us the citizens to create the change we want. I've requested an interview with Walton, but he hasn't called me back yet. For the record, some of the panhandlers do have smartphones. Some of them say they sleep outdoors, others in a hotel. One woman told me she was a stay-at-home mom until her boyfriend lost his landscaping job.

charleston city meet 2015

I don't have the time to verify all of the panhandlers' stories, but they are keenly aware of the assumptions being made about them. On Tuesday, when Garrett confronted several of the panhandlers, one woman who preferred to remain anonymous told him, "I don't litter, I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I don't even smoke cigarettes.