Cc meet final 2015 fantasy

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cc meet final 2015 fantasy

N.Y. TIMES (Oct. 5, ), 2. Id. 3. Id. Since last November, eleven states have passed laws legalizing DFS and requiring . “ fantasy sports games” that meet particular criteria—in particular, games that require. and college football in Traditional, season-long fantasy sports users. ( such as standard $ million into each company over the last year. FanDuel .com/organization/draftkings#/entity, []. . of title 28) and that meets the following conditions: (i) all prizes and awards. Will fantasy sports usurp the real thing? that a few seniors were playing what they called Rotisserie Cross Country, using the . When we first met, he was standing in a bar near the craps tables at a party hosted . Last November, Silver publicly committed his league to an equity stake in April 13,

He set the new course record 60 in Round 2 while tying the tournament record of under-par as he led alone after 36, 54 and 72 holes. The icing on the cake was a whopping five-shot victory final round that didn't even cause him to break a sweat. The top 32 players were under or better and the cut was 3-under again. Rafa Cabrera Bello was the co-first round leader after posting 63 and is in the field again this week. Last year the veteran Swede was pushed to the finish line by Ollie Schniederjans.

Stenson was up for the challenge as he made birdies on four of his last six holes to win by one. Schniederjans, the former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket, refused to go quietly and was the only player bogey-free in the final round. Knowing that he needed to dunk his final shot on the last to have any chance of a playoff, he missed by just 21 inches. The works of Nesbitt and King and Halverson and Halverson are emblematic of the justifications for multi-million dollar investments in the fantasy industry by sports leagues.

Various authors have also studied why people play fantasy sports e. Despite the popularity of fantasy sports, there has been a historical connection between the activity and other forms of sports gambling. The US Congress first discussed distinguishing fantasy sports from sports gambling in as part of internet gambling legislation Lundin Jr. Unlike traditional fantasy sports, which are typically played over the length of an entire sporting season, DFS are typically played over the course of several days or a couple of hours Schneider Edelman observed that there are four predominant daily fantasy game formats.

The first format allows users to choose a roster of players based on a salary cap and then compete against other competitors for the chance to win prizes typically money Edelman The second format allows participants to pay an entry fee and select a specified number of real-world athletes to perform a certain statistic — in such contests the winner receives a stipulated prize similar to parlay wagering Edelman An example of this format would be a contest whereby a participant selects nine Major League Baseball players to hit a home run in a slate of evening games.

Edelman noted that the third contest format involves participants choosing reduced numbers of real-world athletes.

cc meet final 2015 fantasy

These games operate similarly to the first format, but participants may be selecting as few as three real-world athletes to comprise their fantasy roster. The final contest format involves users selecting athletes to reach specific statistical thresholds during a game e. Messi will score during the first half of a match on 31 August and Balotelli will attempt four shots in a match on 30 August Edelman In addition to the competition format of DFS, Ehrman noted that there are principally three types of daily fantasy payout structures and means of competing.

The first structure is the Guaranteed Prize Pool, where companies often promote million-dollar prizes, but typically only a top percentage receives a prize and thousands of other competitors receive nothing. The second structure is the double-up or The third type of game structure is the head-to-head contests where there are only two competitors and they face off directly against each other. The emergence of DFS has changed the atmosphere of fantasy sports participation from a social activity, typically played amongst friends over the course of a season, to a fast-paced largely anonymous activity.

Despite the differences between DFS and season-long fantasy sports, DFS operators and trade groups have argued that DFS contests are distinct from sports betting, citing the same arguments as those used to differentiate fantasy sports from sports gambling.

What Makes an Activity Gambling? The determination of when an activity constitutes gambling is jurisdiction-specific. For instance, in the US there are no less than four different standards that are used for assessing whether an activity is gambling.

cc meet final 2015 fantasy

Reber observed that the US lacks a uniform interpretation of which activities constitute gambling, but it is broadly accepted that there are three necessary elements: The determining factor of whether an activity is gambling concerns the degree to which chance factors into winning the game Rodenberg The second most commonly applied test in the US is referred to as the material element test, which is subjective and requires a judge or jury to determine whether chance is a material element in determining the outcome of an activity Okerberg Pandorf noted that a small number of US states employ the any chance test, which determines any activity containing a modicum of chance to be prohibited.

While the US has a fragmented approach to determining whether an activity is gambling, other countries, such as the United Kingdom, have slightly different approaches. In the case of determining whether an activity is betting, the Gambling Commission has determined that both the action of placing bets and the paying of entry fees to guess an outcome, likelihood or whether something is factual or not with the opportunity to win a prize is likely gambling.

Both DraftKings and FanDuel asserted in the US that their products are not gambling, while both companies have applied to the UK Gambling Commission to be licensed to offer their daily fantasy contests Gouker b.

Arguing opposite positions in different jurisdictions for legal reasons could be a financially advantageous position; however, there are emergent indications that the semantic differentiation of DFS from sports gambling may not be sufficient to distinguish the activity from the concerns most cited in opposition to the latter.

Gambling Related Concerns In the US the expansion of online sports gambling has been historically opposed for several reasons; notably, addiction, and a desire to protect the integrity of sporting events. Concerns regarding the manipulation of sporting events have long been credited as an important reason for opposing the legalization of sports gambling. While many of the concerns regarding sports gambling appear to be present in DFS contests, these games are likely less attractive propositions for manipulators because of having to select multiple players in DFS contests, and the prize structures of the games limiting the potential windfall Ehrman, Despite the historical concerns associated with match fixing of sporting events, concerns have also been raised about the integrity of the DFS contests themselves.

The scandals surrounding employees playing on other fantasy sites drew the attention of lawmakers, notably the New York Attorney General, and represented a shift from the model of self-regulation DFS companies had enjoyed Havel The emergence of the state-level regulation has created a network of numerous different requirements for DFS operators, some more burdensome than others.

Legal Framework The US system of governance is split between the 50 states and the federal government. Legislation passed by the federal government is backed by the supremacy clause found within the US Constitution US Constitution art. VIwhich renders inconsistent state laws void. Federal oversight is confined to those areas of regulation delegated by the Constitution to the federal government e.

Areas not specifically assigned to the federal government by the Constitution are presumed to be within the regulatory purview of the states. States have historically had the responsibility for classifying which activities constitute gambling Keller The Wire Act offor instance, is a federal law that prohibits those in the business of betting or wagering from transmitting wagering information about sporting events across state lines when betting or wagering is illegal in either jurisdiction Transmission of Wagering Information 18 U.

The Wire Act textually appears to implicate some DFS operators who may offer contests in states that deem the activity to violate local laws, though to date there has been no action brought against a DFS operate alleging a violation of the statute. PASPA is a statute that was passed inwhich prohibited the expansion of any state-sanctioned sports gambling scheme that was not in existence prior to the passage of the statute 28 U. The most recent federal statute that directly relates to DFS is UIGEA, the statute that in many ways gave birth to the invention of the daily version of fantasy sports Edelman While UIGEA created an exemption for certain fantasy sports contests, it contains a statement that the statute does not modify any other federal or state law, which functionally limits the scope of the exemption to areas where the practice is lawful under all other laws 31 U.

Accompanying federal regulations that might be implicated by federal law are state-level regulations. Various states have an outright ban on DFS contests and most major daily fantasy websites do not offer contests in these jurisdictions because of their strict definitions of gambling Edelman To date, thirteen states have passed legislation regulating the offering of DFS games within their borders Rodenberg Many of the states who have taken to regulating DFS have done so primarily through a licensing scheme, which applies various consumer protection requirements, such as segregation of player funds from operating accounts, and establishing a minimum age for players to play.

All but four of the 50 states have at least introduced one piece of legislation aimed at regulating DFS Rodenberg While a number of states have taken steps towards regulating DFS, there has also been a shift in the position of some stakeholders towards sports gambling. In many respects DFS has reframed the national discussion and helped foster a sense of comfortability with awarding monetary prizes for success at predicting sporting outcomes.

Within his article, Silver suggested that a regulated sports betting market is preferable to the current illegal market, and that the US is behind globally with respect to its prohibition. The NBA commissioner was joined by the commissioner of Major League Baseball inwho noted that the league was re-examining its position on legal sports betting Roberts Accompanying these pronouncements are a variety of bills being introduced at both the state and federal levels that would legalize other forms of sports gambling, though at the state level the vast majority of proposed bills predicate the legalization of sports betting on the repeal of PASPA Legal Sports Report N.

While regulation of DFS is a relatively recent phenomenon driven by a variety of reasons, one important factor leading to regulation has been the association with gambling. New York Attorney General Schneiderman noted that an activity can be both entertainment as FanDuel advocated and gambling by stating: People go to casinos to be entertained. The positions articulated by the two major companies and the FSTA that DFS players are motivated by entertainment or success in the activity is skill-based and thus distinct from prohibited sports gambling, was a motivation for this study.

With this motivation in mind we sought to examine the content of the television advertisements of FanDuel and DraftKings and whether the themes were consistent with the position that fantasy players were participating for reasons other than financial incentives. Additionally, we sought to determine how the themes in the advertising campaigns changed following the initiation of legal proceedings by the New York Attorney General.

In the following sections, we discuss the methods employed, as well as our findings and their implications. Method Sample The present study did not involve human subjects beyond the authors, and thus was not submitted to an institutional ethics board. The research aims were twofold: These periods were selected because consumer demand for related supplementary products e.

Sample A comprised 28 commercials in total; 14 from each of the DFS providers.

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Although the reduction in spending on television advertising was not our focus, it is undoubtedly of interest to the broader issues surrounding the legal status of DFS; thus we provide some discussion later. Video of all commercials was obtained from iSpot, an online media agency that tracks television commercials, movie trailers, and show promotions across major networks in real time.

Additional information on the commercials included in Samples A and B can be found in Appendices A and B respectively. Currently 11th on TOUR in strokes gained: Missed the cut in the last two majors, but placed fourth at the Masters where length can be more valuable than precision off the tee. Top 15s in two of last three starts.

Also 6-for-7 in the PGA Championship with a pair of top 15s.


Balanced attack slides well into the profile of what this tournament almost always rewards. Co-runner-up last year at Quail Hollow. Seven top 25s in last 10 starts. Ranks 30th in total driving and T2 in proximity.

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Always lurking and always dangerous on the biggest stages. Won Masters in April and finished fourth at the U. Fifth straight competition since the Scottish Open. He's 19th in distance of all drives and 15th in GIR. Second in proximity in Firestone debut en route to a T6.

Four top 15s in last five starts.

Among the best tee-to-green and with muscle. For as common as it is for all touring pros to struggle putting four rounds together, the focus is sharper on him until he wins his first major. It'd be news if he didn't have our attention.